Texas Gov. Abbott Sues Biden Over Military Vaccine Mandate, Tells His National Guard Biden is Not Their Commander-in-Chief

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Tuesday sued Joe Biden and the Pentagon over its military vaccine mandate.

Over 40% of the Texas National Guard are refusing to get the Covid vaccine.

On Tuesday Governor Abbott asked a federal judge to overturn Biden’s vax mandate citing his own authority as commander-in-chief as governor.


One thought on “Texas Gov. Abbott Sues Biden Over Military Vaccine Mandate, Tells His National Guard Biden is Not Their Commander-in-Chief

  1. John Carleton says:

    “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has sued President Biden over the administration’s military vaccine mandate, citing the governor’s authority ‘as commander-in-chief and on Texas’s sovereignty.’

    Abbott filed suit Tuesday in Texas, asking a federal judge —”

    If ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’, a sub corporation of the USA/DC corporation which has militarily occupied the Republic of Texas, illegally I might add, since 1865, is “sovereign”, why does he have to to go hat in hand to beg a USA/DC “judge” to keep Federal National Guard troops from getting killer jabbed?

    They are not Republic of Texas troops.
    Texas has not been allowed their own government, troops or courts since the last Texas troops surrendered to the illegally war criminal invading child gang raping till death USA troops.
    The National Guard are USA 3ed spring troops which the parent corporation, the USA/DC corporation allows the occupation Guvnor of the sub corporation to play politics with and to keep occupied Texicans from figuring out the USA will not allow Texicans to have their own military.

    That said forcing anyone to take these killer jabs is a violation of the Nuremberg code and anyone forcing these killer jabs on anyone has violated that code.
    Violation of that code is a hanging offense.

    So they can stick their jabs up their asses or hang, but the Texas National Guard is part of the USA Army.
    As such it falls under the Pentagon’s plus the Commander in Chief, the head CEO of the DC Corporation’s orders and domain.
    If their orders to the USA “Texas” national Guard Troops are illegal crimes against humanity and clear violations of the Nuremberg code, then those running the pentagon and the CEO of the USA/DC corporation should stand before the Man in a Nuremberg Common Law tribunal.

    A sub corporation MUST follow the orders of the Parent Corporation unless those orders are illegal.
    If they are illegal, somebodies ass should hang!

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