Norse Viking Music – Úlfhéðnar

The Úlfhéðnar were Wolf warriors. Special forces perhaps you would call them today. But they were spiritually the Wolf when they went into battle. They became the wolf and the wolf was forevermore a part of them. My people were Danish Vikings who became the Normans before telling the English to piss off and coming […]

“Sex and the City” actor calls non-vaxxed people “ignorant morons,” dead five months after potential Pfizer mRNA-induced cancer

Tens of thousands have died within days of the Mad Cow Disease causing type Spiked Protein Euthanasia killer jabs. Tens of thousands are being left premaritally disabled/sick. Knowing doctors have warned the injection is a ticking time bomb for fatal heart attacks. Knowing doctors warn when winter comes and the vitamin D levels drop, jabbed […]