Pedophilia is misunderstood, Pedophilia Promoting USA Today claims, then deletes tweets

Jesus the Christ was real plain about what should be done to a baby raper.
He said tie a millstone around their necks and feed em to the fish!

I betcha if Jesus the Christ Was to visit the offices of the pedophilia promoting USA Today “news” organization he would take along a freight train full of rope and millstones.

And his whip!

From the pedophilia promoting article:

“better access to therapy can help pedophiles control their impulses.”

It is a scientific fact when a baby raper is executed they never rape another little innocent child!

The Ole Dog!

One of America’s largest newspapers has deleted a social media discussion of pedophilia after stirring outrage by claiming growing scientific consensus that sexual attraction to children is “determined in the womb.”

USA Today posted a Twitter message on Tuesday to promote an article on pedophiles, titled ‘What the public keeps getting wrong about pedophilia’. The newspaper said in a series of posts that pedophiles are likely born with a predisposition to be attracted to children and don’t have control over their sexual desires.

“A pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to children, but not all pedophiles abuse kids, and some people who sexually abuse kids are not pedophiles,” USA Today wrote. It added that evidence suggests pedophilia is “inborn,” and better access to therapy can help pedophiles control their impulses.

The original tweet was quickly ratioed on Twitter, and USA Today later said it decided to pull down the entire thread because it allegedly lacked context that was provided by the article, which was behind a paywall. However, the newspaper later removed the paywall, allowing non-subscribers to access the article.

Professor who seeks to ‘destigmatize’ pedophilia resigns READ MORE: Professor who seeks to ‘destigmatize’ pedophilia resigns
Multiple Twitter users took screenshots of the original messages, and the article failed to blunt their criticism of USA Today. The newspaper quoted Canadian sexologist Michael Seto as saying, “I think as a field, we’ve accepted the idea that this is not something that people choose.”

MORE USA Today making Excuses for Baby Rapers:

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