Allow me to introduce you to the head Rat.
The Ratschild’s are the ones making war on humanity with the fake “COVID” scamdemic.

The Ratschilds are the ones ordering your children to be abused by forced masking and Mass Murdered with Killer Jabs!

The red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Ratschilds are the ones who ordered family businesses killed with Communistic “lockdowns” which have been proven to be useless for stopping the spread of an imaginary virus.

It never ceases to amaze me how very ignorant of reality most sheep humans are.
Many times when asking a sheep human if they know who the Rothschilds are one will get a blank deer in the headlights look and a hesitant “no”.

Even among the ones who know somewhat who they are when you tell them they made up this whole scamdemic and ordered the political whores to force all these anti-humanity communistic rules on humanity they will try to argue it is not so!

They blame the evil killer jabs being forced on humanity in the UK, the forced masking, communistic Killer JABS “passports”,. business killing lockdowns on the pedophile UK political whores!

The same in Canada, they blame the whored out Canadian political prostitutes.

In Australia they blame the Australian political whore for the anti-human communistic war on humanity.

Those who live under the crown have been told the fake royals are just window dressing for tourism and ceremonial purposes,.
And they believe it.
No Shit!!!

Fake prince/Real Rat!
The Lady Di murdering scum iS from commoner imposters.
Both Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed were bastards, not sired by by Plantagenet Royal fathers.
This makes the present “royals” fake monarchs.
But this does show you who really runs the British Empire.

OK-OK!!! you say, maybe the Rats do run the crown countries, but the “virus” came from China and the Rats do not run China!!!

Oh yes they do!
For one thing the CPP’s Commie China has a Ratschild owned and operated “central” bank.
The Rats own the Chinese’s asses.
If the CPP does not do exactly as ordered the Rats would manipulate their currency and China’s economy would look like the Titanic a couple of hours after it tried to knock an iceberg out of it’s way.

Well ok the sheep bleat hesitantly, but what about Russia, Putin runs Russia.
Yes he does, and the Ratschilds run Putin!

The Ratschilds have been the owner/operators of Russia ever since they had the Czar and his ministers murdered and implemented the USSR.

BUT-BUT-BUT the UNITED STATES is a democracy the sheep bleat desperately!!!

Well, no it is not.

The Ratschilds owned the whore “president” Woodrow Wilson who instituted the Usury Bankers the Not federal No reserves and Not a bank scam on the American people.

He also dragged an America which wanted nothing to do with the Ratschild’s instigated preplanned Usury bankers World War One into their war for them.

The Rats owned the Communist FDR who dragged an America which wanted nothing to do with the Ratschild’s instigated preplanned World War Two into WW 2 Via forcing the Japanese to attack at Pearl, ad knowing the attack was coming stood back and allowed damn near 3,000 Americans slaughtered to make the Americans mad enough to enter the preplanned Usury bankers orgy of human slaughter and banker profits..

They owned the no Combat Coward Ike who kept stopping General Patton from ending the war in Europe until most of Eastern Europe and half of Germany was turned over to the mongrel communist USSR thereby setting upon the preplanned Cold War which led to Americans dying in a Ratschild preplanned Korean War and a Ratschild preplanned Viet Nam War.

When Patton kept trying to save America from the treasonous Ratschild’s owned Commie Whore trash like FDR and Ike, the USA murdered him.

When JFK tried to stand up for America against the Ratschilds they had the CIA & Mossad murder JFK.

JFK was going to stop the Rothschilds in occupied Palestine from getting illegal Nuclear weapons, which they now have an estimated 300 of, which they threaten to blow the world up with, if they don’t get their way.

USA/Washington DC is run with political prostitutes bribed and blackmailed by the Ratschilds.

Mossad Jeffery and his Child Rape pimp bitch who’s father was a Mossad agent ran a Honey Trap where they provided children to rape, videotaped the generals, politicians raping children them blackmailed the child raping generals and politicians with the child rape blackmail tapes.

The Ratschilds tell a DC whore I want you to introduce legislation which F##Ks Americans up the ass!

The DC whores say oh I could not do that!

The Ratschilds say it sure would be a shame for that video of you raping that little child got released by “accident” on YouTube!

The DC political whore says “I LIKE THAT LEGISLATION!!!”.

Ok, enough connecting the dots for you of who runs the political whores who are making war on you and your children.

Using the fake scamdemic, the Ratschilds have shut down food production all over the world.

Crops have not been planted which should have been.

Family farmers and ranchers are being put out of business.

Truck drivers are being forced out of driving if they do not want to take a killer jab.

Ports are being made into nightmares of inefficiency by “COVID” rules and workers run off the jobs with killer jabs and the ones who take the jabs getting sick.

Railroads are being allowed to be robbed blind by thieves which the “governmnet” protects from prosecution for their crimes.

Most households MAY have a three day food supply.
They just run down to the supermarket every couple of days to replenish their merger supply.

Have you seen how fast panicked sheep can strip the shelves of a store?
Talking hours, not days, an hour or two, then bare shelves.
When no more truck are bringing fresh supplies of food because of lack of drivers, and the farmers have gone bust because of “COVID” rules and skyrocketing fuel prices, then the shelves will stay bare.

All over the world!
We are talking starvation!
Famines on the Biblical scale!
All planned.

With some of the Mandatory lockdowns, masking and killer jab requirements being dropped the sheep think they have won.

The Rats have only just begun to Mass Murder Humanity.
The Faked Scamdemic Killer Jabs were only Fore Play.

If the “governments” bring you any food you will trade any freedom you had left for it.
You will march right into those concentration camps they call FEMA Camps which have all that barbed wire and guard towers around them.

So what you going to do when you have no more food and your children are crying from hunger?
Eat your pets?
And then?

If you try to steal mine I will kill your ass and put you in one of my compost piles!
So will the other Non Sheep who have planned ahead to survive what they know is coming.

Let the HUNGER Games begin!
Sheep are for slaughtering anyway.

The Ole Dog!

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