Fully Vaccinated Canadian Soccer Star Alphonso Davies Sidelined With Myocarditis-Club Manager Tries to Dance Around Droves of Killer Jabbed Athletes falling Dead on the Field

Another day, another story about a soccer player being sidelined due to sudden-onset heart-related illness. Continuing a disturbing trend of professional soccer players being pulled from games, Canadian star Alphonso Davies, who plays for Bayern Munich, is showing signs of an “inflammation of the heart muscle,” according to CP24. He is only 21 years old. […]

“COVID” Scamdemic Collapsing-Colorodo Communist Child Abusers Look For New Boogie Man “Virus” To Justify Continued Child Abuse in “schools”

Jesus the Christ says: Child abusers should be executed. After Fair Nuremberg Common Law Tribunal trials of course. Fair trials. Fair hangings! The Ole Dog! RSV More Prevalent Than COVID-19 In Colorado Children: Chief Medical Officer The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is affecting children in Colorado more than COVID-19, according to a chief medical officer […]

D. Peterson Pierre: Hospitals Payment Scheme Exposed-USA/Washington DC paying Hospitals to murder Americans to Fake “COVID-19” Scamdemic

They are also paying school districts to do child abuse to American children with forced masking and pushing killer jabs on kids. The End of Times Death Cult pedophiles of DC are sacrificing American children and old folks to their demonic god. If Americans do not stand up to this evil, they do not have […]