It’s Time to Reclaim Our World-Max Igan

Make no mistake, Nuremberg Common Law Trials will be convened! The political whores who ordered the doctors to mass murder with Loaded syringes, the doctors which followed the communistic illegal orders, the bully cops who beat, Pepper sprayed, kidnapped people for standing up for their God Given Natural Rights, the lawyers/judges which helped make war […]

Republicans are the Right Wing of the Carrion Slurping Vulture to Which the Democrat Left Wing is Attached, Each Wing MUST Have the Other to Survive

I know not if it is a blessing or a curse, but I am one of the top handful of people in the world at the moment who truly understands politics, statesman ship, true history, human nature, real law. I trace my ancestry back to all the real well known kings, war lords, generals, ass […]