Water as Weapon of War

As one of the top Connoisseurs of real history in the world I can state; The red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarians are not descended from Biblical Hebrews. The only time Israel and Judea were joined as one was in the times of Kings David and Solomon when the Hebrews served the Most High God […]

France’s Catholic Church Clergy & Lay Members Abused 330,000 Children

2,500-page report conducted by an independent inquiry into allegations of abuse and subsequent cover-ups within France’s Catholic Church has declared that a “veil of silence” allowed clergy to assault victims for decades. Jean-Marc Sauve, the president of the commission that examined the allegations, found the French Catholic Church had shown “a profound and even cruel […]

President Biden Sees Lowest Approval Ratings Yet As Less Than Half Of Americans See Him As “Honest”

“President” [Hands] Biden’s latest poll numbers are some of his worst yet. According to the latest Quinnipiac University poll, President Biden has just received his lowest approval rating on his job performance since his inauguration. The approval rating of just 38% is down from 42% during the previous poll three weeks ago. As far as […]

Think the FDA Is Looking Out for Your Health? History Tells a Different Story. Consumer watchdog groups accuse the FDA of having evolved from a “hard-charging tiger of an agency” a century ago, to a “pliant pussycat” today.

Regulatory agencies, says Encyclopedia Britannica, are a uniquely American institution. Though conceptualized as mere advisory bodies at the time of their emergence in the late 19th century, federal regulatory agencies have since acquired comprehensive legislative powers and even quasi-judicial powers — exercising “social control through rulemaking” with “almost no supervision by other branches of government.” […]

Mass Murderers at Pfizer Demands the FDA To Allow Pfizer To Mass Murder Children As Young As 5 With Their Witches Brew Voodoo Spiked Protein Euthanasia Jabs

But Jesus the Christ said! The Ole Dog! Nearly three weeks after Pfizer and BioNTech released data purporting to show that their COVID jab is safe and effective for children between the ages of 5 and 11, the two companies confirmed Thursday that they had officially asked the FDA to approve their jab for emergency […]

Covid doesn’t even exist in fully normal Sweden, while deaths are skyrocketing in fully vaccinated Israel

Remember back in the early days of the plandemic when it was widely reported that Sweden, which never imposed lockdowns or mask mandates, fared better than just about every other country in the world that oppressed its citizens? Well, the same thing is happening once again with the so-called “vaccines.” Sweden has basically told the […]