US Tells Serbs to Just Shut the Hell Up Over US’s Illegal War Crime Bombings of Serbia and Holocaust of Serbian Civilians In US War Crime Bombings

In a carefully worded statement to the public on Friday, US ambassador in Belgrade Christopher Hill commented on the 78-day bombing campaign against Yugoslavia by calling on the Serbs to build a “better future” together with Washington. “I offer my personal condolences to the families of those who lost their lives during the wars of […]

US CORPORATION Illegally Occupying Syria, Holocausting Syrians While Stealing Syria’s OIL Is Prepared to Use Illegal War Crime Force to Protect its War Crime Criminals Illegally Occupying Syria the US CORPORATION’s “president” has said

US [CORPORATION] President Joe [hands all over little girls] Biden has commented on [ILLEGAL WAR CRIME] airstrikes carried out by the US [ILLEGAL OCCUPATION WAR CRIMINALS] in Syria in response to a deadly drone attack on a [ILLEGAL] coalition [OCCUPATION] base, which Washington blamed on Iranian [IRAN IS LEGALLY IN SYRIA, INVITED BY THE DULY […]

‘US CORPORATION’s Senate Rejects Bid To Stop Illegal Wars Based on the 2001 war Authorization “Authorized ” By 2001 9-11 False Flag’

The decades-old legislation based on the false flag 9-11 attacks on America carried out by Tel Aviv and Washington DC has been invoked to justify illegal International War Crime US military operations in at least 22 countries. War Criminals Must Hang! Past Time To Convene Nuremberg Common Law Tribunals. The Ole Dog! ‘US CORPORATION’s Senate […]

Top USA CORPORATION’s Political Pu$$ies in General’s Uniforms Admits Pentagon Is Training Coup Leaders In Africa

Gen. Michael Langley, the head of US Africa Command (AFRICOM), was grilled by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Thursday about African soldiers who received US military training and went on to carry out coups. Langley insisted only a “very small number” of Africans who receive US training later go on to be involved in coups […]

Treasonous Rope Chewing Pu$$y Political Whores in Generals Uniforms Try To Start War Americans Don’t Want

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told Congress on Thursday the Pentagon’s 2024 budget ridiculous and bloated request will help the USA/DC CORPORATION prepare for a future war with China where poor American Kids will be used as cannon fodder to make evil rich F##ks […]