We Are Entering The Twilight Zone-Max Igan

All ass holes who helped the mass murderers push communist lockdowns, useless as teats on a boar hog dust making, and killer jabs will need to be hanged by the neck so they shit their pants when their neck snaps. After Fair Nuremberg Common Law Tribunal Trials of Course. The Ole Dog! SOURCE: lbry://@thecrowhouse#2/We-Are-Entering-The-Twilight-Zone#b

Americans Are A Sick Society

…otherwise, they wouldn’t condone and finance this sort of thing. US Coalition Bombs Hospital & Youth Soccer Field In Yemen, Over 200 Killed US Drone Strike in Kabul That Targeted and Killed 10 Citizens, Including 7 Children I could add many more examples but it makes me sick just thinking about it.

Rothschild’s red Russian Khazarian Mafia Fiefdom Fraudulently Called Israel Located in Occupied Palestine wants a state of permanent war

There are no more Hebrews. The closest living relatives according to modern DNA testing are the Yemen people who the Rothschild’s red Russian Khazarian Mafia fiefdom in Occupied Palestine are helping Saudi Holocaust for going on six years. “Jew” is an End of Times Death Cult religion which the red Russian Khazarians CONVERTED to in […]

Researcher Exposes Censorship After Journal Deletes Spike Protein Killer Jabs Adverse Events Analysis Without Reason

Hiding or censoring proof of harm and or deaths by an illegal human experiment which violates the Nuremberg code is violation of the Nuremberg code and should cause those doing the hiding of harm and or deaths by an illegal Human experiment to be hanged so they s#it their pants when their neck snaps. After […]