Pastor John Hagee: Is the Devil in Him?

A 2010 article reposted, but the treason against America by the obese charlatan is still ongoing. The Ole Dog! ‘Pastor John Hagee: Is the Devil in Him?’ John Hagee, the megachurch televangelist, is approaching the Washington, D.C. area again, ready to land in his private jet on July 20. An army of politicians and wide-eyed […]

Veteran Attacked, His Service Dog Tasered By the Darlings Of “WE Back The Blue” Gropupies After Angry Communist Control Freak Bitch Wrongly Accused Him of Panhandling-USA!-USA!-USA!-USA!

Political Prostitutes start wars which humanity does not want for the benefit of their political careers and the financial gain of their masters. A Dead Statesman-Rudyard Kipling I could not dig; I dared not rob Therefore I lied to please the mob Now all my lies are proved untrue And I must face the men […]

Pope Demands Silicon Valley “In The Name Of God” [WHICH THE POPESTER OF PEDOPHILE “priest” DOES NOT KNOW] Censor “Hate Speech”, “Conspiracy Theories”

The Ole Dog! Pope Francis invoked God in an effort to pressure Silicon Valley giants into censoring more content, including “hate speech” and “conspiracy theories.” Yes, really. The Pope made the remarks during a World Meeting of Popular Movements, a shadowy organization created to promote “social justice” and fight racism with the help of religious […]

Whistleblower: FDA and CDC both know, but won’t admit, that 90% of covid patient hospitalizations are the fully vaccinated

Out of concern for the safety of her patients, Deborah Conrad, a physician’s assistant, reportedly convinced the hospital where she works to start carefully tracking the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” status of every patient admitted. What was discovered as a result is that upwards of 90 percent of all new hospital admissions for “covid” are […]