Young mom suffers cascade of health problems after COVID shot, vows to fight medical corruption

A young mother from Utah shared with LifeSiteNews her nightmarish experience of developing severe adverse reactions immediately after receiving the COVID jab as part of the AstraZeneca COVID shot trial. Brianne Dressen from Utah was a healthy mother of two young children and a pre-school teacher who eagerly signed up to the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine […]

Australian mandatory mask propagandists EXPOSED in major medical journal

Following in the footsteps of communist China, the Australian government adopted some of the most totalitarian approaches to “public health” – threatening human rights and experimenting on populations through coercion and force. Back in July of 2020, the Victoria Department of Health and Human Services ordered all residents to wear face masks outside their home, […]

Best Plant a Garden

Learn to grow your own food. Build or buy composting toilets. Figure out a water storage system or a water supply not tied to the grid. Look to defense of your selves and your home. Learn to repair what you have. All major Corporations are owned by the same handful of people when one works […]

Trump still trying to claim credit for deadly covid vaccines that are killing Americans

DEDUCTION 101: Someone who has and is trying to push killer jabs on Americans is not your friend, your buddy or your savior. Someone who wants to take your firearms is not your friend, your buddy or your savior. Did “Biden” “steal” the “election” from “Trump”? First, about half of Americans understanding the illusion of […]