Aside From The War Crime Illegal Attack on Yemen in 2009, the War Criminal US Has Not Used Weapons of Mass Destruction Cluster Munitions Since the War Crime Illegal Iraq Invasion 20 Years Ago-Now USA/DC Whores Demand They Be Used On Russians In Ukraine

Nothing quite like War Criminal Pedophilic Sodom & Gomorrah 30 shekel Ratschild cowardly chicken hawk whores trying to start World war 3 so they can send poor American kids to die so rich ass holes can get richer. The Ole Dog!

Political West Doubles Down on ‘Russia Kidnapping Children’ Propaganda Narrative

With any credible evidence of alleged Russian mass kidnappings of children from former Ukraine sorely lacking, in order to justify this propaganda narrative, as well as give at least some ostensible “credence” to the recent ICC indictment against Russian President Vladimir Putin, the mainstream propaganda machine is mobilizing all of its forces. Supposed “horror stories” […]

USA Hypocrisy

This morning I got up early as sleep seemed over, made a pot of coffee, got a cup and ran through any real new news on the internet. Slim pickings. Got another cup, and did something I seldom do, turned the TV on in the morning. There was the usual propaganda and meaningless bull shit […]

The Invention of the HoloHoax AFTER WW 2

There simply was no “holocaust” of members of the Jewish cult religion by the Germans during WW 2. It is made up bull shit. Yes, the average red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Jew really believes they are descended from Biblical Israelites and Judeans, really believe some “god” chose them to be the Masters of […]