“We’re the greatest superpower in history,” McConnell said. “This is our capital city. But local politicians have let its streets become a danger and an embarrassment.”

The U.S. Corporation “Senate” on March 8 overwhelmingly approved a House-passed bill that would overturn a controversial D.C. crime law that critics have blasted as soft on crime. The measure will next go to the desk of President Joe Biden, who’s said he wouldn’t veto the bill. The chamber passed the measure in an 81–14 […]

Moderna Mass Murdering (HOLOCAUSTING) CEO Stephane Bancel admits CRIMINAL company made 100K “COVID-19” KILLER JAB doses in 2019 before the RATSCHILD’S Samdemic was even Perpetrated

Mass Murdering Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel confessed to his Criminal Corporation’s crimes during a talk with the World Economic Forum (WEF) that the company was already manufacturing “COVID-19” “vaccines” as early as 2019, months before the SCAMDEMIC officially started. The admission occurred during a Jan. 19 panel session of the WEF 2023 conference in Davos, […]

The War Criminals in the USA/DC CORPORATION “congress” Refuse To Remove Their Invading/Occupying Terrorist Troops From Syria

The evil War Criminal 30 shekel Ratschild’s Whores in the USA/DC CORPORATION’s “congress” who are committing treason against America/Americans as well as perpetrating war crimes against Humanity world wide, have REFUSED to stop their WAR CRIME in Syria. The lie the USA/DC whores are using to try to justify, they can not justify their war […]