When America’s Progressives Pay Lip Service to Imperialism

“Neoliberals, Neocons, Corporate media, a.k.a. “Progressives” are praising Trump for the illegal airstrike against Syria, uniformly calling for more war, and vociferously attacking all those opposing war. Many figures who opposed Bush’s war making have become totally ‘controlled puppets’ who say and do what they are ordered to do—regardless of consistency with past views and actions.”

  • Larry Chin, April 8, 2017

America’s “Progressive Idol” Noam Chomsky in an April 5 interview with “Democracy Now” (aired two days before Trump’s punitive airstrikes) favors “regime change”, intimating that a negotiated “removal” of Bashar Al Assad could lead to a peaceful settlement.

According to Chomsky: “The Assad regime is a moral disgrace. They’re carrying out horrendous acts, the Russians with them.” Strong statement with no supporting evidence and documentation provided. The victims of imperialism are casually blamed for the crimes of imperialism.

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Past Time For War Crime Trials IN Washington DC!

Washington lies, always has, always will. It is in the soil, it it in the air, it is in the water. Anyone traveling there with hopes of reforming the Beast, winds up dead or compromised as their personal honor or lack there of dictates.


Many hoped that Trump would be the savior of America. They were wrong.

Trump is a strutting peacock egotistical spoiled brat. He does not have a clue about running a government, he does not have a clue about foreign policy, he does not have a clue about things military.

He signed off on committing International war crimes against a sovereign Nation State, which had not aggressed America, had not threatened to attack or aggress America and Americans. 60, 1-2 to 1.5 million each, missiles were fired, from two USA Washington Zionist World Wide Empire ships, at a Syrian military Air Force Base Syria was using to stop Washingtons Proxy ISIS terrorist form gaining more ground, and murdering more civilian Syrian to include, thousands of children.

This is a clear International War Crime.

When America’s “Progressives” Pay Lip Service to Imperialism. The Anti-War Movement is Dead

My question is, is does the trumpeter have enough intelligence to understand that he just did something that could get him a death sentence in a Nuremberg War Crime trial, held in Washington DC?

Or is his first loyalty so firmly to the little crime cabal occupying Palestine, and Holocusting the Palestinians, for a War, with America treasure, American blood, for the benefit of the nightmare of the Zionist “Greater Israhell Project?

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

ISIS is working on Mossad/CIA Plan to Create Greater Israel

If it is the former, USA Administrative Law has alway used to rail road people, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse! That means, no mercy for being stupid!

If it is the latter, then he is not an American, but an Israhellie, and should not hold a position of power in America. Oh yeah, and he is still on the hook for international war crimes.

America The Beautiful

It is obvious that not only are the International War Criminals, baby raping pedophiles, unable to police their own actions, they glory in their evil and see no need to change. This means that Americans are going to have to clean up the mess in Washington DC.
Americans have no right to expect an external savior. Americans let it get this far, they are going to have to save themselves, and their country in the process.

JFK said in 1962, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Then the CIA murdered him!

It is a fact, that America as such will not survive unless the beast is slain, Empire has to die for America to live. The only question remains, will the baby raping and murdering “elite” war Criminals allow a peaceful transition of Americans taking over their own destiny from the Zionist beast, or will the American people have to banish the Beast to Hell by force?

Better for everyone concerned, except a few war criminals and pedophiles, to do the transition peacefully.


Time to take out the garbage Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

America The Beautiful

The more i learned of the real history of America, the harder and harder it became to stand for the Stars and Stripes banner, say any kind of pledge to it. Came the time when i saw that flag, it reminded me of the rape of my land, of my people by war criminals carrying it. The unwarranted devastation they brought with that flag. It reminds me of the starvation of the Southern people by evil people carrying that flag. It reminds me of my great-great grandmother mourning until the day she died for her baby boy, Randolph Carleton. She never knew where or when he died, or if he was even given a burial. Thats what i see when i see that flag. I see the three million Asians murdered under that flag, in a war that Washington DC instigated and lied to get into. I see my brother drafted for that war, shafted by a ungrateful Washington DC. I see children burning to death in occupied Waco, Texas, as that flag flew overhead. I see the lies Washington told to get into a war which they could have stopped with a word, but they wanted that war. The one they sent me to. I see the USA Government using me for a lab rat, giving an experimental vaccine never tested on humans. The thousands they killed with it. The other thousands disabled, and denied compensation by ungrateful ass holes in Washington DC. I see the Washington crowd raping babies, murdering them, protecting each other from justice, as the babies die, and that flag snaps smartly in the DC breeze overhead.

The Only related flag i will fly, is a Betsy Ross. My Ancestors fought the British for freedom and liberty under that flag. F##k the baby raping degenerate ass holes in Washington DC. They can not have that flag too. They do not deserve it.

The other night, wife and i went to see Ronnie Milsap. Now i personally remember both him and the wife being a whole lot younger last time we saw him, but thats just my observation. At the end, he and his crew sang America the Beautiful. I found myself standing up, wife stood up with me, i took her hand, and we put our joined hands as far up as we could. It was not long the whole crowd was standing.

I did not stand for Washington DC. I did not stand for the USA, which is Washington DC. I stood or AMERICA and AMERICANS!

F##k Washington DC/USA/Isrhell. F##K them. They can not have America! They can not have Americans!, They can not have Americans song!

Far as i am concerned they can take the flag of Washington DC, the Stars and stripes, and shove it up their own ass. I will never stand for that flag again. MY kins blood cries out against it.

But America the Land, and America the people, thats different.

It is MY AMERICA. IT is MY PEOPLE. F##K Washington, they can’t have them!

Time to take out the Garbage Mr. and Mrs. America!

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

America Was Meant To Be Free!

America was meant to be free. It was so willed by Nature. It was cut off from the wars, squabbling of the European Dragoon Seed. It had some wars of its own, the picture the fake historians try to paint is of all “natives” being in harmony with nature. Well, like all other places, people are individuals, some groups of people are down right accommodating, and some will rape your babies and steal your wallet. Same with the “Native” Americans.

Right or wrong, America presented herself a bride, honest, beautiful, voluptuous, ready for a good people to give her seed to build a Land of Freedom.

Soon the evil in some mens hearts, held her down and raped Mother American Freedom, until she died. But in her offspring, of the mating of truth, Freedom, Liberty, a new beginning, honor, remained and remains of the yarning for their birth right which has been stolen by the evil of Zionism.

All things end. The Parthian Empire fell. The Roman Empire fell, the evil of the Zionist Empire will end. The love of freedom, liberty is there in Americas offspring, by this time European blood mixed with native blood, and the blood of the four winds.

My daughter asked me when she was about five or six, being aware of being of mixed ancestry, what she was. I told her, you are an AMERICAN! Told her i don’t care where you come from, what color you are, you come here, embrace the country and its customs, make it your home in your heart, then you are an American.

On the other hand, if you are like that German Immigrant in a bar in Gonzales Texas in the 1930s, running your mouth about how wonderful the “Fatherland was”. Then i agree with my good red headed Methodist Uncle, who told him perhaps he should get his damn ass back to Germany if it was that damn wonderful.

At first the man seemed to think he should fight over this, until it was explained to him that this was Red Carleton, and he had better shut his mouth and sit down!

If you have embraced America, our customs, (not the Zionist customs), if you burn with a unquenchable taste for individual freedom, if you despise evil baby raping zionist, if liberty is dear enough to you to put your personal ass on the line, America welcomes you. If you are a free loading sleaze ball parasite, no matter the race, national origin, or any other consideration, to especially to include if you are infected with the Zionist Virus, Get The Hell Out OF America!

America was meant to be free, she and her people will be free.

Time to take out the garbage Mr. And Mrs. America.

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

Zionist Donald Trump’s Bitches! His Voters!

Knew it was coming. Did not know how long it would take. Did not take long.

The trumpster, broke his voter base over like a single barrel shotgun, and did the doggy motion to them, “all night long”, as the 59, 1.5 million dollar missiles were fired at a Foreign, Sovereign, Independent, Nation State, which had in no way aggressed against, or even threaten any type action against America or America’s.

Let me point something out here. While my brother, who was drafted and sent to Viet Nam, can not get the compensation he deserves because the Damn VA screwed him over, the trumpster pisses off over 100 Million dollars being Nitwityahoo’s and Israhell’s Bitch!

Lot of you out there have brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters, children, out there with the same damn problem. I myself was used as a lab rat and experimented on my the USA Federal Government. Illegal Anthrax shot, forced on GIs. That is why you have “Gulf War Illness”. Had a congressman tell me years back everyone knew, as he put it, “Sure, we all know US fucked you guys up, not the Iraqis”. He would not write that down, or say it on the record. My wife was with me, heard it also. They are still lying about it today. Many are dead, disabled, and the US Government and VA is still screwing them over, while the trumpster pisses off over 100 Million dollars trying to start the Bankers Zionist WW 3.

You have masses of people out of work, does he cut back on the totally unnecessary trying to rule the world by force USA Mercenary Military so he can do Work Projects? Hell no! Going to cut social programs to buy more 1.5 million dollar missiles do do more war crimes with.

Mr. And Mrs. America. Do you want your children committing war crimes for the sake of the Greater Israhell Project?http://www.globalresearch.ca/greater-israel-the-zionist-plan-for-the-middle-east/5324815

Mr. And Mrs. America. Do you want your children coming home dead or screwed up, so the zionist bankers can have their “greater Israhell Project”, world domination, and another arranged World War?

I sure as hell don”t.

Time to take out the garbage America!

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

Zionism Vs. Communism: Secret Allies?

Churchill was wrong when he said Israel was the best solution for the Jewish question. As events unfold in Syria, we see that Soros’ Communism & Trump’s Zionism are not competitors. They are two pincers holding humanity in its malevolent grip.
It appears that the fate of the world hangs on a turf war between two branches of the Jewish Conspiracy for world hegemony.
In 1920, Winston Churchill said Communist Jews and Zionist Jews were in a “struggle for the soul of the Jewish people,” a struggle “between good and evil.”
Today this “conflict” is played out between George Soros and his toadies in the Democratic Party (Communism) versus Donald Trump and his dupes (Zionism).
The American people are just onlookers hoping a few crumbs will fall from the table. Now that the election charade is over, they are powerless.
Trump’s brazenly deceitful use of the chemical attack false flag as a pretext to attack Syria places him squarely in the Zionist camp, and on a collision path with Russia and Iran. Americans are sick of being used as a surrogate for Zionist imperial ambitions. Trump has proven that he is a Zionist errand boy. CNN and The New York Times are applauding. This enforces fears that the Mossad own Trump.
Trump has betrayed his campaign promise to the American people to avoid interventions and defuse tensions with Russia. He has lost a considerable segment of his support, certainly enough to poison his Presidency and ensure he doesn’t get re-elected.
Bashar al-Assad’s father Hafez said Israel was “a knife in the heart of the Middle East.” Events have proven him prophetic. The Yinon Plan aims at fragmenting Arab countries. In Benjamin Netanyahu’s words, Israel is destined to be “a rising global power” while the US does its dirty work.


If Nitwityahoo Had Slipped and Said Shit In The Halls Of Congress!

If Nitwityahoo, when he was getting serviced in the Halls of Congress, in Washington DC, had slipped, and said SHIT!, The vast majority of House of Representatives, Senators, White House Staff, Supreme court, and Department heads, would have had to buy new undergarments and take a shower. The Chambers would have probably been sealed off as a Hazardous Waste site, and required Super Fund clean up.

This is a disgrace that the “elected” officials in Washington DC Piss themselves with happiness at the words of a baby murdering Son of a Bitch!

Time to take out the Garbage Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

Zionist Speak Translation Rule #1!


The USA Corporation, the Military arm of the British Anglo zionist Empire, occupier and oppressor of America and Americans, Palestine & Semitic Palestinians is looking for excuses as to why they have murdered Hundreds of Iraqi Civilians in Mosul! They express sorrow that they were ‘Forced” to “inflict” civilian casualties.

Now, to someone who does not understand Zionist speak, this perhaps sounds truthful and sincere.

SO SON! (or Ladies), Let me translate.

Zionist speak Translation Rule # 1.

Flip the meaning of the words, 180%, to the exact opposite as was spoken in Zionist Speak.

Thus the above apparent heartfelt “regret becomes——————Ta-Dha! Damn right we killed the little brown SOB’s. If they would just give up an allow Nitwityahoo, the child raping SOB, to occupy them for the Zionist Nightmare of their “Greater Israhell Project”, we wouldn’t have to murder their rag headed asses!

See! With this formula, you can translate all that USA Zionist Government Speak, and all those State Department lies, all those MSM bimbos and gigolo’s CIA Propaganda! See how simple it is once one knows the formula! Enjoy Grasshopper!

Time to wake up America. Time to take out the Garbage. Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

PS! Zionist Speak Translator Rule # 2. Refer to Rule # 1.