Warmonger Former US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Who Constantly Voted To Fund US’s War Machine Doing War Crimes Around the World has warned ‘life as we know it’ will end if EVERYONE Don’t Vote For Me For President

I’ll let you in on a little secret.
The War Criminal USA (Washington DC Corporation) and Russia are butties, have always been butties.
They are not going to war.

It is a game they play to keep both populations shaking in their fruit of the looms so the elites can steal all the workers wealth and live like kings.

Oh sure they will send some of their “useless food eaters” as Henry Kissinger calls the voters to kill each other in brush wars for perverse pleasure and profit, but the two criminal enterprises are not going to duke it out directly.

And the Rothschilds who own and operate both ‘governments” do not want to radiate the planet so they have to live in so they have to live in underground bunkers for generations.
Not going to be a nuclear war.

Couple of things not taught in U S. “History”.

When the US illegally in a war crime invaded the Confederacy, and England & France were about to recognize the Confederacy Diplomatically which would have meant the US would have had to stop their war crime of Holocausting the Southern people, Russia brought their navy to America harbors and threatened war with Britain and France if they recognized the Confederacy as a sovereign nation.

During WW 2 when Hitler invaded Russia to keep the mass murdering (66 Million Humans Holocausted) Khazarian Communist Stalin from invading all of Europe to spread the Rothschild’s red Russian communism, Germany would have kicked Russia’s ass if not for the US tying up so many German troops and war materials while at the same time taking American tax payers money to give red Communist Russia s#it loads of tanks, planes, trucks, weapons, bombs, ammunition and cash.

The Insider DC Mafia War Mongering Army Barbie is using the tried and true Russian Boogie man to try to look like presidential material.

The Ole Dog!

Former US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has warned ‘life as we know it’ will end if tensions between Moscow and Washington continue to ‘escalate’

Former US congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard issued a blunt warning via Twitter on Thursday about rising America-Russia tensions, arguing a conflict between “two nuclear armed powers” can only end in “the destruction of the world and life as we know it.”

“Warmongers” currently in office, the Democrat argued, are escalating tensions with Russia. President Joe Biden and other administration officials have issued multiple threats to Russia should they move troops into Ukraine, something some US officials claim is likely because of recent military movements. Moscow has denied this, saying these troop maneuvers are an internal matter and any allegations of a planned offensive are groundless.

Gabbard, one of the more vocal Democratic Party critics of the current administration, included a Fox News interview clip in her tweet. In it, she specifically pointed to Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan as supporters of “regime change wars.” She added that they are the people “influencing the decisions that are being made by this White House.”


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