The Question, the Answer, the Result

It has often been pointed out that the “masses,” the “public,” obtain wealth in several ways: most usually by earning it, or, less commonly, receiving it as a gift or inheritance. For most of us, this means yielding about 40 hours of our lives weekly to obtain what we need or want.

A different way of acquiring wealth is practiced by those calling themselves “government,” or “the state.” Their technique is to simply claim it, and if not yielded, to take it by whatever force is necessary. This, of course, is known as stealing, and Missouri Statutes define it as precisely that. (570.030. 1).

A person commits the crime of stealing if he or she appropriates property or services of another with the purpose to deprive him or her thereof, either without his or her consent or by means of deceit or coercion.

However, the statutes are written, administered, enforced, and adjudicated by those same individuals (“government,” “state”) that demand our property. You will not be surprised to learn that they do not enforce the laws against stealing against themselves. Sadly, this thievery has such a long history that its victims have resigned themselves to it.

It would be helpful, in interpreting one’s role in society, to ask a simple question. I’ve remarked before that the Rulers cannot or will not answer simple questions which tend to expose them for the thieves they are. This question is one that the victims should ask themselves, in order to clarify just who and what they are in the eyes of the Rulers.

This is the question: If this (my wallet, bank account, home, car, etc.) is really and truly mine, how can anyone else have a claim on it? Even those who demand your property will admit it is YOUR property that they desire. How could one say anything else?

You commonly acknowledge the claims of others upon what is yours. Every bill you pay is such an acknowledgement. The utility companies provided you with fuel to heat and cool your house, and you have agreed to pay for it. Could it be otherwise? You could not expect them to satisfy your fuel needs for nothing, nor could they expect to provide it without compensation. In other words, there is an agreement between you and them. The same could be said for every merchant with whom you do business, although in most cases the agreement is tacit and unwritten.

It is not the same with the Rulers. They not only demand your money, but consider that their claim upon it is greater than yours, even though they acknowledge that it IS yours! True, they may provide services, but there has been no agreement between you and them. You may not need or want the services they provide; it matters not. It is as though, as you walk through the mall, merchants demand you buy goods you do not need or want. But it’s worse: If you decline the shoe salesman’s demand that you buy shoes, he cannot compel you to buy them anyway, but you WILL finance public schools, even if you deplore the idea of such schools, and have no children attending them. There is no voluntary agreement.

So what, then, is the answer to: If it’s truly mine, how can someone else claim it? The answer is as simple as the question: Nobody else can claim your property absent your agreement with them. But the Rulers claim it anyway, with threats of dire consequences should you not give them what they demand. All of your ruminations about ownership, property rights, and voluntary agreements mean absolutely nothing. They cannot be punished for doing what, were we to do it, would be felonies, because what they do is legitimate; i.e., according to the law which is, however, what they, as its authors, say it is. Private property, a cornerstone of a civilized society, doesn’t exist as long as Rulers, whose job should be the protection of your rights–especially to your own property–can demand it for whatever reason they might invent.

The result? There are three possibilities. You can try to escape to someplace where your right to your own property is protected. I don’t think there is such a place, but if there were, the Rulers would eventually find and punish you.

You could simply defy the Rulers, citing moral and lawful principles: Thou Shalt Not Steal, as well as the aforementioned Missouri statute (if you live in Missouri!) that defines stealing as just exactly what they routinely do. As you languish in your cell, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are right, and they are wrong. Hopefully you will find that adequate compensation for your incarceration.
Or you can do what virtually everyone else does: You can submit. Perhaps as a child you had to give your lunch money to the schoolyard bully. Now you give your wealth to the bureaucratic bully. The enduring myth is that if you stand up to the bully, he will back down. Don’t try it. In the schoolyard you would have ended up with a black eye and a bloody nose. The bureaucratic bully will leave nose and eye untouched, but your wallet will suffer. What he doesn’t get, your lawyer will.

So to summarize: The question remains if it’s mine, how can you have a claim upon it? The answer: Don’t waste my time; hand it over or else. The result: You become a fugitive, a prisoner, or a slave. The choice is yours. This is America, 2017.

Paul Hein.

Don’t Become a Right-Wing Snowflake

Here’s a prediction. Right-wing snowflake culture will expand exponentially in the coming years, and its rise will be cynically and intentionally fueled by Donald Trump himself. Having proved himself a fake populist on most issues that actually matter, Trump has no choice but to move more enthusiastically into the culture war to deflect away from his obvious betrayal on economic populism and keep his diehard supporters in heat. In other words, he’ll do exactly what mainstream Democrats and Republicans have been doing for decades, which is distract the public and keep it fighting while oligarchs grab what little is left. This works out just fine for billionaire Trump and the Goldman Sachs guys running his administration.

If I’m correct, how should we respond? How do those of us who see a creeping right-wing snowflake culture emerging pushback? Rule number one is don’t act like a snowflake in response. Exposing hypocrisy with incisive rational arguments and humor is the best way to push back against right-wing authoritarianism, just like it’s the best way to push back against left-wing authoritarianism. The authoritarian mindset is the enemy of freedom loving people everywhere irrespective of your specific views on health care, taxes, etc. There are far bigger things at risk to us as a people if we allow ourselves to be divided into two separate authoritarian gangs fighting for power.

Going forward, I expect Trump to pull many more stunts like the one he did this past Friday. He knows he’s a fraud on the populist issues so many of his voters cared about, so his only option is to rally the troops by further inflaming the culture war. A culture war between right-wing and left-wing snowflakes, each promoting their own brand of authoritarianism. This works just fine for a politician like Trump. His Goldman Sachs advisors can do as they please as a distracted public shrieks over the cultural supremacy of their particular brand of self-indulgent, self-righteous outrage.


A Government Coverup Of A Mercury/Autism Schandle Has Been Exposed-The Last American Vagabond

There is all the evidence needed the evil sold out whores of DC and the DC controlled State houses, have taken bribes to murder the minds of American children.

Personally i believe the evil of DC who do this, should get fair trials, and fair public hangings.

John C Carleton

A Government Coverup Of A Mercury/Autism Scandal Has Now Been Exposed

5 Reasons the Zombie Apocalypse is a Prevailing Metaphor for Our Times

Myth and metaphor play an important role in constructing our culture and creating purpose in our lives. They are tools that help the subconscious mind to digest the happenings of a world that is too complex for our five senses alone. The poet uses these tools to arouse you. The screenwriter uses them to amuse you.

When we hear tales of Homer and his Odyssey we also receive cues we need to uncover the strength and perseverance required to face personal challenges. When we follow Ahab on his journey against the white whale, we are shown, in metaphor, the perils of our own intensely burning fires of vengeance and obsession, and thus warned on a deep level of the folly of allowing one’s lowest nature to dominate the higher self.

But, well beyond the tales of Ahab and Homer, we have today the widespread proliferation of the modern Zombie tale, one of the prevailing metaphor for our times.

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The Dogs of DC

Dogs are some of the most loved creatures to humans. The relationship goes back thousands of years.

One can find stories where dogs have run into burning houses, bringing out babies, dogs attack much larger animals in defense of their human friends and family, dogs which defend their human friends and family against evil men.

Dogs watch our homes, and tell us when someone is trying to sneak up on you. Dogs, keep other animals, away from their home which they share with their human friends.

And a dog has a huge capacity for love, and returns much more than is given.

A good dog is worth much more to the world, than a sorry human.
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The Fake Hebrews “serving” a Fake “God”

Evil is evil, no matter who is doing it to whom.

If you are looking for the good side in WW 2, that was the countries which stayed out of that Usury Bankers War.

First, even if the members of the crime cable, occupying Palestine, and Holocusting the indigenous Palestinian people, were the descendants of the mythical Hebrews, which they are not, you don’t get to leave an area, come back two thousand years later, rape, rob and murder those who stayed and cared for the land, living on the face of it.

There are things, coming to light, in the melting Antartica, which will prove within the next two years or so, that the Old Testament, is made up bull shit, cobbled together out of lies and myths/history borrowed from other culture.

Both the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, and the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, have made trips to Antartica to see for themselves. They are going to have to try to figure out how to keep the sheep hooked on the fairy tail, when the proof comes out.

Expect many “Christians”, to say, ok, the old Testament is crap, but the New Testament is TRUE! Ignoring evidence that the New Testament is as much a fairy tail as the old. Ignorance and cowardliness die hard in true believers.

There was found, several years back in Jordon, lead tablets, which have been authenticated as having been made about 100 AD.
The lead, was produced back before all the atomic test. Lead produced in the 20th, 21st centuries will have things in the metal, that these lead tablets do not.They are the earliest recorded history of Jesus.

Yes, there was a Jesus.

He was from the upper classes, and he was trying to get the Hebrew people, to return to the God of their fathers, which the Hebrews were worshiping at the times of Kings David and Solomon.

This god was a female, who could become male, for reproduction purposes. The religion, was it seems, a nature observance, rather than the Babylonian adulterated Judaic religion practiced by the Judaic church today.

You see, Jesus wanted the Hebrews to stop being evil, return to treating people like you want them to treat you, helping the needy, working on improving yourself.

The Hebrews, did not return to the religion and god of their fathers. Instead, they killed Jesus as he was upsetting them in their debotury.

A bit after this, the Romans put an end to the Hebrews as a people.

So you have a British Empire outpost, formed by British and American Zionist Christians, using a fairy tail, to try to justify their invasion, occupation and holocusting of the Palestinian people.

Enough of this evil. Enough lies, enough fake “history”. Enough indoctrinating children with lies so they will willingly do the evil of the elites jerking their strings.

One day, adjustments will have to be made.

That which is, is pissed. Most humanity on the planet right now, are complicit in the evil of Israhell, by saying nothing, doing nothing, even cheering on the crimes of these psychopaths.

I will add i see less and less difference, between the evil people of Israhell, and the Evil people of the USA.

Evil is evil.

Humanity needs to make a decision. Will they serve evil, or will they fight evil?

John C Carleton

Breaking: US using illegal chemical weapons in Deir ez-Zor (graphic images)–The Duran

The American sheep are disgusting, stupid, collaborating, ignorant, evil, moral cripples, cowards.

When they breath, it is a waste of good air.
When they eat, it is a waste of food, GMO or otherwise.
When they open their mouths, evil and stupidity come gushing out.

As for Washington DC and the whores who screw the American people, the wall the Trickster Trumpster wants to build, would better serve the American people, built around Washington DC.
Make it like East Germany during the cold war.
Any zionist whore trying to climb over, dig under, the wall, to get outside the lovely DC area, gets dealt with as the East German guards did to the people trying to go over or under the wall.

Hell Yes! Build the damn wall!

BREAKING: US using illegal chemical weapons in Deir ez-Zor (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Emanuel Kidega Samson: The Black Church Shooter-Occidental Dissent

Have an older brother who does not watch TV news, hears some news on radio, does not have internet.

From time to time, if his wife tells him about a news story she saw on TV, or something he heard on the radio he wants to know more about, he calls me, because he knows i probably already know more about it than will be allowed on the news, or i can find the story and fill him in.

He called me on this shooting, his wife had had the TV on and he saw a black man shot up a church. Story said they were looking for a motive. The TV news did not even mention that all the people he shot, were white, and that he was a transplant from another country, one of those “refugees” they keep trying to force on Americans.

The bastards took down the Confederate statue in my town, using the excuse of the white boy shooting some blacks at church, as that was a “hate crime”.

OK, this is a hate crime and i want Statues to Grant, Sherman, Lincoln, and every other damn gang raping, thieving, stealing, war criminal USA bastard from that illegal invasion of the Southern people, not only taken down, but melted down.

I want the flag, under which he was forced on American, banned, as it represents hate crimes by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Really i do not give a crap about their statues to their baby raping war criminals.

Just pointing out the hypocrisy and the sold out whores in Washington DC and the MSM.

John C Carleton

Emanuel Kidega Samson: The Black Church Shooter

ADA Untroubled by Yet Another Study Pointing To Fluoride’s negative Health Impacts–The Last American Vagabond

The sold out zionist whores of Washington DC, wants poison in your water, poison in the air.

USA/Washington DC has forced many communities to dump waste by products in their water supply.
This saves the Aluminum and the chemical federalize industries, from having to pay big bucks to dispose of this labeled by the FDA as a hazardous waste.
Hell, Taxpayers pay these companies to drink their hazardous waste.

Now, USA/Washington DC, is spraying Fly Ash, a by product of burning massive amounts of coal in electrical generating plants.
Industry used to spend big bucks disposing, storing the stuff. It has many heavy metals in it. It is a hazardous waste by product.
these industries do not have to pay to dispose of this hazardous material any longer. Washington DC sprays it as chemtrials, on your children, gardens, crops,homes, water supplies.

Chemtrial causes respiratory distress for people with COPD, and Asthma.


John C Carleton

ADA Untroubled By Yet Another Study Pointing To Fluoride’s Negative Health Impacts

Breaking video: ISIS fighter admits that ISIS is forbidden to attack Kurdish forces in Deir Ezzor-AMA-Al-Masdar News

OK, basically, USA/Israel formed, pay, train, arm, control, directs ISIS.
Tel Aviv/Washington DC, attacks Russian and Syria troops/aircraft, in support of ISIS.
USA Air force/ IDF Air Force, are the air forces of ISIS.

John C Carleton