US-Backed Militias Concerned about Growing Popular Uprising in Northeastern Syria-Fars News

The People of Syria, the civilians, are being murdered/kidnaped, by WASHINGTON DC’s paid, perverted war criminal terrorist, because they support their Syrian government and troops.

In other words, all the BULL SHIT, coming out of Washington dc/USA, about illegally being in, and attacking Syria, is for the safety of the Syrian people, is just that, BULL SHIT!

But, one of the things WASHINGTON DC does best, is sling BULL SHIT!

They also, rape and murder babies, take bribes, commit treason, start wars for Israhell, and steal from the American people.


John C Carleton

TEHRAN (FNA)- The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) forwarded more gunmen to Raqqa city on Monday to prepare for a major clampdown on public dissent.
The SDF forwarded a long military column to Raqqa city to intensify arrest of civilians in al-Romeileh neighborhood in Raqqa city.

In the meantime, local sources reported that the SDF has declared curfew across Raqqa province, including the town of Tabaqa, arresting people who once demonstrated against the SDF’s rule.

The SDF, meanwhile, arrested a number of civilians in the village of Hanideh in Southwestern Raqqa accusing them of printing graffiti on the walls against the SDF.

Other units of the SDF captured almost twenty civilians in a refugee camp in Western Raqqa on similar accusations.

Local sources said on Sunday that the SDF went on a full alert in Raqqa as city residents were showing increasing support for the Damascus Army.

“The SDF has arrested a large number of civilians in Raqqa city,” local sources said.

Media activists in Raqqa city also pointed to the fury of Raqqa residents over SDF’s measures, including detention of a large number of people on different pretexts by SDF in Raqqa city.

The news came as the SDF detained several civilians in inspection posts at al-Sad, al-Davar, al-Salhabieh and al-Mansoureh regions to send them to compulsory military service.


Starve The USA Empire Beast, So America, The Dream, Can Survive

1st, The Empire, was never for or about the vast majority of Americans.

The Empire was for a small handful of corrupt rich Americans, and foreign, illegal, legal fictions of “International Corporations”.

The vast majority of Americans, have been used as Usury debt slaves, their children as sexual party favors for rich pedophiles, (including a hell of a lot of the elected and appointed USA/WASHINGTON DC crime cabal), and as cannon fodder in zionist wars which benefit Israhell, and only Israhell.

Under the Empire, Americans are cattle, slaves, used for the benefit of Israhell, and only Israhell!

Hello Houston!

We have a problem!

The Beast of Empire, even if it did benefit America/Americans, which it does not, can not be saved.

It is past it’s use by date.
It is evil.
It is corrupt.
It is the slave master, of Americans.

For Americans to be free, for the American dream of a good land, to raise a family, to live, to help build a sound society, for ones prodigy to survive, the Beast must die!

Once that fact of life is established, the next concern becomes, how is that accomplished?

Hot heads, call for revolution in the streets, attacking DC, militias.

The civilian population of America, is no match for the military might of the USA/WASHINGTON DC.

Why do they want to make weeping mothers/wives/parents/children, by getting a bunch of Americans slaughtered in a one sided war?


Do not let family members join the USA/WASHINGTON DC Military.

It is used against America, not for America/Americans.

If the Military, were trying to protect America, they would be camped around WASHINGTON DC, waiting till the Pedophile War Criminals inside surrendered.

Don’t vote.
When you vote, you are validating, you approve of the evil/war crimes/pedophillia/corruption, of nUSA/WASHINGTON DC.

How would it look, if only illegal Mexicans, and Dual Israhell citizens, showed up to vote?

They going to claim a mandate from the “people”?

The only mandate i see in that senecio, is the mandate, of all of America, giving Uncle Pedophile Sugar, both middle fingers!

Contradict their lies!
Anywhere, everywhere, you see a DC/USA lie, refute it, shine the light of truth on the evil lying bastards.

Refuse to damn well shake their hands.
Last two congressmen tried to shake my hand, i refused.
Blew they minds!

Refuse to be seated in a restaurant, near the minions of Empire.
Do so politely, don’t make an ass out of yourself, just make the point politely.

Make up derogatory rhymes, memes, songs, signs.

Shame the bastards!
They have no shame really, but outing them to everyone else, pulls the cloak of lies which hide their evil and ugly nakedness from Americans eyes.

The sorry pedophile bastards, and the sorry non pedophile bastards, covering for their party members who are sorry pedophile bastards, think of themselves as the masters of Americans, but can not continue to operate without the direct support of the Americans, which the Pedophile war criminals in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, view as their chattel slaves.

Next time WASHINGTON DC tells the Americans they have to give up more freedoms, pay more taxes, take cuts in their already chump change retirements, start a war, envision all Americans, pointing their behinds, in WASHINGTON DC’s direction, dropping their pants, bending over, and mooning the SOB’s!

Not saying this would be a pretty sight.
Butt do it for your country!
Do it for America!
Do it for your children/grandchildren!
Hell, do it for your dogs!

They can not speak for themselves, concerning DC/USA!

Except my cocker spaniel.
And i have to translate!

‘A Dog’s Eye View’

I may only be a dog its true
But let me give you a dogs eye view

You seem bent on killing off your kind
Seems to be the only thing on your damn mind

Humans start wars by lying their asses off
You’ll must be drafty in the loft

Man spends all his time and energy
Trying to kill everyone else you see

You sacrifice your children to an angry war god
Who sends them back broken, dead, without even a nod

If i may kindly ask of you
Kill your own asses without blowing up the earth too
Course, thats just a dog’s eye view

Samantha Carleton, Cocker Spaniel, Daddy’s Girl

As translated by Daddy.




John C Carleton

Are Americans, Stupid, Ignorant, Cowardly or Just Evil

USA does evil War Crimes!

American sheep, vote for the War Criminals, who financed and sent the War Criminal USA Military to Syria, a war crime.

Washington DC, has military bases in a foreign Sovereign country, Syria, a country, which did not attack America, did not threaten to attack America, did not invite USA to enter Syria or to station their troops there.

Thats called a war crime, even before adding murdering innocent Syrian civilians, murdering Syrian military personal, giving weapons to scum of the earth mercenary raping murderers, using the USA’s air force, as the terrorist air force, to attack Russian/Syrian troops and positions, in support of Israhell’s and USA’s ISIS terrorist!

i am not all that happy with Putin climbing in bed with Israhell, making sure Syria does not regain the Syrian Golan Heights, occupied by Israhell, since 1967, refusing to let Russian troops shoot down Israhell jets, flying into Syria, murdering Syrians, Iranians, and Russians, but, Russia was invited into Syria.

The USA, having illegally invaded Syria, has illegally formed military bases in a sovereign country which did not invite the USA in.

Now, the War Criminal USA, has fired weapons in the direction of Syrian and Russian troops, no troops close enough to hit, as a “warning” to Russia, who was invited to Syria by the Syrian government, and Syrian Government troops, to not, get close to the illegal war criminals, illegal bases, which are there, to try to steal part, or all of Syria, from the Syrian people, for the benefit of Israhell.

The war criminals of the USA, gave a statement to Fox News.

“The message we want to convey to Russia is to not send your forces inside a restricted area near an American, [USA], military outpost in Southern Syria.”

There is no disputing the USA is in Syria.
There is no disputing USA is occupying part of Syria, illegally.
There is no disputing, the USA is using their troops illegally in Syria, to murder Syrians.
There is no disputing, the USA, are using their war criminal troops, to train, scum of the earth paid terrorist, to murder Syrians, in Syria.

The information is out there, i know it, other Americans know it, so i did not know, is not a legitimate excuse for an American to use, to try to excuse, supporting the evil of the USA.

So any America, who supports the evil, of the USA, supports the evil of raping, selling young girls as sex slaves, murdering government troops, murdering families in their beds, work places, churches, weddings, funerals.

No two damn ways about it!

So any American who supports the evil of WASHINGTON DC/USA, is:

Genetically challenged mentally to the point, where they are the village idiot.
A coward, someone who chooses not to face the truth, because they do not want to have to stand up, speak up, against the evil.
Just damned well evil!

Don’t be a stupid, ignorant, cowardly, evil ass hole!

Stand up, speak up, against the evil of the Pedophiles, of WASHINGTON DC/USA.

John C Carleton

When i Pulled my Head, Out Of my Rear Orifice

Being from American family lines, which go back in America, when the original 13, were colonies, not States, and my ancestors/kin, having fought the wars of America, when my first was born, decided it was time i tried to do my bit for my homeland.

i joined the Navy.
Was a Navy Seabee.

Found myself, in 1990, sent to Saudi, for Desert Shield, which was to become, Desert Storm.

Just cause i joined the navy, don’t mean i was happy with Washington DC/USA, just still thought there was hope on saving the Empire.
Of course, i did not think of it as Empire then.

i was in a state, between dead asleep, and awake.
Realizing WASHINGTON DC smelled like crap, and was full of crap, i wrongly thought if one kept trying, things could be mended in WASHINGTON DC.

The fear of dying, thus leaving my family alone, the sheer boredom at times waiting for things to jump off, even the heat of war, when it did jump off, nor the slain enemies, made me grasp my shoulders, and yank my head, out of my zionist indoctrinated ass!

No, that came after the Peace was declared.

George (Papa Pedophile CIA) BadBush, and my own damn cousin, who was running the State Department, urged the Iraqis to rebel against the Iraqi government, with the implied promise, of once they got it started, the USA would come back them up!

The Iraqis did revolt, and the USA, sat there, allowed tens of thousands to be slaughtered, thousands to starve to death, die of exposure, because, the two factions which revolted, was not the faction, WASHINGTON DC/USA, wanted as their puppets in a “New” Iraqi government.

i saw children, women, old men, chased from their homes, their cities, with nothing, standing by the thousands, dying, on the sides of mountains, in the valleys!

And Washington DC/USA did nothing!

Finally, in a publicity stunt, USA airdropped MREs, (military packaged food which sucks), to the starving people.

i felt each of their deaths, through betrayal, by something i was a part of, in my very soul.

i knew there was no honor in this, i knew, this was evil, and i was part of that evil!

Took years, lots of emotional/mental pain, to discover the truth, to find that path, which one can not walk, if they do not have honor, do not embrace the truth.

It is in no way easy to find the path of truth and Light.
Neither is it easy to walk this path.
For myself, there is no going back.

i can not be a part of the evil which does such things.

Freedom, true freedom, can be had while one is in prison, if you do not allow them to touch your soul!

Physical freedom, that requires you stand up, speak up, against evil.

Stand up, speak up against evil, and a huge chunk of the population will very soon distance themselves from you, including “friends” and extended family.

This is actually a good thing, as by the time one has learned to walk the Path of Truth, Honor and Light, one will find hypocrites, me firsters, liars, un-honorable, cheating on their mates, selling their prodigy for cheap plastic shit which breaks soon, for massive amounts of toxic GMO food, these types, one recognizes as the type people who bring shit to your life, nothing good or constructive.

“Straight and narrow is the Path, and few there are who find and walk it.”
(They tried hard, but were not able to get all the truths out of the Roman Bible.)

Stand up, Speak up against the evil, the evil may kill your human body, but if you do not allow it, they can not touch your soul.

“Fear not that which can destroy your body, but that which can destroy your soul.”

“For what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world, yet lose his own soul?”

John C Carleton

ISIS commander alleges that he was trained by US in southern Syria (video)-AMN News

And there it is, the elephant in the USA/WASHINGTON DC room!

USA/WASHINGTON DC is dirty as hell, the enemy of America the Land, and America, the Souls living on the face of the Land.

If you call yourself an American, yet support the USA/WASHINGTON DC, you are a treasonous POS!

Freedom for America, and Americans, from the evil, of Pedophile WASHINGTON DC/USA!

John C Carleton

Doing The Lords Work!

The Lord gets a really bad rap!

The Cromwell religious fanatics, (ancestors of the Puritans, who would later do the lords work, Genocide the Southern Souls), were only doing the Lords work, chopping off the English kings head, starting years of wars, trying to force everyone to subjugate themselves to his zionist nightmare, of “Gods” empire, or Kingdom, here on Earth!

His followers descendants, the “witch” burner, control freaks of Mass. and New England, did the same to the Southern Souls, just doing the Lords work!
Should hear some of these prayers, them Christian blue belly warriors, were sent off with, to invade, rape, rob, burn, murder, their way across a whole country and people!

Just doing the Lords work!

My mother, was indoctrinated christian zionist from birth, by her grandfather.
Her father treated his daughter, my maternal grandmother horrible, because i believe, he thought she was possessed by the devil.
She was a rebel, and got de-churched for going to a dance!

i wonder now i see things clearer, if my mother really wanted to be a wife, and mother, have a bunch of kids, or was she afraid of burning in hell, if she was not the good cult obedient follower?

She was always like, you have to do Gods will, but i noticed, if my dad’s idea of God’s will, and her’s disagreed, there would not be peace, until her God got his way!
No loud arguments or any of that, have to be the good wife, just quite non-ceasing doing the Lords work, of making my dad see it her God’s way!

i have always been like that line from a Waylon Jennings song:
i was born with one foot over the line, always winding up one step ahead or behind!

When i was about maybe, 16-17, having read the bible many times myself, having grown up on this stuff, i knew what the bible said, from memory.

One of my dad’s deacon’s wife. and my mother, would get on that telephone line, and they would flat inspect, talk about, every person they could think of, who was sick, who was pregnant but not married, who was suspected of being a bit fast, drinking a bit, doing all those things, the Lord did not want them doing.

One day, as she hung up the receiver, after an exhaustive compiling of sinners, and want to be sinners, needed some praying for, i said to her, mom, you know, gossiping is a sin!

She puffed up like one of them Puffer fish you see on the nature shows!

She gave me a God Condemning look, and said:
We are not gossiping!
We are doing the Lords Work!

Seems the Lord been getting a lot of things blamed on him, he had nothing to do with, and would appreciate it, if all you zionist christian hypocrites, Israhell zionist Pedophillia, Usury, and World War 3, promoting, thirty shekel, hazbara Anti-Truth trolls out there, would stuff a dirty sock in your pie holes, and give him a break.

John C Carleton

Warriors, Brothers in Arms, Separated By “governments”, Sent to Slaughter Each Other, By Lying Political Whores and Religious Charlatans!

Sometimes i hang out a bit at a coin/stamp shop, owned and run by a Viet Nam Vet.
We tell stupid officer stories and such.

Other day, a guy probably in his thirties, or early forties, walked in near closing time, he had some military medals, he was trying to sell.
The shop owner does not deal in such, and was not interested.
The man did not want to leave, without some money.
He appeared to be down and out, and kept telling the shop keeper to make him and offer, which the shop keeper did not.

Feeling sorry for him, i told him i would give him twenty dollars.
He grabbed the 20 and handed me the sandwich bag of medals.

After looking at them, it reminded me, i wanted to do such a short article as this already.

i will get back to the medals, the story they tell, in a bit.
But first, some examples, of politicians, starting wars which did not need to happen, staying safe, while sending others to kill and to die, for THEIR cause, Not the warriors cause, the Political Whores Cause, be that power, money, hate, greed, perverse lust.

My Great Grandfather, as during the Late War by the USA, of Aggression, Robbery, Rape, Arson and Murder, against the American Souls, serves first as a common soldier, then as a Confederate Chaplain, when the Confederacy added that post.
Therefore, i studied the religious aspects of that war, most never even think to look at.

i have read the prayers, the zionist yankee puritans, said over their troops, sending them off to invade, rob, rape, burn, murder, and them occupy the American Homeland.
There was none of the love or compassion of God in them.
They were bloodthirsty, Southerners are sinners, and you will be doing the world a favor, to wipe them out, man, women, child and beast of field!

i read of one Confederate Chaplain, who was wiser than most.
He cautioned his fellow chaplains, to not promise the Confederate Soldiers, God was on their side, and victory was assured, as he believed, God had nothing to do with making this mess, Americans had made this mess, and were going to have to sort it out, without bothering God about it. Continue reading