Iranian Drone kills American National, Wounds US soldiers Illegally Occupying Syria | Murdergon Hits Back With More War Crimes

The US military has carried out multiple airstrikes in eastern Syria in another flagrant breach of Syria’s sovereignty, killing a number of Syrian military forces. The US military earlier alleged that Iran -aligned groups carried out a drone attack on a US-[ILLEGALLY] occupied base in northeastern Syria. A US contractor was killed, another was injured, […]

German Health Minister Must Be Hanged For Violating The 1947 Nuremberg Code While Holocausting Humanity Via Killer Jabs

The German Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach has admitted that the Killer Jabs he once promoted are causing “severe disabilities” that will likely be “permanent.” Death sure as hell is permeant! Lauterbach has cheerled the people of Germany to get Killer Jabbed lying that mRNA Killer Jab Chemical/Biological Weapon witch’s brew Voodoo Non Vaccine Euthanasia […]