World Wide “governments” Have Stolen The Old Folks Pension Funds So They Need To Murder the Old With Killer Jabs To Cover Their Criminal Asses!

UK state pension in ‘shameful shambles’ –

In America, the USA Corporation:

Steals funds from Americans so when they get old “they can give it back” as “Social Security” payments.

Which is strange cause after I was disabled by an experimental Anthrax Vaccine the US “government” used me and tens of thousands of other military members for Lab Rats with, I had to fight the US “government” for two and a half years proving my case in front of a federal judge before they would give any of mine back!

The problem is political whores are liars and thieves.
World wide.
The political whores world wide have stole the old folks money and now need to kill them off to save the political whores asses from being hanged for grand theft and corruption.

When I was still in high school I was telling folks USA/DC could not continue to borrow and spend like a drunken sailor with a handful of credit cards in a titty bar without destroying the country and the middle class.

I explained the whores of USA/DC would have to default.
Either by outright default on loans, or hyper inflating the currency to the point they would in reality pay back pennies on dollars borrowed.

Which would destroy the economy, wipe out the middle class and the old folks savings.

Everyone decided I was crazy because the whores in Washington told them the road went on forever and the party never ends!

Well the road has hit an economic reality and the party is over.
The whores of DC are hyper inflating the Fiat Currency into Wheel Borrow dollars.
That means like Germany before Hitler took over they printed so much paper fiat currency backed by nothing just like USA/DC is doing, folks would have to take a wheel borrow full of high denomination Marks, the German equivalent of the dollar, to buy a loaf of bread.

There was so much worthless paper currency around kids used it as building blocks for play.

If you did not have a wheel borrow it took two people with a basket to carry enough to get a loaf of bread!

Hyperinflation is not enough to save the whores asses and they know it, so they need to kill off the old folks and sterilize the young.
Thats where the Killer Jabs come in.

What they have done for generations, instead of putting excess Social security funds out at interest, or just saving it, is every damn month the Whores of Congress have stolen all excess Social Security funds and put an IOU in it’s place.

A drunken sailor who is having to put booze, lap dances and blow jobs on a credit cards for years, will never be able to pay back what he has borrowed.

Neither can a drunk with corruption and power congress.

They simply MUST kill off as many old people as possible, reduce the overall population to the point a broke Mafia cabal don’t get their asses hanged by old people and out of work young folks.

They consider you cattle to be farmed for profit and used as sexual party favors after all.
Like the war Criminal Henry Kissinger said about the voters:
“They are useless food eaters”.

Social Security

Get a rope!
Get lots of rope!!
After fair common law tribunals off course!!!

The Ole Dog!

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