The Four Horsemen Have Left The Gate

‘The Four Horsemen Have Left The Gate’

That which is has tried, and tried again-
To send messengers to the human sheep their ways to mend-

Each and every time the messenger has stood alone-
Before the sheep murdered the messenger and partied on-

The jackal bend the herd animals ear to the alluring tune-
Of self gratification, perverted desires, written in Rune-

Of which the sheep can not understand the meaning of-
Herds of cowards, without honor, without truth, without true Love-

When they pray for deliverance from their magnitude of evil-
The ones sent to guide them to safety the sheep label as not “civil”.

The raw and bleeding truth is too much for faint hearts to see-
So they murder the messenger, then wonder why a savior was not sent to be-

The sacrificial lamb so they can party on without regret-
So they can in abandon eat their cake, but have it yet

Protected from the harsh winds of karma and evil birds come home to roost-
So without reservation, but sadly, the Four Horsemen were turned loose-

The ole dog!


If God told Abraham, (or Diogenes), he was going to nuke WASHINGTON DC unless either or both together, could find, one honest and righteous man in the City of Evil on the banks of the Potomac, they might as well just tell God, DO IT!

Americans have a very self-righteous love of ignorance, a love of evil, they have been taught by the Babylonian pedophile Usury magicians.

The truth is the truth, but Americans can not see the truth because the truth does not crawl up their asses, where most American’s heads are.

John C Carleton

The Appian Way and Jesus the Christ’s Pain.

Pikers to my right!
Pikers to my left!
Archers prepare to fire volleys!
The rest of you sons of bitches, follow me!

‘The Appian Way and Jesus the Christ’s Pain’

I was on the Appian Way when six thousand cried and begged for death-
Crucified as an example to everyone of Rome’s rathe-

Never step out of line, or cross the dictates of Rome-
Or a slow lingering death could very well be your next home-

Was there when Jesus the Christ’s “followers” cowardly switched sides-
Insulted and jeered him as in great pain and disappointment he died-

All of Europe trembled in fear of the approaching Viking ship-
as I stood in it’s fore, sword upraised, ready to rip-

Their lives, their gold, their silver from their cowering towns-
Making their kings show themselves silly, cowardly clowns-

Rushed the field at Hastings, sword upraised in my hand-
Dealing death and fear at the sight of us in their Land-

Slaughtered for the Church and God on more than one “Crusade-
As mayhem, sorrow, death were under the cross made-

In the name of what we thought was good and right-
To the Land of antiquity we became a violate blight-

Was there at Valley Forge, was at Yorktown when Cornwallis gave in-
Was there when Americans lost their freedom again-

Was there at the South’s stand against the Puritan disease of evil-
Of rape, murder, robber, arson, starvation, certainly not civil-

Was there when the final rush for Berlin was made at long last-
Evil before me, evil to my back, Truth, Honor, Humanity, memories from a distant past-

Was but a child when Israhell made Kennedy’s head explode-
Saw the death of morals and honor, America, evil’s new abode-

Now the time has come to put the evil treasonous scum on the run-
Who support evil against Americans, who have become undone-

By an evil virus known to all of mankind in days of old-
A deadly terminal virus which eats the infected’s mind and soul-

The zionist virus has infected the clueless American sheep-
Causing them to cheer pedophilia, murder and to keep-

Their eyes/ears closed to the incessant knocking, the freeing sight-
Of the fellowship brought by the blinding illumination of the Light-

From their eyes and ears, the scales must be ripped free-
So they can in a new illuminated knowledge plainly see-

They must return to Natures Plan of Rules and Moral Code-
Of do no first harm to others and not self-righteously to load-

America on the back of the snarling vindictive bucking beast-
Of Karma, to ride in pain and sorrow, until America will finally cease-

Her claims of innocence in the many an evil unnecessary war-
Which she thrust on innocent people, who lived in lands Afar-

From the shores of the American dream of good in the heart-
Of all true Americans who will never part-

With the hope for a people and land gone terribly wrong-
Who sold their birthright for a quick dance and a fleeting song-

Rally together lads, like your valiant ancestors of old-
Stand up for your land and people in ways honorable and bold-

So she can again give birth to a people, harsh in wars of defense-
But stay home from wars afield in other lands, for shekels, dollars and pence-

The Ole Dog!

IT is Always Darkest Just Before the Storm Breaks

i personally, can not identify one person, serving in a “government”, at least on the national level, in any country, which is not an evil son of a bitch or a bitch themselves, as the plumbing dictates.

In times of total corruption, the shit floats to the top.
Just like when someone takes a dump in the swimming pool, here comes that brown tootsie roll looking thing to the top, floats around, spreading it’s decay and disease.

Ok people, it is time to drain the world pool and put all the shit on top of the waters of life, in the compost pile of hell.

These sons of bitches, have shown humanity no mercy, and humanity must show them no mercy, if humanity wishes themselves to be free, not be used a cattle, as zionist Usury debt slaves, their young not used as cannon fodder in zionist Usury Pedophile banker wars, and as sexual party favors for zionist pedophiles.

They are the enemy of Humanity at Large.

George S Patton had a saying, which Humanity needs to adopt when dealing with the evils of zionism:
“May God have mercy on my enemies, because i will not!”.

Get er done!

John C Carleton

Zionist Zombies Dancing to the John Hagee Holocausting Blues!

‘Zionist Zombies Dancing to the John Hagee Holocausting Blues!’

Like zionist Zombies dancing to the John Hagee Holocausting Blues-
Mindless Virus host, doing the bidding of the evil zionist Virus, paying their dues-

For allowing themselves to be infected with this pedophilic cancer-
To the Light one day for their acts they must answer-

But for now, no depravity or crime against humanity is too bold-
For the John Hagee zionist Zombie creatures without a soul-

Hells own imps, the evil ones from below the filthy slime-
Of a zionist pedophile Usury war promoting evil depraved Virus eaten mind-

The John Hagee Imps From Hell cheer each Semitic Palestinian Death at the hand-
Of the thieves of the Semitic Palestinian’s own Ancestral Home Land-

Turkmen reject outcaste from the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine-
Make the Semitic Palestinian’s life one of death and pain-

The zionist Zombies froth at the mouth, their eyes gleam with pride-
As John Hagee tells them another Semitic Palestinian died-

These “Christians” cheer on the Babylonian Death Cult which teaches the lore-
Christianity’s claimed “savior” Jesus the Christ’s Mother was a Whore-

That Jesus the Christ is in Hell boiling in Human Shit-
These John Hagee zionist Zombies don’t see one teeny tiny bit-

Of a problem with their erroneous depraved conflicting views of reality.
Thats what Cognitive Dissonance is for you see!

The Ole Dog!

The Piker Battalion Band Sang Bass, Buck Toothed red Russian Khazarians Screamed a High Pitched Terror Tenor

‘The Piker Battalion Band Sang Bass, Buck Toothed red Russian Khazarians Screamed a High Pitched Terror Tenor’

‘The Piker Battalion Band Sang Bass, Buck Toothed red Russian Khazarians Screamed a High Pitched Terror Tenor’

In The count of years since Jesus The Christ Murder by Roman law-
1290 AD was an evil time of sorrow in the hearts of Mothers laid raw-

By the ritualistic gang rape and murder of the young English youth-
At the hands of inbred Turkmen Khazarian outcaste rejects with the buck tooth-

When Edward saw the evil done to the innocent English young-
He was tempted to do the blood eagle with the pedophile Usury red Russian’s lung-

But in a moment of weakness he decided instead-
The pedophilic Usury buck toothed inbred ones would scream terror tenor ahead-

Of the deep hung trusting Bass of the Piker Battalion Band-
After that, quite and peace returned to the Land!

The Ole Dog!

Reminds me i have not recorded a song for a while.

The Piker Battalion Band Sang a Thrusting Bass-

The red Russian Turkmen mongrel Khazarians screamed a terror tenor-

And all the Pikers joined right in there-

In the year of 1290 in Merry ole England!

Great grand type pup of the ole Curly Wolf, Edward 1st himself.

The Ole Dog!

‘The sorrow of IT’

‘The sorrow of IT’

It the Pedophile, War-Usury loving and promoting Israhell zionist hazbara troll-
Got up, washed down a handful of pills with vodka and is now on a roll-

IT wants to force Humanity to share in IT’s maniacal sorrow-
By making the world a din of baby raping zionist horror-

Life after life, IT murders the children for their blood-
As IT crawls IT’s way through the sewers of life, covered with mud-

Mixed with the innocent blood of the host countries young-
IT should have the blood eagle done with IT’s lung!

The ole Dog!