Biden Murders National Guard Soldier-Soldier Killer Jabbed On Biden’s Orders Drops Dead of Killer Jab Induced Heart Attack-Biden Must Be Tried for Murder

Biden ordered all US military persons to be raped with Killer Jab Non Vaccine Chemical/Biological Death Darts using as an excuse a “Virus” which does not exist. When someone orders the murder of a person, even if they do not personally pull the trigger or stab the person with a loaded syringe, they under the […]

US hate crimes hit record high – FBI

“Statistics indicate a rise in cases motivated by prejudice against race, religion and sexual orientation”-FBI America’s 1st Black Concentration Camp *The Devils Punchbowl, Natchez, MS After the war was over USA Military Holocausted 20,000 “freed” slaves, women and children in death camps. There were no men there as they were doing slave labor for the […]