Rumours persist that Brigitte Macron is a man

I knew the Ratschild’s Usury banker’s boy bitc# French Gay Caballero was limp wristed but I always figured they had married the much older butt ugly as sin women to him for political cover.

But I have been hearing rumors for some time that like Manshell, the French “First Lady” had a bigger tamale than the president.

It is sad the world is run by pedophile usury bankers and their gay/tranny bitches!

Washington DC has been a bastion of baby raping for generations.
It is just the American sheep never had the balls to do anything about it.

Mossad jeffery blackmailing US generals, political whores and judges with child rape blackmail videos was just the next generation of the same ole thing been going on for longer than most folks been alive!
It was known by anyone cared to know back in the last century Papa CIA BadBush was a serial baby raper.

Now humans!
Ya really think God is going to bless a bunch of ball-less sheep who allow the ass holes they vote for to serial rape God’s little children?

I betcha the Sons of God who got their butts in a crack for trying to give the human sheep a shot at becoming Higher Spiritual Beings really-really are repetitive of that decision!

Get some Morals and a set of balls human sheep!

The Ole Dog!

According to a researcher, Brigitte Macron was born as Jean-Michel Trogneux, a man. But president Macron’s wife said she was being targeted by a transphobic rumor and she would file a complaint.

The source of this information on Brigitte Macron’s past life was in articles published in September in the journal Faits et Documents citing extensive evidence of a massive cover-up about a trans figure in the Elysee.

France’s first lady dismissed it as a conspiracy theory.

On French social networks the hashtag #JeanMichelTrogneux has been trending for several weeks now. On November 7, the Twitter account “Le journal de la macronie”, launched the quest for finding Brigitte’s “lost brother” who has disappeared without a trace.

The hashtag has generated close to 80 000 mentions, in particular on “anti-tax and far-right accounts”, noted the Visibrain site. A Russian television station has demanded an investigation into the rumours.

The journalist Natacha Rey, who is the author, said she had firm evidence that the first lady was born Jean Michel Trogneux, a transgender male. Rey has been researching the shady past of Brigitte and the curious disappearance of her alleged “brother”.

Jean Michel Trogneux was last spotted in the company of the highly controversial Joseph Doucé (since found murdered) in the late eighties of the previous century, around the time when Brigitte appeared, said Rey. The pastor was the first advocate of gay marriages and trans surgery and head of a pedophile ring. Many suspect that Doucé had played a role similar to that of Jeffrey Epstein: Blackmailing those in power.

The magazine Closer has attempted a denial. It accused the magazine which publishes French political news of “regularly relaying conspiracy theories”. But the Wikipedia entry for Faits & Documents describes it as a newspaper which is taken seriously.

The “fact-checking” Closer however blatantly lied that Emmanuel Macron was 17 years old when he met Brigitte. The current President was 14 years old, which could constitute a crime with at least two aggravating circumstances. Macron was born in 1977 and Brigitte in 1953 according to official records.

In 2018, for the first time in the history of the Élysée, Emmanuel Macron opened the presidential palace to transvestites for the Fête de la Musique. The presidential pair posed with the cringeworthy “artists” which led to harsh criticism from conservatives.

An Italian psychiatrist Professor Adriano Segatori said he believed that Macron was raped by pederasts as a child.

Similar rumours were circulated about Michelle Obama, former US President Barack Obama’s wife.


Rumours persist that Brigitte Macron is a man

One thought on “Rumours persist that Brigitte Macron is a man

  1. Judith Brock says:

    Why does this not surprise me? This is the New World Order, where trans people and pedophiles will be the norm. Where criminals are running govts and they protect their fellow criminals. Laws no longer protect citizens, they protect criminals. Macron being married to a man is not surprising at all. After all, Barack Obama did it and scammed an entire nation. Get used to even more madness coming out soon.

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