The Recruitment Problem the Military Doesn’t Want to Talk About-The American Conservative

When i was in the military, my wife used to raise hell with me every time i had to leave her with the kids.

She sure does enjoy Base benefits/Commissary/PX.

i do not care to go to the bases.
When my wife insist i need to go to a base with her for some reason, i have noticed the troops, have gotten very short!

The USA military, is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

The USA has been fucking American Veterans as long as there has been a USA, it is a fucking USA tradition, to experiment on GIs, get them killed for politics sake, murder them themselves for politics sake.

The smarter young people, seeing their fathers, brothers, uncles, and now sisters, mothers, getting fucked hard by the USA after they are screwed up by USA service, are telling Uncle pedophile sugar, to go fuck himself when he lies about benefits and safety nets of the military service.

Even the young, who are intelligent enough for individual reasoning, (the kind you NEED in a military), are understanding the USA is a lying sack of shit which fucks it’s veterans up the ass, after they have done war crimes for the USA, and are not joining.

This is good, as the USA, does not use the USA military as a defense against attack of America, but as a criminal cabal, invading innocent foreign countries, raping and murdering their children, stealing the countries gold and resources.

Don’t let you children and grandchildren be war criminals!
Don’t let them join the USA/WASHINGTON DC military!

John C Carleton

The Recruitment Problem the Military Doesn’t Want to Talk About

The Zionist Song Bird and Whore, John McCain, Has Made The World a Better Place

He Died!

May his payback on the other side, be hard and long!

Fuck him!

He was an enemy of Americans and America!

So was his zionist whore admiral father, who betrayed American service men, covering up Israhells crime of attacking the USS Liberty in 1967, murdering over thirty US personal, trying to sink the ship.

Thats why he got a senate seat, for serving Israhell and betraying America.

His son inherited that senate seat, and continued to fuck America and American’s for the benefit of Israhell.

May his torment be intense and long!

John C Carleton.


“When in Doubt,ATTACK!”-General George S Patton

i have more Irish in me than is healthy sometimes.
Viking male straight line, with a detour through Normady, on to England, Scotland, Ireland, and finally America.

Where my 3ed great grandfather, from mid level nobility, fought three years against Britain, was wounded at Brandy wine, married the my 3ed great grandmother, the grand daughter of a convicted thief, sent as a slave, from London to Virginia.

His son, married into the Scotts-Irish descended line of the Washington clan.

Maternal Grandmother, was of Huguenot stock.

Shake and bake!
Out came an American!
i have grandsons, with Spanish surnames, who are 2nd cousins to George Washington, cousins to Stonewall Jackson, Robert E Lee, Richard Taylor, among others.

They are Americans, their ancestors fought, bled and died, to build America.

You “pure blooded” Anglo-Saxon yankee puritan trash up north, can just get over yourselves!

i am an American, i am a special blend, which was done only in America.

The Lands of my ancestors, are not my home or loyalty.

American is my father, my mother, she sustained me when young.

i owe her, in my twilight years, all i am, all i can do, to make her a better place.

One of my cousins was General George S Patton, one of his Great grandmother types, being George Washington’s sister, mine being George Washington’s grandfather Washington’s sister.

He interestingly although Scotts-Irish, had on the maternal side, a DuBose Huguenot line coming in, as do i.

He was one of the best military minds America ever produced.
In the moral, human side of things, he had feet of clay sometimes, but nobody disputed he knew how to kick ass and win both battles and wars.

WW 2, in Europe, would have ended a hell of a lot sooner, saved much destruction, needless deaths, all sides, if FDR, and his pimped out monkey who wore the un-earned in combat, stars, Ike, and Ike’s trained egotistical monkey, Montgomery, had gotten the hell out of his way and let him do what he did best.

Ole George, had a code, and a saying which explained that code!

“When in doubt, ATTACK!”

Now, for those who have read, reread, the Art of War, one realizes, sometimes the battle won, is the battle not fought.

The USA/WASHINGTON DC, are doing all they can to get violence going in the streets.

Don’t help them.

If you are wanting to learn, enough to have read the Art of War, you will realize physical resistance, is not the only path to winning a battle or a war, the ones not fought physically.

Americans are the way down in the well, underdogs against an organized USA Law en FORCE ment,/military.

To attack the USA physically, serves their purpose, not Americans purposes.

But education, not schooling, good ole pulling your head out of your ass, going in search of the truth, is where EVERYONE starts!

It is where i started myself.

It is time, America’s true sons and daughters, come to the forefront of the fight for Americans freedom from the foreign occupation of the USA corporation.

They can do that by LEARNING, FACING, Reality.

Then attacking the USA’s lies, wherever, and whenever, you encounter them.

No, not much thanks and popularity in pointing out the truth, fighting for whats right.

Some folks frown on my cousins Frank and Jessie James, for not stopping the war against the enemy of their people.

They were freedom fighters, loved their people, and way of life, more than pupping down, being good slaves.


Always ATTACK!

John C Carleton

What if the world started using US logic in its relations with America?-Covert Geopolitics

USA/WASHINGTON DC, is a bunch of lying hypocrite war criminals, who rape/murder children, invade countries which have done nothing to America, for the sake of Israhell.

If you vote for ANY candidates of the occupiers of America, you are a treasonous bastard, or a dumb ass.

John C Carleton

What if the world started using US logic in its relations with America?

Pissing ON WASHINGTON DC/USA’s “Dollar”

When i was a kid, the paper, not Federal, no Reserve(s), and not a bank “dollars” were backed by silver.

Walk into any bank, give then a paper dollar, and they would hand you a 90 percent silver, dollar.

Walk into any bank, give them a one hundred dollar paper bill, they would give you 100, 90 percent silver dollars.

They had debased the coins, 10 percent, at minting, but knew any further debasing, and the public would lose faith in the paper dollars, and inflation would rear it’s ugly head.

The dimes, the quarters, the fifty cent pieces, were 90 percent silver.

The penny was copper.

back about 1961 or 62, my father bought for me, in a cafe in Camp Wood, Texas, a big real beef hamburger, and an orange soda, for thirty cents. Tax and all.

But that quarter, was 90 percent silver.

The international bankers, who were stealing Americans blind with their Usury banking scam, wanted to debase the currency faster, so they could steal through inflation, more and more of the Americans labor, transferred to dollars.

In 1965, we kids were all excited about these new coins, which were a copper coin, plated with a nickel solution.

The old folks cursed loudly, except the ones was not known to cuss, who did so quietly.
They knew what the hell was coming, debasement/inflation of the currency of the USA.

If you walked in a bank, wanted coins for that dollar, you got copper coins.

The inflation came, the land went to shit, making WASHINGTON DC/USA, happy!

“When life gives you Lemonade”.

General George Patton was one of my cousins, having descended from the Washington family as i do.

He was pissed on by the USA, pacifically, the non combat ass hole sell out, treasonous, pig zionist politician, Ike!

He made a oath to himself, he would piss on Ike’s grave!

General Patton, DID NOT like Ike!

But Ike, in collaboration with the USSR, had Patton murdered, before Patton could return to America, try to educate the American people, to the zionist whale, was getting ready to swallow their Jonah ass!

So ole George, never got the chance to fulfill his promise to self.

As his cousin, if given the chance, i would do it for him.
There are two things stopping me fulfilling his promise to himself, by proxy.

First, i have no desire, to go to Kansas.
My cousins Frank and Jessie James went there a few times to withdraw some of that Missouri gold coin, them Kansas Redlegs was good enough to deposit in them Kansas banks, for safekeeping, during the war.
Them Kansas ass holes, tried to shoot them for withdrawing Missouri coin from Kansas banks!

Down right rude and inhospitable people if you ask me!

Second, i figure they keep a pretty close eye on that pigs grave.

But here is the Lemonade part.

i found myself in possession, of four 1972 & 1977 Ike dollar coins.

They are not worth anything but a dollar, which is worth about one cent of a per banking fraud, 1913 dollar.

Not made of silver.
Copper coin, plated or “clad”, with a nickel substance.

i have a piece in the back yard, driven into the ground.
It holds about two cups of fluid.

i placed a Lincoln penny, face up inside, put an Ike “dollar” on top of Lincoln’s face.

Now, Lincoln, continually kisses Ikes ass.

When i need to take a whiz, i piss on Ikes face, trusting Reagan’s trickle down theory to work, so that while kissing Ike’s ass 24 hours a day, (who may have been Lincoln reincarnated anyway), now and then, i piss on both of them.

Kind of looks like lemonade.

i figure old George gets a big belly laugh every time i give Ike some lemonade to drink!

That leaves three Ike coins.

Somewhere out in my barn filled with machine tools, hand tools, motorcycles i am going to get running someday, bicycles i need to find time and cooler weather to ride, a good wood cookstove with oven, lots of Stainless pot, pans and such, for my planned, screened in the summer, closed in the winter, outdoor kitchen, is an old enameled, hospital bed pan.
It is blue and white.

i figure, with three Ike’s, and shit loads of Lincoln pennies, which most banks don’t even want to take any more, being zinc, thinly plated with a copper looking coating, with some glue, i can make a fine piece of art to display in my History/Arms/Heritage room.

The temptation would be strong to use it, but i never did like them bed pans.

just got to find it!

Now, later today, i am going to run by this coin shop, see if the USA put Hamilton’s Usury Banker’s ass on a coin.

Put him under Lincoln.

Figure Usury Hamilton reincarnated as Mass Murder War Criminal Lincoln, who reincarnated as the zionist, War Criminal, Mass Murdering, Treasonous Pig, Ike!

John C Carleton

Aron Burr’s and John Wilkes Booth’s birthdays, should be National Holidays!

P.S. # 2:
After some research and a consultation with a coin shop owner, it appears the USA never put Hamilton on a coin.
i have however, solved the problem.
i acquired a historical non monetary coin, which had the dueling scene between Hamilton and Burr. Has the Usury Banker, Tax loving Hamilton, laying on the ground dying, his 2nd cradling him, and a saddened, shamed, dejected Burr in the back ground.

Now Burr is my cousin, and an American hero,i did not want to piss on him, and he was not dejected after killing Hamilton!
As he was dying, Burr was giving him the bird and insulting him!

Hamilton was an enemy to American freedom!

So i carefully removed Burr from the background.

i do so look forward to my three for one morning pee nowadays!

Inspiration to tinkel!

Drowning among Israeli settlements, an ancient Christian village in Palestine struggles to survive-Mondoweiss

So you support the Turkmen/slavic halfbreed outcaste Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian people, in the Palestinian’s own Ancestral HomeLand, (The Israhell bunch’s ancestral home land, is the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine), for Jesus Sake, because them Palestinians, are Islamic?

Ok, what about the Christian Palestinians, who have been there, from the time of Christ?

Or is the Islamic thing, just an excuse, to support a Babylonian heathen religion, which teaches Jesus the Christ Mother was a whore, and Jesus the Christ, is boiling in human shit in hell, robbing, raping and murdering?

John C Carleton

Nestled in the hilltops of the central occupied West Bank, an ancient Palestinian Christian village is gearing up for a fight against the Israeli occupation that it has all too much experience with.

In late July, the village of Aboud, whose existence dates back two millennia, was handed an order by Israeli authorities confiscating some 324 dunums (80 acres) of land shared by Aboud and its neighboring village al-Lubban al-Gharbiya.

Israeli authorities confiscated the land under the pretext that it would be used to build an Israeli-only road between the two illegal settlements of Beit Arye and Ofarim — both of which are built on the lands of Aboud.

The villagers however, insist that this time, it is not an ordinary tale of land confiscation — something they have been subject to for decades.
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How Much Freedom Can Sheep Handle?

This is something, which i have wrestled with, again and again.

i do not like when people are not free.

But the thought, of giving true freedom to a world full of humanity, who do not even understand freedom, nor the duties which is incumbent with freedom, causes me to see visions of rape, robbery, murder, mayhem!

If one studies history, studies leaders, one finds many different reasons, they stepped forward, made their mark in History.

Some wanted wealth, some power, some control, some the ability to do any damn thing they wanted, to anyone else.

Some just wanted to be top dog, the biggest, baddest SOB in the valley.

Some stepped forward, because their people, their country, their way of life, stood in peril.
They embraced their duty, and gave all they had, to save their people and Land.

Some were born to power, and a belief, they had been chosen to rule, to lead.

Here and there, mixed in these, you see those leaders, who tried to bring more liberty to their people.

Julius Caesar, knew if something was not done, Rome was done.
As a military man, it chaffed him to see the elite partying on in Rome, while the old, disabled, from Rome’s legions, Rome’s wars of invasions, begging for bread , living/sleeping, on the streets.
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God gives Jesus Instructions on how to take care of this “Russia put Trump in the Big White Cat House”, In Sodom and Gomorrah, on the Potomac

God to Jesus the Christ.

Getting real tired of having to listen to the unceasing pedophilic caterwauling from Sodom and Gomorra on the banks of the Potomac, about how the damn Russians put Trump in the cat birds seat, in the oval room where Bill the Dick, Used to get serviced by that fat girl, i forget her name, but she had a blue dress!
i remember that.

See that the guilty are punished!

Then maybe those thirty shekel whores will shut the hell up about this insanity!!

All them zionist inn DC are singing a new version to an old American song.

This time it is:
“Uncle Sugar Pedophile-Uncle Sugar Pedophile-
Don’t whip zionist pedophile treasonous to America me!!!
Shoot all them KGB Russians with AK-74’s behind every tree!

i have had it up to about six damn feet above my head with their lying, whining Babylonian worshiping asses!


Here is my plan for Peace in the Middle East!

One on the Black Rock, One on Medina, One on Tel Aviv, and one on Jerusalem=Peace in the Middle East, and no Pedophile, Usury, International, Banker’s, World War 3

Jesus asked:
What about Putin?

When you raid the damn zionist cat house, you bust the Turkmen/slavic piano player too!

Get er done!

John C Carleton