Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac Says The Criminal Cabal Will Not End Illegal Occupation Of Syria & Stealing Syria’s Oil As Real Countries Begin Normalization With Assad

Syria is the new kid on the block of illegal USA Corporation Occupation and Theft of Resources. The War Criminal DC Children gang raping till death Terrorist have been illegally occupying the Republic of Texas since 1865 while stealing the Occupied Illegally Republic of Texas’s resources. The evil pedophilic whored out 30 shekel political prostitutes […]

More than 200,000 have already died from the mRNA Experimental Gene Therapy Killer jabs in the US

I saw some disinformation slipped into the Article. “COVID Shot Kills Five Times More People Than It Saves” The Experimental mRNA “gene therapy” Mad Cow Disease Causing Type Spike Protein delivering Euthanasia killer jabs have not saved one life. If you read the small print those producing the Human Herd Culling Chemical-Biological weaponized jabs admit […]


Dr. Tim Coles, New Dawn Waking Times The pharmaceutical industry is worth $1 trillion, half of which comes from US-based sales. The alternative health industry, by comparison, is worth just $59bn. Big Pharma bribes doctors, dominates advertising, and drives the anti-natural health narrative. The biggest, multibillion-dollar companies are Pfizer (US), Novartis (Switzerland), Roche (Switzerland), Johnson […]

Denver police officer who lost ability to walk after first covid non vaccine Killer Jab fired for refusing second jab to Finish Him Off by Denver’s Communist Anti-Humanity Goon “governmet”

Nearly a dozen police officers in Denver are joining a lawsuit against the department for forcing them to get “vaccinated” against their will for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). One of them, Jose Manriquez, is pretty much paralyzed as a result of getting his first jab of the Pfizer “vaccine,” which contains genetically modifying (GMO) mRNA […]

Aussie Freedom Blogger Arrested At Home For Alleged ‘Breach Of Public Health Act’ (NOT WEARING A USELESS DUST MASK WHEN NO ONE ELSE WAS AROUND) By The Communist Australian Police Who Are Making The Communist CCP Enforcer Goons Look Good in Comparison

Australian blogger Simeon Boikov – known as the “Aussie Cossack” – has been arrested a home for reportedly violating lockdown rules. Boikov, a citizen journalist whose YouTube channel covers police brutality and lockdown measures, livestreamed as three NSW cops entered his home and arrested him for “an alleged breach of the Public Health Act” on […]