Will the Pedo Promotors & Protectors at Twitter Litter ban Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla since he now says the jabs don’t work?

Twitter Litter never met a Pedoist or Mass Murdering Killer Jab they did not LOVE, nor a truth they did not HATE & CENSOR!

What they have managed to do is kill any and all credibility Twitter Litter MAY have once had!

The Ole Dog!

All of a sudden, those running the plandemic are changing their tune about the safety and effectiveness of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Albert Bourla, the king of Pfizer, told CNBC in a recent interview that his company’s emergency-authorized injections offer “very limited protection, if any.”

Wait, what? Just a few months ago, Bourla wanted to lock up parents for not injecting their children with the “lifesaving medicine,” and now he is admitting that they do nothing to protect health?

Bourla was of course just talking about the first two mRNA (messenger RNA) shots from Pfizer, which he claims are no longer enough to provide any protection against the Fauci Flu. Now, Bourla wants people to get a third (and eventually a fourth) “booster” dose to keep the profits flowing.

“The two doses, they’re not enough for omicron,” Bourla told the fake financial news network in the hopes of boosting his company’s stock price.

“The third dose of the current vaccine is providing quite good protection against deaths, and decent protection against hospitalizations.”

Albert Bourla is a greedy, genocidal maniac


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