Pope says Covid vaccine will now be required to enter heaven

VATICAN CITY ā€” Pope Francis said today that God has informed him of a new requirement to enter Heaven: everyone must now receive the COVID-19 vaccine before entering the pearly gates.

“This is very important for the salvation of all people on Earth,” Pope Francis explained. “We know that God lets everybody into Heaven because He loves us all and He doesn’t really care what kind of mischief we get ourselves into in this life, but we must be wary of the greatest earthly sin of all: not getting the COVID-19 vaccine. God has informed me that He will not let you into Heaven unless you have received BOTH DOSES of this very safe vaccine.”

2 thoughts on “Pope says Covid vaccine will now be required to enter heaven

  1. Phil maff says:

    A clear abomination. But after all this is the church that kills it’s popes or makes them resign. I have a friendly nutter guy who says that the Catholic church is the devil’s tool and that the poxvid graphene killshot essential for a near future fake rapture event. I thought this guy was profound ,but crazy for years. He s been saying for a year that a tunnel will open up on the edge of earthspace and spaceships will be collecting the humans to be slaves on planet Saturn! He says the fake rapture is near and people will literally float up to heaven through this honeycomb tunnel. I said that God does not need spaceships to do that. He replied that it’s not God who’s coming and that graphene is needed to get people in the ships! Remember in Italy they are refusing LGBT politics and now have a compulsory poxvax mandate. Initially Italy was the first hotbed in the co I’d hoax. As every week goes by I get more disturbed by what this guy says. Two years ago ,before the hoax he was warning me of a killer plague and how they will contact freindly aliens to take us to another planet.
    What is clear,looking at Oz and Canada and parts of America is an assault on traditional white anglo Saxon genetics ,especially the freckled and red haired. Struth …… In future I ll listen more to this guy.

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