‘My shame, our shame’: Pope reacts to bombshell report of Catholic Church’s History of Two Thousand Year Terroristic Reign Of Rape of Millions of children

The latest drop in the bucket of the two thousand year terrorism of God’s little Children by the Vatican’s Pedoist priest! As per Jesus the Christ! Perhaps the Vatican’s child raping “priest” could self medicate? Save throwing a lot of good millstones in the deep end! The Ole Dog! Pope Francis has expressed shame on […]

Communistic Terroristic National School Board Wants Hands Biden To Use Communistic Terrorism Against Parents Fighting Back Against The Communistic Terrorism Against America’s Children Of The Communistic Terroristic National School Board

Once again, the left is proving that they, not Donald Trump conservatives, are authoritarians and tyrants who want to use the full weight and power of the federal government to crack down on public dissent, which is yet another reason why these people cannot remain in charge of our country, let alone our public school […]

VAERS DATA SHOCKER: Total number of deaths from Covid Non vaccine Killer Jabs nearly double all deaths from all other vaccines combined since 1990, at nearly 500 deaths per week

How convenient that the vaccine industry and the CDC are engaged in labeling vaccine deaths during the first two weeks as “unvaccinated,” so it will look like Covid caused the death instead of the blood-clotting, heart-inflaming China Flu jabs. This is the pharma-vax-damage cover story for the unraveling mayhem and genocide wave being caused DIRECTLY […]


Police in Sonoma County, Communist People’s RepubliK of Kalifornia, are blaming Pfizer’s experimental mRNA jab mandated “FORCED” on school children by Kalifornia’s Commie Mass Murdering Guvor for causing the sudden death of a Santa Rosa teen. The Sonoma County sheriff’s office report shows a determination was made by a medical examiner that the 15–year-old, who […]

Twitter Litter now “fact checking” OBITUARIES of people Murdered by NON Vaccine Mad Cow Type Spiked Protein Killer Jabs in effort to bury Non Vaccine Spiked Protein Killer Jab -induced deaths

When 37-year-old Jessica Berg Wilson of Seattle passed away from covid vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) on September 7, her family published a loving obituary that was ripped to shreds by the “fact checkers” at Twitter. According to reports, Jack Dorsey’s empire disgraced Wilson’s life and disrespected her family by claiming that Wilson’s obituary is “misleading” […]

Big Pharma payola scandal erupts in Australia, takes down six corrupt officials and Australian Premier Berejiklian

More than half a dozen staff members of New South Wales, Australia Premier Gladys Berejiklian have resigned in shame over their involvement in a massive Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) bribery scheme. Berejiklian and her comrades reportedly took tens of millions of dollars from Big Pharma in exchange for pushing lockdowns and now “vaccines,” destroying countless lives […]

Hillary Clinton touts her new book as ‘1st foray into fiction’; critics in the twitterverse say she’s told tall tales before

WE CAME, WE SAW, HE DIED (FOLLOWED BY WITCH CACKLING) Hell, if the Pedoist bitch witch wants a best seller, all she has to do is write a book telling where all the bodies are buried! The Ole Dog! Former US Secretary of State Clinton has joined her husband to become a political thriller writer, […]