Carleton Confederates

Lee - Jackson Honor Dinner


Front page of my GGG grandfather Carleton's discharge in 1780 after three years. Name is on the official Valley Forge site as being in hospital, and standing guard duty.

Great grandfather William Lewis Carleton. G grandmother Margret Tucker Carleton, two nephews. He was the medical Dr, circuit riding Methodist minister, confederate solder and chaplain.

Grandfather and Mother Carleton

Great grandfather James Lafayette DuBose

My mother's parents, my grandparents, Grover Cleveland Baker and Annie May DuBose on their wedding day.

Dad, Our cow, about 1962. Baptist parsonage, Vance, Texas

John and his Dad

Vance, Texas. L to R, me, wife, daughter held, father, nephews wife, nephew

No caption

Wife Sandie, Rose petal ceremony honoring Confederate graves

Sandie's great grandfather's headstone


Southern Pride

Daddy's Baby Girl

John with his son Jonathan

John and Sandie

Sammie and Multi-poo


Snuffy, Rebel Dog


John C. Carleton