Family Suing After Son Was Given a Sentence to Un-Revolvable Death Via Killer Jab By Communistic School WITHOUT Their Consent

Kenner, LA — In a rare admission, a massive health care company, Ochsner Health, has admitted fault after a child was administered Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine at school — without his parents permission. According to Lafayette-based attorney Shelly Maturin, the family is now suing both the school district and Ochsner Health for the gross violation of […]

Communist Anti-American Associated Press reporter Colleen Long Gets Her Soiled Panties in a Bunch Over the Truth of “Lets Go Brandon”

THE TRUTH IS HATE SPEACH TO THOSE WHO HATE THE TRUTH! THE Ole Dog! Critics are calling for the firing of an unidentified pilot after he allegedly signed off when speaking to his passengers, including a reporter, by saying, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” a phrase commonly used to insult President Joe Biden. In Saturday tweets, Associated […]

About me & why I fight.

Once when my cousin American General George Patton was telling someone about reincarnation, the person said rather self-righteously reincarnation did not exist. Georgie told them, “You may not reincarnate, but I do!”. I can trace myself back through the dark ages and beyond. I have tried to help humanity. Sometimes I did good at that, […]