The Killer Jabbed Super Spreader Lepers Must Be Segregated From The Un-Jabbed

In days of old leprosy was a disease where for the protection of the uninfected the infected were cast out of society and became outcast shunned by those who did not want to become infected by contact with the infected.

The leper was basically blameless but some saw their having the disease as a curse from God.
Whatever the reason they became lepers, it was for the good of the uninfected they became outcaste unable to walk freely in society.

In the case of the spike protein shedding by killer jabbed people which cause others to become sick, is a self inflected “curse from God”.
No one forced them to get the jab unless they were in Communist China or Nazi Australia.

Even here one can refuse the killer jab and take the persecution of the evil ones trying to mass murder humanity with the killer jabs.
So although the consequences for refusing the jab by these evil communistic Nazis can be horrible to even in cases result in death by torture or starvation, it is still a self inflicted disease as one has to voluntarily agree to have the disease injected into their body.

So as harsh as it may sound to call for kicking the killer jabbed out of society for the safety of those who were moral enough, smart enough, brave enough to refuse to have the disease injected into their bodies thereby causing them to become a threat to others, it MUST be done.

God did not curse these Killer Jabbed Lepers, these now dangerous to others Killer Jabbed Leper Super Spreaders VOLUNTEERED to become a danger to smarter, more moral, braver people.

It is unfair to claim someone who voluntarily gave themselves a contagious disease to be allowed to spread it to innocent people.

So as much as the part of society who did not volunteer to have the disease injected into their bodies hate to do so, the time has come to caste out from society the ones who did volunteer to be injected with a disease which is a danger to anyone they come in contact with.

I would suggest States such as California, New York, Massachusetts, District of Colombia, New Jersey, Ohio become Killer Jabbed Leper colonies and EVERY Killer Jabbed Super Spreader Leper in the other States be expelled and made to move to one of the above Killer Jabbed leper colonies.

The British isles could serve as an European colony.

Israel and Saudi could serve as Middle Eastern colonies.

Russia would be a good choice for an Eurasia colony.

China itself, not the captured surrounding areas would be a good choice for a Far Eastern colony.

Of course walls would need to be built around these Killer Jabbed leper colonies with armed guards with orders to shoot to kill any killer jabbed leper trying to leave one of the Killer Jabbed Super Spreader Leper colonies thereby becoming a danger to the general public too moral, smart or brave to voluntarily become a super spreader Killer jabbed Leper.

God did not curse these Killer Jabbed Super Spreader lepers, they cursed themselves.
Their decision to be self destructive should not be forced on others who did not make that self destructive decision.

As distasteful as it is to carry this out, allow me to make an observation.

God gives humanity free will to make the right or wrong decisions in life.
The right decisions have their own rewards.
The wrong decision brings pain, suffering, emotional distress and even death as a result of the individual making the bad choice.

While God allows each human the right to make the bad choice, God does not promise to protect the individual from the repercussions of that free will bad choice or decision.
The repercussions of that bad individual choice should not become a group punishment of innocent people who did not chose the bad decision.

Time to segregate the Bad Choice Killer Jabbed Super Spreader Lepers from those who did not chose to get Killer Jabbed.

Of course those violating the Nuremberg Code by pushing the illegal experiment/assault on humanity as well as cheerleading for the killer jabs, forced masking communistic lockdowns or censoring the truth of the dangers of the killer jabs, forced masking and communistic lockdowns must receive Fair Nuremberg Common Law Tribunal Trials.

Followed by Fair hangings.

The Ole Dog!

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