What a load of hot air! Joe Biden is blasted for making 10,000 mile return trip that’ll generate 2.2 MILLION pounds of carbon to attend CLIMATE CHANGE summit in Scotland after president was snapped in gas-guzzling 85-car motorcade in Rome

I do not post this in a right vs left, Demophile vs Republiphile debate.

I post this to show the American sheep voter the hypocrisy and corruptness of the sold out whores from both wings of the carrion slurping vulture which gravitate to Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac to latch onto the public teat of funds stolen from the working class Americans.

The Last president who tried to stand up for America and the American people was JFK and they blew his brains out in public view in Dallas Occupied Republic of Texas in 1963.

When sheep “vote” for which jackal they want raping and eating their lambs, they are “voting” for slavery in a predetermined election by two whores who have already taken the 30 shekels to sell the voter’s asses out and America down the river.

The game is rigged, and the sheep NEVER win.

The Ole Dog!

President Joe Biden was criticized for his use of a slow moving, 85-car motorcade in Rome ahead of UN climate change conference on Sunday
It comes during Biden’s 10,000 mile return trip on Air Force One to Europe, which includes a 92-mile motorcade tour in Scotland
Air Force One and the four large jets that accompany it will generate an estimated 2.16 million pounds of carbon during the five day trip to Europe
The motorcade is centered around the president’s armored limousine, the Beast and its decoy which sports a 5-litre diesel engine and gets about 8 mpg
Each car generates around 8.75 pounds of carbon per mile driven – 10 times more than the average car
Also included in the trip are flights for his conference team, security personnel and individual planes for The Beast and Marine One helicopter

President Joe Biden will generate an estimated 2.2 million pounds of carbon during his trip to Europe to speak on the perils of climate change.

The gigantic carbon footprint is comprised of 2.16 million pounds of carbon dioxide generated by the four large planes that comprise his airborne entourage on the trip to Italy and Scotland, where the president will speak at the COP26 summit on change in Glasgow, with the remainder emitted by Biden’s cars.

His fleet is comprised up of the heavily modified Boeing 747 he travels on, known as Air Force One when the president is on board, an identical decoy and two huge C-17 Globemaster planes to carry his battalion of cars and helicopters.

Those jets each belch out an average of 54 pounds of carbon per mile flown. An average American would generate 0.365 pounds of carbon for if they flew a similar distance – just under 10,000 miles – on a regular scheduled flight.

Biden’s Cadillac ‘Beast,’ a 20,000 pound armored limousine that gets as much as 8 mpg, was surrounded by dozens of slow moving cars as he pulled into the courtyard of the Vatican for his meeting with Pope Francis on Friday. It generates an estimated 8.75 pounds of carbon per mile driven – 10 times more than the average car, with two Beasts – the official vehicle and a decoy – forming part of his entourage.

The motorcade was 85-cars long, due to Italian COVID-19 rules, which only allow three non-cohabiting people – including the driver – per vehicle. As well as the Beast, it was comprised of gas-guzzling Chevrolet Suburban SUVs, and famously thirsty Alfa Romeo cars driven by Italian police. It would have generated around 73.5 pounds of carbon per mile driven.

The trip from Villa Taverna to Vatican City is 4.34 miles long, meaning the total amount of carbon generated by the Beast and its entourage was 373 pounds for that short visit to see Pope Francis where, ironically, the president and leader of the Catholic Church discussed climate change. Biden has been criticized for the largesse on social media, although the White House insists there is no other alternative to ensure the president is safe from any potential threat while traveling,


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