The “experts” Say All You Sick, Disabled & Dead Folks From The Killer Jabs Are Just Crazy, Imagining Things, The Killer Jabs Are VERY “Safe & Effective”

The “Health Experts Say!
“Two-thirds of corona jab reactions caused by placebo effect – study
A third of clinical trial participants who received no vaccine reported systemic adverse advents including headache and fatigue.”

In the first place anyone who every again trust any doctor injecting your body with anything is a damn fool.
They lied to you once.

“Health Experts” Then:
The mRNA Experimental Non Tested “COVID-19” jabs for a virus no one anywhere has produced a scientifically verified isolated identified stand alone reproducible sample of will keep you from getting sick or spreading illness to others.

“Health Experts” Now:
You need to ware a mask, have a “vaccine” passport showing how many additional jabs of the jabs you got which will not keep you from getting sick again and again if you don’t die first or from spreading your illness to others.

Read this again:
“Two-thirds of corona jab reactions caused by placebo effect – study
A third of clinical trial participants who received no vaccine reported systemic adverse advents including headache and fatigue.”

They damn well lied to you once.
Whats in the “placebo”???

In 1990-91 the US Government used US Military members for unwilling lab rats.
The USA tested an untested experimental “Anthrax vaccine” on GIs which the current figures put the dead at 35,000, probably many times that number, and the disabled a hell of a lot times that number.

Those deaths and disabilities was given a cover their ass name of “Gulf War Illness.
When GIs started dying, becoming sick all the time, disabled the “Health Experts” told them it was all in their heads.
They were just imagining it all.
They were slackers who wanted a free ride.

The book is out of print and available only on Kindle.

“In this provocative look at the US military from the Persian Gulf War through the 2003 invasion of Iraq, investigative journalist Gary Matsumoto contends that an anthrax vaccine dispensed by the Department of Defense was the cause of Gulf War Syndrome and the origins of a massive cover-up. Matsumoto calls it the worst friendly-fire incident in military history. A skillfully-woven narrative that serves as a warning about this man-made epidemic, Vaccine A is a much needed account of just what went wrong, and why.”

I lived being used as a lab rat and all the illnesses.
I still deal with the side effects thirty years later.
Thirty years later the US government is still lying their asses off about doing it or the results of using GIs for Lab Rats.

Back about 2004 I believe it was, may have been 05 or 06, I started telling a US congressman who at the time was the Congressional Representative to the Veterans Administration the anthrax vaccine was the reason all of the GIs were dying and sick, he stopped me and told me and the wife:

“Oh yeah, Saddam did not F##K you’ll up, we F##Ked you up with the vaccine.
Everyone in Washington DC knows that.”

I asked him if everyone knew it why the GIs could not get any help or compensation for their families to survive?

He said:
“The DOD is lying saying they did not do it.
There will have to be a congressional investigation to prove they did.”

I asked:
Before or after we all die?

He said:
“Oh maybe next year.”

It never happened and the USA “government” is still lying their asses off about what they did.

You going to trust the USA “government”?
Any “government”??


Any ass hole comes at me with a loaded syringe, I have the God Given Right of Self Defense.
That means I have the God Given Right to shoot them before they shoot me.

Anyone who at this point still trust the “government”, any “government” or the “Health Experts” is a Damn Fool!

George Washington in 1799 went for a ride in bad weather looking over his farm.
He came down with a respiratory illness.

Martha called in the “Health Experts”.
They shoved a suppository up his ass, made him Poop his brains out, induced vomiting so he was dehydrated from both ends and drained damn near half his blood out.

He died!

If Martha had just fed him chicken soup and given him warm tea he might have lived for many more years.

You do know the USA “government” is bribing hospitals to refuse people known tried and true medicines which work in favor of known deadly experimental meds and forced ventilators which are killing people because the USA “government” needs dead people to run their “COVID” scam don’t you?

Well they are.

AJ DePriest Uncovers The Enormous Covid Bribes To All Education And Hospitals From The US Government

Stay away from “governments” and “Health Experts” and you will probably live much longer!

The Ole Dog!

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