Zionist Zombie “News” Whores / Political Whores and “RARE” Side Effects of People Dying Everywhere From The Killer Jabs

Any one paying attention sees stories/videos every day of children, young people, athletes, news persons, falling over dead from the killer jabs or being premaritally disabled while waiting to die from the killer jabs.

Yet every damn time a talking head thirty shekel “news” whore or political whore is forced to report on this, they always say “RARE SIDE EFFECTS”.

Rare means it hardly ever happens.
When people are falling dead everywhere from the jabs, on sports fields in front of thousands of people, on TV, on the evening news, in airplanes, driving down the road, in school, or falling down kicking seconds after they are jabbed it is not a rare side effect.

The above is a screen shot from an Australian “news” piece talking about the mass murdering lying assed Australia political whores having to pay folks disabled from forced killer jabs compensation.

The talking head says “Rare size effects” and them they openly admit to 79,000 serious side effects from the jabs.
You know they are damn well lying about the numbers disabled anyway.

How do you know the political whores and MSM talking heads are lying you ask?

Their lips are moving!

The Ole Dog!

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