Terrorist Netanyahu Got Stopped by Assad with a Downed F-16-Covert Geopolitics

Israel is just an Outpost of the British Anglo zionist Empire, but an important step in the evil asses of Empire’s, wet dream of controlling the whole world and every living thing in it.

Sick pedophile bastards!

Israhell runs the USA.

That is to say, the orders, on what the whores of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac do next, is passed through Israhell.

Israhell blackmails the USA pedophiles.

Isrhell’s evil pedophilic bastards are also controlled through blackmail and bribes.

Now, had hoped Putin was for real, but he is just another sold out whore politician, who has taken the thirty silver shekels.

The thirty silver shekels, take a different form for each individual scum bag sold out whore.

Whatever Pootin was paid, it was not enough, never is!

He will, either dying on this earth, or in the repercussions on the other side, regret his selling himself and soul so cheaply.

Israhell has to be taken down, but that just means a battle will have been won, an important battle, but not the war.

The evil whores who have sold their souls, understand surrendering and telling the truth, would only get then hanged by angry mobs.

“if the American people were to find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.”
George Herbert Walker Bush, 1992.

Same goes for the people all over the world and the whores who screw them to the wall for the 1 percent, and to further evil on the earth.

Times wasting, lots of lamp post and empty tree limbs.

Get er done!

John C Carleton

Terrorist Netanyahu Got Slapped by Assad with a Downed F-16

Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists

Tenth Communist Party USA convention in Chicago, May 1938. Portraits of Lincoln, Lenin and Stalin flanked the stage, while the Party’s leader spoke.


The communist connections and participants in Lincoln’s War are too numerous to mention within the limited space here, so for time’s sake I will mention some of the more influential men and important connections.

After the failed socialist revolutions of 1848 which encompassed most of the European continent, many German, English, Hungarian, Bavarian, etc. atheistic socialists flocked to the United States having been banned from their homelands for treason. Ironically just about all of them wound up in the North (for a number of factors including an already strong progressive movement brought on by Transcendentalists and Unitarians) as ardent supporters of the Republican party. During the first GOP convention one of the main objectives of the Forty-Eighters was to assure that “Puritans and native born Americans” would not control the party.

The Germans, being the largest of the immigrant groups, contributed the greatest to Lincoln’s election. Frederick Engels (Marx’s brother in arms) pointed out, “had it not been for the experienced soldiers who had entered America after the European revolution — especially from Germany — the organization of the Union army would have taken still longer than it did.” The first GOP convention included 19 German -American delegates, most of whom were Forty-Eighters some of whom were personal friends of Marx and Engels. In fact, the GOP platform included protection of voting rights for foreign-born citizens and promotion of the Homestead Act under the nickname of the “Dutch” (i.e. German) planks. Lincoln valued the German vote so much that he even secretly purchased a German newspaper, the Illinois Staats Anzieger before his election. In fact, just about every, if not all, of the German communist participants were at some point journalists for German newspapers in the U.S.. It was the “default” vocation for exiled socialists.

When we turn our attention to the Non-German socialists the connection between the Republican government and socialism becomes even more clear. It is thought that Lincoln himself offered Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian leader of socialism against the Pope the position of commander of Union forces, a position Garibaldi declined upon Lincoln’s refusal to reframe the war as being “anti-slavery.”

Two of the members of John Brown’s gang were Forty-Eighters (from Bavaria and Vienna).

Frederick Hassaurek from Vienna edited a German newspaper in Cincinnati, campaigned for John Fremont (the first Republican candidate for president), and became a diplomat to Ecuador under Lincoln.

Julius Staul, a Hungarian revolutionary, became the US consul to Japan and Shanghai after serving under Fremont in the Union Army as a General. Fremont’s chief of staff was Alexander Asboth, also from Hungary. He went on to become a U.S. diplomat to Argentina. In fact, Fremont (the famous explorer, GOP presidential candidate, and general) is so connected with socialism judging from the men he surrounded himself with, most of whom are not included in this review, that it leaves little doubt that he himself was a socialist.

The commander of Fort Delaware (a notorious Union prison camp in which captured Confederates were tortured and killed) was Hungarian revolutionary Albin Francisco Schoepf.

Thomas Francis Meagher was an influential Irishmen who helped substantially in the raising and commanding New York’s Irish Brigade. He was also a journalist, lecturer, and not to mention a convicted criminal having been first deported to Australia (penal colony) by Great Britain.

Lorez Brentano, another Forty-Eighter became a senator from Illinois and served as a U.S. ambassador to Dresden.

Many of the early republican socialist leaders weren’t foreign at all. John C. Fremont was the first Republican presidential candidate, Senator John Sherman was General William T. Sherman’s brother, General Sherman himself was on a list of “approved communists”, Charles A. Dana who was according to Lincoln the “eyes of the administration” was Assistant Secretary of War and a very close friend of Marx and Engels. Horace Greeley, a committed communist, hired Dana as an editor for his paper The New York Tribune, and included Karl Marx as a columnist. If we broadened our margins to include Unitarian, Transcendentalist, and other Utopian humanists supporters of the Union we would have a very large list of influential socialists indeed.

Though the truth has been expertly hidden from 21st century Americans, as this 1910 socialist pamphlet shows, 19th and 20th century Americans were very well aware of who and what Lincoln was.


Media Silence: North Korea Has Repeatedly Offered To Give Up Their Nukes-The Last American Vagabond

Told some Americans Talking about the “threat” of North Korea the other day, maybe you have not noticed, but the rest of the damn world has, that every country gives up it’s weapons of Mass Destruction, gets invaded by the USA, and turned into a shit hole.

i despise the stupidity of the American sheep.

John C Carleton

Media Silence: North Korea Has Repeatedly Offered To Give Up Their Nukes

Logistic 101: Where does ISIS get it’s Guns-Global Research

Good article, but i noticed there is absolutely no mention of the criminal cabal, occupying Palestine, Holocusting the indigenous Palestinian people, being the MAMA of ISIS, treating them in their hospitals, arming them, bombing Syrian Government positions in support of ISIS.

“Want to know who controls you, ask who you are not allowed to criticize”

i on the other hand, do not depend on my writing to support myself, so they can not kill my income stream, as they can most commercial writers.

Fuck Israel!

They are the enemy of America, and have attacked the American people more than once.

America first.

Collaborators, need a fair Common Law Trial, and a fair hanging!

Get er done America!

John C Carleton

Logistics 101: Where Does ISIS Get Its Guns?

King Philip

General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s last horse of the war (and one of his most favorite) was King Philip. King Philip gained a reputation during the war for hating yankees. During battle, he would kick, bite, and trample yankees.

King Philip came home with the general after the war and Forrest ordered that no saddle ever touch his back again. Like his owner, he never really lost his martial ardor. In August 1866, a troop of yankee cavalry passed by General Forrest’s plantation.  They had been out on an unrelated errand and rode a little out of their way to see the home of the fearsome Rebel General. They intended no harm and were more tourists than anything else. Unfortunately, King Philip was grazing in the yard and he did not know the war was over. He did what he always did when he saw bluecoats – he attacked them. The startled yankees tried to keep out of the way, but he stood up on his hind legs , snorting and trying to kick them. The Northerners tried to protect themselves. One yankee was severely kicked and threatened to kill the horse. Seeing this, Jerry, Bedford’s servant, rushed out with a pitchfork to defend King Philip. Bedford rode up at that moment and helped to restore peace.

Though he wore no saddle, the retired war horse was occasionally forced to endure the indignity of being a carriage horse. One day, while the family was visiting in Memphis, Mary, Bedfords’s wife, and some of her friends, decided to go shopping. They were having a happy day until King Philip looked up and saw a platoon of yankee recruits forming up on the sidewalk. Their uniforms were blue and that was enough for him. His ears went back, his tail went up, he snorted with hate and down the sidewalk he went, at full speed, ignoring the screaming women in the carriage. Shoppers dropped their packages and gentlemen jerked their ladies out of the path of the charging war horse, who had blood in his eyes.

The recruits heard the commotion and, seeing the rampaging and rapidly advancing horse, they broke formation and fled down alleys, ducked into doorways, and took cover under water troughs in order to escape.

In the end, King Philip stood proudly on the spot previously occupied by the ‘enemy,’ all alone except for the hysterical ladies, who were still screaming.

King Philip definitely knew how to break-up an enemy formation.


Anarchy and Voluntaryism

You’re likely aware that I’m a libertarian. But I’m actually more than a libertarian. I don’t believe in the right of the State to exist. The reason is that anything that has a monopoly of force is extremely dangerous. As Mao Tse-tung, lately one of the world’s leading experts on government, said: “The power of the state comes out of a barrel of a gun.”

There are two possible ways for people to relate to each other, either voluntarily or coercively. And the State is pure institutionalized coercion. It’s not just unnecessary, but antithetical, for a civilized society. And that’s increasingly true as technology advances. It was never moral, but at least it was possible, in oxcart days, for bureaucrats to order things around. Today it’s ridiculous.

Everything that needs doing can and will be done by the market, by entrepreneurs who fill the needs of other people for a profit. The State is a dead hand that imposes itself on society. That belief makes me, of course, an anarchist.

People have a misconception about anarchists. That they’re these violent people, running around in black capes with little round bombs. This is nonsense. Of course there are violent anarchists. There are violent dentists. There are violent Christians. Violence, however, has nothing to do with anarchism. Anarchism is simply a belief that a ruler isn’t necessary, that society organizes itself, that individuals own themselves, and the State is actually counterproductive.

It’s always been a battle between the individual and the collective. I’m on the side of the individual.

I simply don’t believe anyone has a right to initiate aggression against anyone else. Is that an unreasonable belief?


Consensus between the Syrians at Sochi-Voltaire Network

When the USA is used, one can insert zionist Israel.

Also NATO, EU, Western powers, France, Britain.

Just insert Israhell in each of those slots.

Makes the overall picture a lot more plain and easy to understand why all this is happening, the whole “Syrian” war.

John C Carleton

Consensus between the Syrians at Sotchi
by Thierry Meyssan
While the Congress for a Syrian National Dialogue has not solved the conflict, it has swept away the minor groups who were pretending to represent the Syrian People for the benefit of the Western powers. It has also cleared the way for a consensus, adopted by the representatives of almost all Syrians, and decided the creation of a Constituent Commission. The basis for peace has been established, but without the Western powers.

For the first time since the beginning of the conflict, in 2011, a conference uniting 1,500 Syrian delegates, of all origins, confessions, and almost all political opinions was held in Sotchi – the Congress for a Syrian National Dialogue.

This initiative by President Vladimir Putin was placed under the high patronage of Iran, Russia and Turkey [1]. It was denigrated, even rejected, for no reason, by the other powers implicated in the war. De facto, the idea of an inter-Syrian conference excluded them from the peace process.

Much pressure was brought to bear by the partisans of the war to ensure that the Congress would not be representative of the Syrian People. In the minds of foreigners, including Russia, Syria shelters minorities who aspire to autonomy – supposedly the case of the Kurds and the Druzes. However, this view of the situation ignores what the Syrian project has actually been for several thousands of years.

This Asian territory, which reaches from the West of the Euphrates to the Sinaï, is inhabited by a multitude of minorities – the Kurds and the Druzes of course, but also the Turkmen, the Chechens, the Georgians, the Bedouins, the Armenians, etc., etc. These ethnic minorities are themselves composed of religious minorities with antique confessions, such as the Alaouites (who were Christianised, then Islamised), Christians of all sorts of churches, and the Sunni Muslims. This territory is situated between the five seas, in such a way as to constitute an obligatory waypoint, not only for traders, but also for conquerors. Throughout their history, these peoples have adhered to a common project – Syria. They learned that they needed one another in order to resist all sorts of invaders. They mingled everywhere, to the point that at the start of the 20th century, no minority identified with any particular region. It took British and French colonisation to attempt to make Palestine a Jewish state, Lebanon Christian, and Jordan Muslim. Throughout this vast area, only what is now the Syrian Arab Republic still maintained, just ten years ago, this profound social diversity.


Heroin Addiction in America Spearheaded by the US-led War on Afghanistan-Global Research

And here Mr and Mrs America, is why young Johnny had to come home in a body bag.

Why Charlie GI, eats his pistol.

So rich ass holes could get richer.

1 percent, theUsury Bankers, the USA government politicians, the CIA, was loosing too much illegal drug money.
Had to get those Poppies growing in Afghanistan again.

American sheep, good for sex toys and cannon fodder for the rich ass hole “elite” of Washington DC, and other parts of the world.


Don’t it just make you proud to send your children to protect and advance the illegal drug trade?

John C Carleton

Heroin Addiction in America Spearheaded by the US-led War on Afghanistan