Natural Rights and Granted Privileges

“To travel” is a natural right, and no legislation can be passed to strip you of your fundamental, inherent rights. As a sovereign being, you never need to surrender your rights and exchange them for privileges. This is the way societies descend into tyranny. To exchange a right for a privilege (or “constitutional right”) is […]

Iran Is Not a Threat To America, Or The WORLD, But Israel Is, So Why Should American Children Kill, Fight & Die, American Wealth Be Wasted In A War To Benefit Israel (Rothschild’s Khazarian Mafia in Occupied Palestine)?

Current Headline: “Biden’s Moment of Truth in Iran With negotiations likely to fail, he’d better be prepared for a military strike.” (The Jew Street Journal wants American children to kill/die and American wealth pissed off for the Khazarian End of Times Death Cult’s benefit) From memory without looking anything up. Rothschilds were stealing Iran’s […]