War Criminals INC. USA Bombed A Vital Dam In Syria, Lied About It, & Called Anyone Who Reported The Truth “Crazy”

It tends to piss the American sheep off when you expose them to the truth of the lie of the “noble” birth of the “nation blessed by God”.

God gets very pissed off as shown by Jesus the Christ words when ANY EVIL ASS HOLE harms even ONE of God’s little children.

USA has been slaughtering God’s little children for centuries.

USA “soldiers” gang raped little children to death in their orgy of Holocaustig the Southern people 1860-1865.

Not once, but as a regular part of their terrorism against civilians.

It really-really pisses off the spiritually dead USA worshiping God hating sheep when you point out USA broke international law and all realms of morals/ decency when it illegally invaded Syria which has never attacked America and proceeded to slaughter Syria’s people claiming to be fighting a CIA/Mossad terrorist front group called ISIS.

It causes the American sheep to dirty their unmentionables when they are forced to look at the in part USA refusing to stop illegally occupying Syria so they can STEAL Syria’s oil.

The sad truth is Americans are evil and beyond America is not worth saving, it should not be saved.

Galatians 6:7
“Be not deceived for God is not mocked, for what ever Americans soweth, that shall they also reap.”

Look around you American sheep at the communistic shit holes America has become.
That is what happens when a people piss in the face of God, make war against God’s little children world wide.

I almost pity you degenerate hypocrites when you stand before the Judgement Seat.

The Ole Dog!

Many years too late, it appears The New York Times has suddenly discovered that the United States has been committing war crimes in Syria, coming long after it was clear Washington was pursuing regime change in Damascus. With Assad still in control of most of the country, US efforts have turned to far-reach sanctions of late, which have greatly increased the sufferings of common Syrians. Like with Bush’s disastrous invasion of Iraq before, the Times was the foremost cheerleader for that war, laundering Pentagon and admin propaganda, and only many years later admitting the truth that it was all based on lies… so now it seems to be going with Syria.

In its latest reporting, the NY Times has “uncovered” that an elite US military unit intentionally targeted and destroyed a large dam which was vital to the daily life and survival of tens of thousands of people near a vital Euphrates River reservoir. When the 2017 bombing of the Tabqa Dam (or al-Thawra Dam as it’s also called) was first reported, a top American general labeled those accusing the US of being behind it as “crazy”. Like much mainstream media reporting on Syria, those who had it right in real time – many from independent and alternative media – were dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” and loons, but now this…

The fresh NY Times reporting begins, “Near the height of the war against the Islamic State in Syria, a sudden riot of explosions rocked the country’s largest dam, a towering, 18-story structure on the Euphrates River that held back a 25-mile-long reservoir above a valley where hundreds of thousands of people lived.”

The US had quickly dismissed those accusing the US of being behind the attack. And since Russia was among them, it was easy for the Pentagon to bat it down as but the “propaganda” of America’s enemies in the region…

The Islamic State, the Syrian government and Russia blamed the United States, but the dam was on the U.S. military’s “no-strike list” of protected civilian sites and the commander of the U.S. offensive at the time, then-Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, said allegations of U.S. involvement were based on “crazy reporting.”

“The Tabqa Dam is not a coalition target,” he declared emphatically two days after the blasts.

Multiple Syrians had been killed and wounded in the attack, including dam workers and engineers who had rushed to the scene to save it.


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