To Exist or To Live, That Is The Question!

To Exist or To Live, That Is The Question!

To exist, or to live, that is the question-
To spread the cheeks of ones own ass, and assume the position-

Or to slaughter the evil in the world at large-
Throw all their evil stinking bodies on a barge-

Float it down the river Styx on their way to Hel-
Why stink up and clutter good jails!

The ole Dog!

RothsRat “Journalist”

i trust no establishment “journalist”.
Not the ones partying with the pedophiles of DC, many pedophiles themselves, or the “blacklisted” “journalist”, who have fallen out of favor.

If one goes back in USA history, there is this thing used to start wars way back in the 1800s, herd the American sheep, called “Yellow journalism”.
Journalist knowingly lying their asses off in the news media of the day, newspapers.

“Blacklisting” a “journalist” is good cover for feeding the sheep propaganda, and having them willingly embrace it.

My first check, is if they have come out and said, ISRAHELL did the ATTACK on AMERICA, 11 SEPTEMBER, 2001.
If they have not, they either are idiots, or are working for the man, no matter what anyone says about them, including themselves.
That simple.

Any politician, any journalist, any sheep, who will not willingly, and loudly proclaim the established fact, Isarhell and WASHINGTON DC/USA, did the dastardly, cowardly, terrorist attack on America, murdering at least 3,000 souls, is working for the evil dark side, the zionist, the RothsRats.
Simple as that.

Fuck the RothsRats!
Fuck the RothsRat’s whores!

i am an American!

John C Carleton

TRUMP IS THE SWAMP – Trump Jewish Elite – MAFIA and The 5 Dancing Israelis (Legendado)-YouTube

Time to pull you heads out of your asses Americans.

By the way, the Religious Cult of Israhell, Teaches Jesus the Christ is in hell boiling in human shit, and that his mother was a whore.

They also teach it is not a sin to rape and murder children who are not from their cult.

Their own religious writings say nothing wrong with having sex with a child who is younger than Three years and a day.
Says it is no more than just “poking” your finger in their eye”.

i don’t think they are using their finger, nor is it the eye the pedophiles are poking their diseased things in!
Course, they are some perverted pedophiles!

John C Carleton

RothsRats Simply Must Have War!

RothsRats simply must have war!

Course the RothsRats have no national loyalties, not even to occupied Palestine.
It’s just a dofor country.
Do for now.
The Rats have much larger plans.

But first, World War Three.

No need for wars anymore.
The heads of State, get paid the big bucks.
They call themselves “leaders”.
Leaders lead!

Two rich ass holes want war, pistols at ten paces, one or both die, they had their war.

The rest of humanity, especially the poor folks who kids did not have to kill and die for the rich “leaders”, will have a holiday in remembrance of their “leadership” and “gallantry”.

Good excuse as any to have a party.

Pedophile Usury bankers Wars are obsolete.

John C Carleton

IT Was A Hazbara zionist Zombie TROLL

‘IT Was A Hazbara zionist Zombie TROLL’

IT was a Hazbara troll, brassy and rude-
Sometimes IT pretended to be a prude-

Cheerleading pedophilia, Usury and murder-
IT shuns the light cause the rays on IT’s skin hurt er-

Misdirection, lies, cheerleading for war and child rape-
A masked marauder hiding behind a sock puppet cape-

The shame of IT’s existence, the foolishness shown-
When daily IT gets IT’s hazbara butt kicked to the bone-

Just a tiny bit of soiled muff fluff blowing hopeless, helpless-
On the cat house winds of time from one to another mess-

Cursing the light which blocks IT’s bumbling zionist Zombie way-
Until IT once more Stands before the Light, huge dues to pay-

For the screams of the children dying in pain and fright-
As IT cast Khazrian heathen spells using children’s blood with all IT’s might-

Destained to chase the big Lizards Royal Leg in perverted lust for eternity-
A zionist Zombie hairless chihuahua trying to mount the big Lizards leg frantically-

A life wasted for all of the world and humanity to see-
A sad-sad case of the leavings of the zionist virus, a zionist zombie.

The Ole Dog!

Israhell Says, If you Don’t Fight Back, We Will Murder You, If You Fight Back, We Will Murder You.

“Shamanov’s comments come shortly after the Mayor of Jerusalem said that Israel will attack the S-300 systems if Syria downs an Israel aircraft during an attack.”


When i was in high school, i had already formulated a saying i would base my life on.

It is better to be a dead lion, than a live mouse.

Fuck the Turkmen/slavic halfbreed reject outcaste from the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine, who are Holocausting the Semitic Palestinian people in the Semitic Palestinians own Home Land.

And stealing everything.

And raping and murdering the Semitic Palestinian Children!

Fuck the inbred buck toothed pedophile sons of a bitches!

You Syrian S-300 crews, happy hunting!

John C Carleton

Russian jet intercepts US Navy aircraft over Black Sea (video)-AMN

The Black Sea, is a long way from Washington DC.

Wonder if the US NAVY got lost again, as they did when they were trying to insert an ISIS commander into Iran, and the Iranians caught them, and the US sailors cried like babies!

And you dumb assed Americans sheep want a fucking war with people who are still men??!!

John C Carleton