Trump, an Israhell firster, (RothsRat minion-Anti-American), just loves to blow up little children in foreign countries all over the world for the RothsRat master plan, but he don’t want to, or have the balls, to fly down into Mexico and blow the hell out of these criminals who are threatening to invade the American States, criminally?

America needs to build a wall around Washington DC!

Post armed guards, cut all communications in or out.

Let em eat each other!

They damn sure don’t have a problem eating little babies they rape and murder in their Babylonian black magic rituals.

John C Carleton

“Our Military Is Waiting For You”; Trump Warns Caravan As 5,000 Troops Sent To Southern Border

How the Jewish Rothschild Zionists Created Modern Israel-YouTube

Again, i do not agree with every point he makes, but if each of us had a twin, we would not agree on everything all the time either.

Lot of good information in this, so i am passing it along.

Go to youtube and watch it so you support his work with your numbers of views.

This site is non profit.

No, i do not have some certificate from WASHINGTON DC.

It just don’t make one red cent, was not designed to.

No advertisements, no donations.

Some of these guys though, who spend their times researching things to get the word out, need your support, and are worthy of it.

Again, not going to agree with everyone on everything, but people working together for a better world, have to help each other.

John C Carleton

What You’re Not Supposed to Know About America’s Founding-YouTube

You can draw your own conclusions, according to your level of education on the true history of the USA, and of America, which are not the same thing, never has been, never will be.

Because i post this, does not mean i agree with every view he has, but as long as he sticks to the facts and history, he does a damn good job.

i caution, against the divide and conquer.

i assure you, the owners of communism, are also the owners of zionism.
The Owners and controllers of Christianity, the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult, and Islam, is the same people and organization.

They rub dogs noses together, who had no idea of fighting each other, get them fighting, then step back and watch.

Because they are evil sick sons of bitches, thats why.

But if you are to grow, help build a better America, a better world, for your prodigy, for those who recognize the reality of reincarnation, a better world for your own ass, then you have to look at reality, the good, bad and ugly history of the USA and the American people.

The Northern culture, and the Southern Culture were never the same, they have never been one people, and they are not now.

Does not mean the two can not work together for the good of America as a whole, but first, everyone has to educate themselves in the real history of the USA, and America.

A sound foundation, can not be built of lies, illusions and bull shit!

No matter how long, or how often it is repeated.

USA will go into the trash bin of history, as all kingdoms, empires, and countries do.

America, will still be here.


The book seems to be only E-book, which i am not crazy about, but i will get this one, because i believe there will be a gold mine of truth of American history.

John C Carleton

Getting Invitations to “discussion sites”

Started getting all kinds of invites to all kinds of discussion sites.

Some are probably legit, others are designed to get people like me running around in circles where it don’t matter, instead of out there cutting the balls off of zionist evil.

One of the tactics the Israhell zionist baby raping/pedophile promoting, Usury promoting, the zionist wet dream of the blood letting, (Mass Human Sacrifice to their angry, evil god), of World war three or bust trolls try to use to keep ole junk yard dogs like me from going for the bone which matters, rather than the decoy bone, is to call one extreme, not civil, fanatical, among other insults from lying baby rapers.

They will vote you up for a while, try to buddy up to you, them complain you are too radical and no one will like you.

Being one who can trace many past lives, i never was real well liked for being myself.
They liked me for what i did for them, until liking me was no longer beneficial, but detrimental to their wealth and or health.

In other words, they were honor less Hypocritical self-righteous sheep.
Not a hell of of a lot of them have changed very much.

The ball-less cowardly sheep, do not like their truth raw and bleeding.

So i see no reason to screw up at least 2,500 years of tradition, by toning down the truth so the sheep like me, at this late date.

Replied to some of the invites out of courtesy, them the tone it down shit started.

Came to this life, with a mission.
Ran from it most of my life.
Tried to not do it.
The Light had to put me through a whole lot of damn hard shit, cause i am pig headed, to get me to agree to do my duty.

Cause i get real pissed at the sheep for not trying to grow and learn.
i get real pissed at the sheep, for being stupid and collaborating with evil.

Each life i swear i am not coming back to help these smelly herd animals one more time!

Bitching about them, helps one get through dealing with their sheepness.

Do not have time to be liked.

Do not have time to take away from my job, to have polite discussions about things which really don’t matter when you are way past your ass in zionist alligators, while trying to drain the zionist virus infected WASHINGTON DC/USA swamp!

Personally, the ground of Dc is too soaked with innocent blood to ever serve as the headquarters to other than a evil criminal organization.

Personally, i am for building a wall around DC, posting armed guards with shoot to kill orders for escape attempts, wait till they all eat each other, then make DC a toxic landfill.

So if you are one inviting me to your sites, no disrespect meant, but i just don’t have time.

That and having traced my lives again, i always was one to peel paint off the walls with my vocabulary.

Wife told me she saw a study while back, said people who cuss, are a lot more likely to be honest, than those who do, but only in private, and in their heads.

So, thank you for you invites, not trying to be disrespectful.

Being a Blue Blooded Royal big Lizard, i was joking one time with the wife, told her she could call me “Your Royal Highness”.

She replied, Royal Ass Hole seems to fit better.

Junk yard dogs, have to be ass holes, in the hypocrites definition, to get the job done and go after the evil of the hypocrites, serving the Dark side.

You don’t send a choir boy, to take out the Snake.

John C Carleton
“Royal Ass Hole!”

IT the Pedophile Israhell zionist RothsRat Troll, is Upset

All i did was mention Putin along with TRUMP, ARE BITCHES OF THE ROTHSRATS.

Not the sharpest Israhell pedophile promoting troll around.
At creation, when they were handing out brains, IT thought they said trains, told them IT did not need one.

When they were handing out souls, It thought they said do you want to be a troll, and ran off to work for evil, without a soul.


Troll’s reply on one of the Ole Dog’s post, Under the sock puppet avatar of John Tosh)

CIA. What an old time prophet called 666. That was the closest syllable to CIA plus it hides the entity until the time is right. The time is now.

CIA-666-The Prostitute riding the Seven headed dragon. You are part of it.

Read about your end. It was written for you.

The seven headed beast and prostitute can for the first time in history (electronic communication) hear and see everyone at once

Revelations was written for you fools in the Central Intelligence Agency.
My job is to let you know who you are. You know now. So you had your chance to repent.

Like President Putin said. You will not have the chance to repent at the last moments.

Cook in hell m****. F********s

US-Led Coalition Strikes Syrian Town Using Banned Phosphorus Bombs

The use of white phosphorus munitions is banned under Additional Protocol to the 1949 Geneva Conventions. This is the second reported case this month of coalition forces striking the Syrian town Hajin with the banned substance.

Syrian state-run news agency SANA reported that the US-led coalition struck the Syrian town of Hajin, using banned white phosphorus bombs. The media has not immediately reported about the number of casualties or damages.

The reported attack is just one of several similar incidents that took place in October: at the beginning of the month, the coalition forces reportedly struck the town of Hajin in Deir Ez-Zor province using banned white phosphorus. Commenting on the reports, the Pentagon told Sputnik that all weapons that are being used in the Syrian campaign comply with the Law of Armed Conflict.

Shortly after that, the US-led coalition conducted two airstrikes in the Syrian region: one reportedly killed 62 people and injured dozens of others, while the second killed at least five civilians.


The Four Horsemen Have Left The Gate

‘The Four Horsemen Have Left The Gate’

That which is has tried, and tried again-
To send messengers to the human sheep their ways to mend-

Each and every time the messenger has stood alone-
Before the sheep murdered the messenger and partied on-

The jackal bend the herd animals ear to the alluring tune-
Of self gratification, perverted desires, written in Rune-

Of which the sheep can not understand the meaning of-
Herds of cowards, without honor, without truth, without true Love-

When they pray for deliverance from their magnitude of evil-
The ones sent to guide them to safety the sheep label as not “civil”.

The raw and bleeding truth is too much for faint hearts to see-
So they murder the messenger, then wonder why a savior was not sent to be-

The sacrificial lamb so they can party on without regret-
So they can in abandon eat their cake, but have it yet

Protected from the harsh winds of karma and evil birds come home to roost-
So without reservation, but sadly, the Four Horsemen were turned loose-

The ole dog!