When the small percentage of those who can see who have spent years trying to make others see talk about why the sheep are blind, the first conclusion is they are dumber than rocks.

Eventually one notices that some truly talented people in certain fields are blind as bats in bright sunshine to reality.

The next conclusion is while some of the blind are mentally challenged, this does not explain why those smart enough to walk and chew gum at the same time can not see reality.
Therefore if they are smart enough they should be able to see but can not, they just don’t want to see, they are cowards who are afraid of the ramifications of seeing reality.

I have come to a third conclusion.
Those who know not the one true Creator God, are blind because they do not walk with or seek God.

They make humanity their god.
Fame, wealth, pleasure.
They are stuck in the physical world.
Seeing is a spiritual gift from God.
One has to seek spiritual sight and be willing to pay the price for the spiritual growth which comes with spiritual seeing.

That is why you can bitch slap a spiritually blind sheep up alongside the head with a freight train of facts with truth, and they just look at you like a deer caught in the headlights and decide you are crazy.
They have to want to see.
You can not force a soul to see.
They must want to walk with God.
That is an individual choice.

When you try to explain something to someone who has no concept of that which you are trying to paint a mental picture of, it is just words with no meaning.

So while some ARE dumb as rocks, and some ARE cowards who do NOT want to see, others are just not that spiritually advanced.
You just have to wait on them to decide to walk and chew gum at the same time spiritually speaking.

Sheep herding is a bitch!

The Ole Dog!

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