WAS THE PILOT MAD COW MAXX VAXXED AND HAVING A DROOLING MAD COW MOMENT?-Plane crashes into homes near Santee, Kalifornia, causing inferno and killing at least 2-

The Killer Spike Proteins being injected with the Non Tested Experimental mRA Non Vaccine “Gene Therapy” DNA altering killer jabs delivered to the bloodstream via the killer jab is a spiked protein with a trifold head just like the ones which cause Mad Cow Disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Lou Gehrig’s Disease, all of these know […]

FDA, Best Bitch Big Pharma’s Fiat Currency Can Buy exposed as a criminal body parts cartel involved in routine harvesting of organs from LIVING human babies

JUST LIKE THE CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY! The Ole Dog! FDA is the best LAP DOG BIG PHARMA’S fiat currency can buy. The Ole Dog! It will be impossible to take an “FDA approval” seriously, after learning what FDA workers “approve of” behind the scenes. Using the Freedom of Information Act, Judicial Watch uncovered 198 suspect […]

Criminal Hospitals Murdering Americans should hire, not fire, nurses with natural immunity

Among many surprising developments during this pandemic, the most stunning has been the questioning of naturally acquired immunity after a person has had the Covid disease. (Article by Martin Kulldorff republished from Brownstone.org) We have understood natural immunity since at least the Athenian Plague in 430 BC. Here is Thucydides: ‘Yet it was with those […]

ANTI-HUMANITY CRIMINAL NUREMBERG CODE VIOLATOR NIH director Francis Collins lied and committed treason, but the Whored OUT MSM refuses to report it

Obama appointee and outgoing National Institutes of Health (NIH) head Francis Collins has many skeletons in his closet that the mainstream media is ignoring in its quest to celebrate Collins’ longtime tenure at the agency. Collins delivered a laughable statement this week claiming that he “fundamentally believe[s] … that no single person should serve in […]

Anti-Humanity Criminal Cabal Big Pharma Merck gouges Americans by charging “new” federally financed covid pill that’s a rip-off of ivermectin 40 TIMES what it costs to make

In case you missed it, drug giant Merck & Co. has stolen the blueprints for ivermectin in order to recreate it as a new highly profitable “blockbuster” drug for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). The federal government, using your tax dollars, is paying for most of it, and in return Merck is planning to charge end […]

The Big Pharma’s Bitch the FDA couldn’t care less about your health, and neither does any other government entity

The concept of government regulatory agencies is uniquely American and something that has proven to be an utter disaster – probably by design. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), for instance, could not care less about public health, even though this is why it supposedly exists in the first place. The real reason the […]

Hands Biden’s Communistic Killer Jabs “Mandate”‘ Sickout’ Spreads and Derails AMTRAK

‘Let’s go Brandon’? NBC reporter ‘mishears’ NASCAR fans chanting ‘F**K JOE BIDEN’ during post-race interview Amtrak announced it will require nearly all of its 18,000 employees be fully Spike Protein delivering Killer Jabed by Nov. 22. It is being reported that Amtrak employees have now joined the protest started by Air Traffic Controllers and Southwest […]

New York Art Gallery that is a front for Hunter Biden’s Bribes for “art” Work Received $500,000 in Federal COVID Loans

The up-scale New York City art gallery that has been selling Hunter Biden’s artwork at steep prices received several COVID-related loans from the federal government, as reported by the New York Post. The George Berges Gallery, located in SoHo, first received a loan of $150,000 last year from the Small Business Administration as a “disaster […]