Thirty years Ago. The 1991 Gulf War: The Massacre of Withdrawing Soldiers on “The Highway of Death”

I want to give testimony on what are called the “highways of death.” These are the two Kuwaiti roadways, littered with remains of 2,000 mangled Iraqi military vehicles, and the charred and dismembered bodies of tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers, who were withdrawing from Kuwait on February 26th and 27th 1991 in compliance with […]

American Counter-Revolution Or The Coup in Philadelphia

In order to understand America today, one must look to the period between the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a liberal Lockean document in the Classical sense, and the imposition of the U.S. Constitution, a conservative, authoritarian document rooted in the philosophy of Hobbes. If the American Revolution constituted a revolution, the Constitutional Convention […]

Influenza Now Virtually Non-Existent in US as Covid-19 Spread Continues

The coronavirus-battered US has enjoyed an unusually calm flu season, showing the lowest figures in decades. The lack of influenza likely stems from enduring restrictions, experts believe. The ongoing pandemic has had an unexpected effect on the US healthscape, with the conventional flu being almost completely wiped out. Figures from the US Centers for Disease […]

160 Confederate symbols taken down in 2020

When rioters tore through the U.S. Capitol last month, some of them gripping Confederate battle flags, they didn’t encounter a statue of the most famous rebel general, Robert E. Lee. The Lee statue, which represented the state of Virginia as part of the National Statuary Hall Collection in the Capitol for 111 years, had been […]

Majority of Americans Want 3rd Party Amid Disappointment in Both Democrats and Republicans – Poll

A new Gallup poll has found support for a major third political party steadily rising as more people than ever refer to themselves as Independents while Republicans and Democrats are dropping in approval. Just last September, Gallup research showed that 57 percent of US adults wanted a third major option at the polls because the […]

Medicine is Based on Power, Money & Control

With any consideration whatsoever of the current fraudulent ‘pandemic,’ the only conclusion to be reached is that the entirety of this mainstream medical system is based on money, power, & control. Those are the same agendas of the ruling class and the state, & this is no coincidence. Generally speaking, medicine in most all the western […]