The Blizzard of 1780 Was Ruthless-Real American Patriots

I like my cousin WW 2 General George S. Patton who was murdered by the USA for standing up for America against the whores of Washington DC who were busy selling America out to red Russian communism, understand both reincarnation and who I have been many of my past lives.
I can also identify and track the lives of many of the people I have traveled time with as well as my closest enemies.

I was not my 3ed great-grandfather Carleton who did three years, Valley Forge and the blizzard of 1780 with my cousin George Washington, but we served together.

If you look at the official Valley Forge web site there are records of him standing guard duty there and being in hospital there.
He was wounded in the chest with a musket ball at the Battle of Brandywine.
After his discharge he served with the North Carolina militia.

Another of my 3ed great-grandfathers did two hitches with Washington, the second as a scout for his army which means if the British had caught him they would have hanged him as a spy.

Two of my 4th great grandfathers served, one who was old enough no one would have said anything if he had stayed home went through the bad winters with Washington while thousands of summer soldiers deserted while congress made themselves and their buddies rich on the funds which should have clothed, fed and armed Washington’s army.

He died soon after the war was over from lung problems picked up winter soldiering.

A second great-grandfather was at the battle of New Orleans in 1814 with Cousin Andrew Jackson who had fought as a kid with the Revolutionary forces in the South during the revolutionary war and who’s family paid a terrible price for their loyalty to the cause.

He carried a scar on his face from a British officer’s saber who ordered him to polish the British officer’s boots.
Andrew told him to go to hell!

His mother died from disease she caught from American POWs the British were trying to exterminate with harsh conditions and little food.
She went time and again to nurse them until she died, leaving Andrew an orphan.

Cousin John Washington great grand nephew to George Washington, last Washington to own and live at Mount Vernon, Aid de Camp to cousin General Robert E.Lee was murdered by the USA, shot three times through the back from concealment.
Leaving his children orphans.

Three 2nd great-grandfathers and my great grandfather Carleton stood defending the South while the USA’s terroristic hoodlums dressed in USA uniforms gang raped little children to death, gang raped minister’s daughters, burned old folks alive in their homes, and stole everything not nailed down including jewelry off the dead they dug up to rob.

I personally served in the American Revolution, The Confederate forces, WW 1, WW 2 and Desert Shield and Desert Storm this time around.

So all you ass holes demanding your “rights”, all you sons of bitches who deserted George and his winter soldiers, all you ass holes who gang raped little Southern Children in pure evil terrorism against civilians, all you stay at home cowards who hid under their beds while time again my friends, family and I fought for America, all you whinny killer jabbed mask wearing sheep voting for baby rapers who sold America and your asses out generations ago, you can kiss my ass!

I insist you gargle with mouth wash first!

You pussies who stand and salute a flag which has come to represent evil against Americans while you call your cowardliness and stupidity “patriotism” can go to hell!

You worthless sons of bitches are not worth good men fighting and dying for.

‘As The Fog Rolled In Like Ghost Through The Vail, The Ice Made The Crossing A Living Hell-‘

As the fog rolled in like ghost through the vail-
The ice made the crossing a living hell-

The chunks of float ice bumping against the bow-
Startled the praying man who wondered if and how-

They would safely pass this terrifying dance with death-
Yet still some in battle with the rising of the sun, to expel their life’s final breath-

Upon his shoulders depended the rebel hopes of a new people in an old land-
The hopes and dreams of a new nation would live or die tonight by his men’s hand-

He wondered for the thousandth time if his decision had been right and wise-
He flinched at the thought of the soon to be wounded and dying’s cries-

Long through the night desperate men struggled across the river swift, icy and wide-
From the damp and cold, there was simply no place to hide-

As the last boat landed on the other side and the men formed up in ranks-
The general knelt quickly out of sight to give an humble thanks-

For loosing not one man in the long cold hours of the night-
Asking blessing of this his plan, his back to the wall dependent of Gods Might-

At Trenton that Christmas morning in 1776 a birth of a nation was secured-
Many years of fighting lay ahead, nothing was assured-

But to the brave men, terrified, yet overcame that fear for freedoms sake-
Who did risk their all for future Americans a Land of freedom to make-

Let not their sacrifice be in wasted, their tears and blood spilt be in vain-
The tears spilled over those who’s blood spilled was like a sorrowful rain-

Honor your ancestors who toiled and fought to to give you your chance-
To see how you stack up when the big bad wolf picks you for that perilous dance-

The Ole Dog!

‘Blizzard of 1780: “Buried like sheep in the snow’

Most Americans think about the fight for independence and sacrifices made by our Founders on the 4th of July. It’s summertime and the weather is usually hot while we are vacationing and visiting Independence Hall or Boston. But the story of the American Revolution is best told in the freezing days of winter.

“The oldest people now living in the country do not remember so hard a winter.”

Those are the words of General George Washington, written as he and over 7000 patriots were holed up In January 1780. Washington had decided to place his army at Morristown, New Jersey for the winter. When they arrived at the site in November 1779 there was already a foot of snow on the ground. The temperature only made it above freezing a couple times.

But that was before the blizzard struck in the new year. As it did, James Thacher wrote in his journal:

“No man could endure its violence many minutes without danger of his life.” If a tent blew down, soldiers were “buried like sheep under the snow…almost smothered in the storm.”

It was impossible to get supplies. George Washington wrote in a letter dated January 8. “…the Troops, both Officers and Men, have been almost perishing for want.”

One might think this was Valley Forge, but it was a two-year old memory at this point. No, this was Morristown and it was much worse. Major General Johann de Kalb was there and wrote:

“Those who have only been in Valley Forge and Middlebrook during the last two winters, but have not tasted the cruelties of this one, know not what it is to suffer.”

Private Martin was also there:

“We were absolutely, literally starved. I do solemnly declare that I did not put a single morsel of victuals into my mouth for four days and as many nights, except a little black birch bark which I gnawed off a stick of wood.”

That winter of 1780 was so severe that the waters around New York City completely froze and closed down navigation for several weeks (the only time in recorded American history that this has occurred).

Officers remembered ink freezing in their quill pens and one surgeon recorded:

“we experienced one of the most tremendous snowstorms ever remembered; no man could endure its violence many minutes without danger to his life. … When the storm subsided, the snow was from four to six feet deep, obscuring the very traces of the roads by covering fences that lined them.”

The cold and lack of food went on for months. Yet despite such severe hardships, men like these, the truest of Patriots, kept on for three more years. Private Martin said of those men:

“They were truly patriotic, they loved their country, and they had already suffered everything short of death in its cause.”

If they had not, the liberties they forged may never have spread across our land.


Blizzard of 1780: “Buried like sheep in the snow…”

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