The Invention of the HoloHoax AFTER WW 2

There simply was no “holocaust” of members of the Jewish cult religion by the Germans during WW 2.

It is made up bull shit.

Yes, the average red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Jew

really believes they are descended from Biblical Israelites and Judeans, really believe some “god” chose them to be the Masters of all other humans who do not belong to their cult which teaches if you are not a cult member that makes you a soul-less two legged animal this “god” said you could rape, rob and murder without “sinning”.

These mongrels really believe there was a German holocaust of 6 million Jews although world census from before and after WW 2 show there are not even 1 million missing Jews after the end of WW 2.

It is because they are indoctrinated with these lies with their mama’s milk, just as their mama’s and daddy’s were.

Makes them useful idiots to evil f##ks.

Before you get too judgmental, remember 161 years after the closet homosexual atheist manic depressive Marxist rail road lawyer Abraham Lincoln killed the Revolutionaries volunteer union replacing it with a communistic Mandatory Military dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic, Americans really believe America is the “LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE”.

Even when they were forced to wear useless dust mask, endure communistic lockdowns and take killer jabs for an imaginary “virus”.

Even when cops pull them over, demand cash for violating some arbitrary rule, or just beat the hell out of them and throw them in jail, or kill them, because they enjoy beating the f##k out of people.

Even when the DC political whores lie them into one unnecessary war after the other.
Even when they tax their asses off to send the loot to other countries all over the world.
Even when the political whores are proved treasonous baby rapers.

Because Americans are told they are special and some “god” chose them to be the “exceptional” country and people.

The Holocaust was done by Jews in Russia.

The dung heap the world is can never be fixed until everyone’s favorite fairytale lies are banished and the Truth is embraced.

Below are two videos with a lot of truth about how the huge lie of the “holocaust” was perpetrated on humanity.

You may not like this truth, but humanity can not obtain freedom, honor and spiritual growth as long as they love the convenience of the lie over the duty of the truth.

One of my closest friends is a Khazarian, but he is not a Jew.

We have long conversations about history, theology, philosophy, phycology, reincarnation, God.

We can equally cuss the Jewish cult, the Vatican, the Baptist.

I like my cousins George Washington and George Patton could care less your shade of tan or brown, where your ancestors came from, just that you are loyal to the country you choose to live in and that countries people.

Having traced my own genealogy, there is no such thing as a pure breed anything.
We all are mutts.

It matters not the color of your skin, but the light or darkness of your soul.

The Ole Dog!

Analyzing the Holocaust, Part I – 25 Min.

Analyzing the Holocaust, Part II -32 Min.

Source of Videos, Rumble

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