TWITTER LITTER is Committing Mass Murder By Preventing People From Learning The Truth About Ivermectin

Mass Murder is a hanging offense.

It is a PROVEN FACT, not one “government” or “heath agency” in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD can or will provide a scientifically identified, isolated, reproducible stand alone sample of a “SARS-Cov-02 Virus”.

Thats a fact jack!

It is also proven FACT the so called “COVID vaccines” are not vaccines, do not have a single eradicated “SARS-Cov-02” virus in them to make them a vaccine, but an experimental witches brew voodoo chemical/biological concoction proven to have already murdered at least tens of thousands and most probably millions of humans, along with known millions of people disabled from the killer jabs.

It is fact everywhere people are forced, fooled or coerced into taking the killer jabs in large numbers, sickness, disabilities and death rates skyrocket.

So you have to ask yourself, with most all governments in the world doing the same stupid criminal acts based on a non proven to exist virus, are all the governments in the world part of an evil diabolical war on humanity or just staffed by complete village idiots and imbeciles?

Either way TWITTER LITTER is up to their necks the rope will be placed around when Nuremberg Common Law Tribunals are convened, in this war against humanity.

It matters not if these evil F##Ks in government, social platforms, churches, schools, media are just criminally stupid or purposely working to cull the human herd for the pedophilic behind the curtain “elites”.

As humanity has had hammered into their heads, Ignorance of the law is no excuse or defense for committing the act!

The Nuremberg Code clearly states it is illegal, a hanging offense to experiment on a human without their complete understanding of all the ramifications of being a lab rat in said experiment and the subject’s participation must be COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY.
They must also be able to pull out of the experiment at any point they decide to.

With these killer jabs people are being lied to about the reason for the killer jabs, the safety of the killer jabs, the ingredients of the killer jabs, (blank insert sheets) and once jabbed with the killer spike proteins and only the Rothschilds, Bill Gates and God knows what else, there is no stopping the experiment until that human dies.

In addition MANDATORY jabs, stealing God Given Rights from people who do not want to be a lab rat such as “Vaccine Passports”, Lockdowns, forced masking, lies by politicians and media leading to hysteria in easily herded sheep humans also violate the “it has to be completely voluntary” aspect of the Nuremberg Code.

Going to need a lot of rope!
I suggest my French cousins be allowed to make use of the guillotine.
It makes no sense to give these evil anti-humanity war criminals individual burials.
Going to be so many of them I might suggest ship loads be taken to the deep ocean and thrown overboard.

Fish got to eat too!

Now, if you get whatever is going around, Ivermectin does work to keep it from getting serious.

In fact it is a known fact by those forcing the killer jabs on your ass, people who regularly take Ivermectin don’t get whatever is going around.

In Africa where some countries regularly give Ivermectin to keep folks from contacting Malaria, “COVID-19” was a non event.

The African countries which did not regularly give Ivermectin had increased sicknesses and deaths.

Going to need a HELL of a LOT of ROPE!!!

The Ole Dog!

Twitter complicit in GENOCIDE by censoring large-scale study revealing ivermectin can prevent 68% of covid deaths

A pre-print study that shows positive health outcomes when taking low-dose ivermectin prophylactically has been banned from Twitter for being “misleading.”

The social media giant has decided that this actual science showing a 68 percent reduction in mortality when taking ivermectin cannot be allowed on the platform – though no clear explanation was given as to why, which suggests the “fact checkers” simply do not want people learning the truth about ivermectin.

The study involved 220,517 people in the Brazilian city of Itajaí who were offered free ivermectin from the government. The goal of the research was to determine the impact of taking ivermectin for a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) infection.

It turns out that in the real world, taking ivermectin – or what the lying mainstream media and FDA have been calling “horse paste” – helps to save lives from severe covid symptoms and death.

Each participant’s baseline personal and medical information was collected in order to dispense the appropriate dosages of prophylactic ivermectin, which was determined to be 0.2 mg per kilogram of body weight.

The participants were told to take this amount of ivermectin for two consecutive days every 15 days.

Among the 220,517 people in Itajaí who were offered the remedy, 133,051, or 60.3 percent, accepted it while 87,466, or 39.7 percent, declined. Those in the group that declined were evaluated as control subjects.

In the end, it was learned that “regular use of ivermectin led to a 68% reduction in COVID-19 mortality.” After adjusting for “residual variables,” that percentage jumped to 70 percent.

Further, hospitalizations in the ivermectin group were 56 percent lower compared to the control group. When adjusting for those same residual variables, the hospitalization rate in the ivermectin group were determined to be 67 percent lower.

“These results indicate that medical-based optional prescription, citywide covered ivermectin can have a positive impact in the healthcare system,” the study’s authors wrote.


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