Who Was The Anti-Humanity Bill Gates Before Microsoft?

Well worth taking the time to listen.

Any ass hole who is excesivally wealthy in todays world, is because they are favored minions of the Ratschilds.

It is my feeling, the RothsRats are the “human face” of the evil which Humanity is allowed to see.

Rats are minions also.
To who or what is the 64 trillion fiat dollar question?

Video on their site, this just gets you there.

The Ole Dog


I May Be Crazy, But Crazy is Better Than Stupid!

All my life, the sheep people have called me crazy.

And to a sheep’s brain, they are right.

I ain’t no sheep.

My ancestor Julius pissed in the Rhine. when crossing a bridge he had built. to the other side so he could go kick Germanic tribesmen asses.
Marking his territory!

The line came through the Norman France countryside where an ancestor, was said to have married a beautiful mysterious lady, but noticed after a while, every time Mass was to be said, the Countess would leave the chapel.

One day he ordered his men to size her when she started to leave.
She flew out a window and. was never seen again.

The line of Warrior poet kings which resulted from this union came to be know as the Devil’s Brood!

Another of my ancestors, got angry with the Archbishop of York, and the Archbishop is recorded to have literally died of fright.

My cousin, the great-great-great— grandson. of Julius, American General George S Patton, stopped to piss in the Rhine on a bridge he had built to get to the other side to kick nazi German ass!
He was marking his territory!

Lets just say, I have never been mistaken for a sheep.
I do things which make sheep say, “he is crazy!”.

Maybe like swimming the Nueces River in flood stage one time, (unintentional).
Jumping in, swimming back across the raging flooded river, (my bed was on that side).

Or climbing the Southwest face of of a hill we called Bull Head Mountain, without ropes, or tools other than my tennis shoes and fingers.

That half way up I was scared shitless looking down at the jagged rocks, realizing I could not get back down alive, unless I finished what I started is of no consequences.

I did not allow my fear to control me.
I sucked it up, climbed the rest of the way, walked down the other side as I could have walked up.

So yeah, to a sheep, that is crazy.

Taking down two hundred feet of Barbed wire fence on cedar post at 70+ miles an hour, getting up, turning the key off in the bike, putting some dangling muscle back in the top of one arm, and start walking the mile or so to the next small town, might be considered crazy by sheep people.

Having enough scars on the sides and top of my head so I if I ever went bald, my head would look like a roadmap of Texas, might qualify me as crazy to the sheep people.

This morning I got a cup of good coffee, went on the front porch escorted by one dog and one cat, listening to the birds wake up, the day start.

Heard a car coming down the street, saw a women, in a SUV, windows rolled up tightly on a beautiful day, wearing a mask over her nose and face, in her car alone, on recycled air!

God I felt sorry for her.

If you are that afraid to die, it is evident you have never lived.

I recall when was a young buck, uncle Sugar sent me to the big Kitty litter box of the Middle East.
As I recall, the most useful my gas mask ever was, was when I used it for pillow at night inside it’s carrier.

I don’t have a mask.

I recall one night, couple of our guys were running fork lifts loading the semi tractor traitor rigs with bombs coming off of the Navy Merchant Marine ships manned by Civilians.

My truck is sitting on the pier about half loaded when the scud alert goes off.

Everyone goes ape shit!
Battle stations are being called on the ships, red lights turned on, white lights off.

I was required by orders at this stage to put on my gas mask.
I did so, walked to the head of the pier where a couple of locals who had a small store there were laughing at me because I had a mask on.

I bought a pack of cigarettes from them as the all clear sounded.

Took my mask off, walked back to my truck, looked around for the fork lift operators.
Had a long night ahead of me and need to get started on my run.

After a while the two operator showed up.
Asked em where the hell ya been!

They answered:
“One one of those ships”.


So we would be safe!

Me, Gently taking one fool under each arm, I faced them looking down the length of the pier.

What the hell do you see stacked all up and down this pier?


What the hell do you see on the decks of those ships?


What the hell do you see on my truck which is only half loaded so I can not start my run?


If that damn thing had of hit anywhere around here the only thing you could do if you were damn fast like a rabbit, is to put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye!

Now get my truck loaded!

I still have an ID, but it says Civilian.
Civilians don’t have to do stupid things dumb ass holes say you have to do, for reasons which are beyond their sheep brains of understanding.

When I was still in grade school, it had come to me, it was better to be a dead Lion than a live mouse.

Mexican Revolutionary General Emilio Zapata said it another way:
“I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees!”.

Some sheep exist past the 100 year mark, and die, having never lived.

Picking a fight with a thunder storm now and then keeps one in shape.
Charging into trees may not be the best thing for you, it however teaches you the fine art of falling smartly without injuring ones self excessively.

When I was in the navy, some guys would ask me why I did not have any tattoos?

Would tell them, you get those because it makes you feel unique, no one else, anywhere in the world, looks quite like you do with your tattoos.

Then I would tell them, you have seem my scars.
You think there is anyone, anywhere else in the world, has a set of them all over the front of them, from mangled broken big toes to scarred tip top of my head?

I got my Tattoos picking fights with thunderstorms and charging into fence post and barbed wire at very fast speed.

Course, I have filled in around the original collection through the years.

Other motorcycle wreaks, car wreaks, chainsaws, fan blades, and that scar between the small and second fingers on the right hand.
He died some years back of cancer, but ole Bill as I recall, had these buck teeth.

Come on people, it is a damn respiratory illness, just like every damn year, some weak and already sick will die, like every damn year.

And that mask, wall of hoarded toilet paper, bottled water will not stop the angel of Death yanking your ass out of that cowering trembling body if it is your time!


Live a little before you die!

The ole Dog!

Jesus the Christ Said: “Thou FOOL!”, I Reckon He Had You In Mind.

Had this evil pedophile vaccine whore trying to mount my leg again, with about the 12th or 13th sock puppet of the day.

This was on a site where ANY naughty words rates a hold which never gets taken off, their site, their right.

And the Old Dog! is a master of naughty words at times.

But this reply is something any one reads me needs to know, where I came from, what I am.

We were Southern Poor but proud!
You did not eat the government food, but I don’t ever recall going hungry before I left home.

My father knew where we came from.
Seeing in me something he recognized, he kept his baby boy as far from the seats of power as he could while he tried to prepare me with personal examples of thrift, hard work, honor, integrity, thinking for ones self.

He taught me not to take advantage of ones blood to receive special favors not available to those you live and work with.

He was the best man I ever knew to walk the face of the earth in this life.

MY Un posted Reply to Troll.

Sock Puppet: Zara Gahrabli-
“So you didn’t actually go to West Point, or any college. Well, it shows.”

MY Un posted Reply to Troll:

“Troll opens pie hole, sticks all four paws in!

“So you didn’t actually go to West Point, or any college. Well, it shows.”

And Jesus the Christ said, “Thou Fool!”.

My brother came home from Viet Nam and warned me about how the water at West Point cause the cadets brains to jell.
He warned me a brilliant military strategist such as his baby brother, had best avoid associating with such rule book regurgitating cookie cutter “officers”.

So after a valuable lesson involving not marrying white trash, and getting that legally behind me, I followed my fathers foot steps to Howard Payne University to study theology.
I found it it to be a hollow hypocritical big money business pretending to be “christian”.
I paid child support on a kid was not my blood, while going to university, $$$$$$$$, working the only job I could get get in a college town, as a mechanic at a TG & Y auto center, while taking a full load at school.

Did one semester at the local collage back home, while helping out my dad around the place.
I worked odd jobs in a poor country so I could pay child support on a kid was not mine, did not dump that on my parents.

Completely broke I went back to work full time, and the rest of my 113 or so credit hours and such were done the Old Fashioned American way.

I did not ask for grants, loans, I worked a full time job, with lots of overtime, Night school, working to make up classes missed because I was on the road with my job, many missed classes.

Did my military enlisted and proud of that.
I never screwed a man or women under me over to get ahead in the military.
They ate before I did, they showered before I did, and they got a hell of a lot more sleep than I did.

And they All knew if they got a chunk taken out of their behind for something I ordered them to do, there was going to be several out of my butt defending them before they got to my men and women.

In the civilian world, after some more experience, I started my own successful business which I ran for 5 years before retiring to mini farm life.

Back around 2006 or so I was charging $45.00 per hour for my services, turning away work, and working myself ragged to keep up with more than I should have done, but when one is the business, and one has folks with businesses in a bind!

Jesus the Christ said:
“Thou FOOL”.

I reckon he had you in mind.”

The Ole Dog!

When a man loves a woman

In the beginning God created the Earth, and he rested.

Then God created. man, and they rested.

Then God created women, and neither God or man has ever rested since!

My wife worked with a big mouthed sister, so she has no grounds to act surprised about my past, cause she knew it all out of my sisters mouth before she let me catch her.

Probably why after I put that ring on that finger she sweetly with a smile told me if I ever tried to leave HER, she would kill my ass!

A real Viking man needs a real Viking woman.

She claims not to remember saying that now.

The Ole Dog!

“The Duty of True Patriot is to Defend His Country From It’s Government”

A Great American, one of these Men which without his contributions there more than likely not would not have been a Non British America.

As George Washington stood outwardly showing assurance, but not at all sure he was not leading these men to their deaths, but knowing without the success of this move, there would no more of the six month old united States of America, he had read to the troops waiting to enter those boats on that cold dark Christmas Eve night, Tomas Paine’s words on summer and winter soldiers.

George, Thomas, several of my Great-Grandfather types, were winter soldiers, who stuck with George through thick and thin, and I honor all these men mentioned.

Today, looking at the shit hole the yankee atheist pretending to be “christian” have made out of America, and are currently trying to apply the Coup de Gras to the American Homeland and American Souls, are you a cowardly egg sucking, child molesting, Penney stealing, candy from a baby stealing coward who will not stand up, speak up for the Land which gave them a chance to be more than animal slaves?

Do you out of your summer soldier cowardliness sell your prodigy into perpetual slavery so you will not personally have to bare any pain or burden?

Or are you like Thomas Paine, a Winter Soldier, one who put his ass into the crosshairs of the British cannon’s Mouth by standing up for what was right, what was good, despite the personal danger he knew such actions and words brought to him?

If men like him, and the ones who climbed into those boats on that cold dark night, hearing the words of Thomas ringing in their ears, if such pilgrims of Duty and courage, if men of such conviction no longer are of good number in America, then America is not worth saving!

The Ole Dog!

Mrs. With Royalty Means the Lady is a Queen Among Real Men

As Viking Kings are Men among Real Men, such Men must have a Queen on which lean on in times of sorrow-
The hurting in the hearts of her people to help sooth when their loved one attain Valhalla by battles horror-
Mrs. with Royalty means the Lady is a Queen among Real Men –
As Real Viking Royalty can not be Common and Sin-
Like the sins of the Fake “royal” commoner lizards squatting at the Buckingham pig pin-
A Viking King’s Concubine is like a legal live in girlfriend, comprehend?

The ole Viking Dog!

The Ole Dog! is Proposing Mercy Camps in Siberia for Quarantining Zionist Zombie Virus Infected Host Animals

The Ole Dog! proposes Mercy Camps for the highly contagious and very destructive zionist Zombie Virus Infected former Humans.

Instead of having an ole time world wide Rat Killing in defense of Humanity, the terminally infected with the evil of the zionist Zombie Virus ones would be gathered, quarantined in Mercy Camps in Siberia, with no contact to uninfected Humans, until the virus killed the former human soul-less two legged. animal host to the pedophile and death causing virus.

I call them Mercy camps, as it would show mercy by Humanity to let them live.
AS LONG, as they do not try to break quarantine so as to further infect and victimize Humanity.

Of course the Non Human leavings of the toxic zionist Zombie Virus would have to be sterilized, otherwise the infected pedophiles would have more babies to rape/murder in their Virus caused depravity.

Bomb Iran!!!!!!!!!

The head up Assus American Breed of Sheep, worshiping at the alter of their GOD!

USA burns children to death in their homes and church in Waco, Occupied Republic off Texas

Non Semtic red Russian expat & Spawn thereof, Turkmen mongrel khazarian. zionist Zombie Virus two legged animal host mutilates for perverse pleasure, the freshly Holocausted body of an Indigenous Semitic Palestinian for the “crime” of being Palestinian in Occupied Palestine.


Any questions?

The Ole Dog!

If Uncle Sugar gives You a Lemon, Make Lemonade

Folks are freaking out because the “US dollar’s” buying power is falling like a duck just got both wings blasted off by a yankee wife beating Penney from the newsboy stealing city slicker bad shot “duck hunter”.

No biggie.

Even at the rate of inflation of the Fiat Not federal No reserves and Not a “bank” “Dollar” , it still has it’s uses.

I create folk art with the coins, as seen above.

Honoring three US presidents, DC, all of the War Criminal “states” which helped the evil child gang raping to death thieving arsonist witch burning yankee puritan gentuza of USA/DC to Holocaust more than a half million Americans.

The paper kind, I am hoarding those because of the present toilet paper shortage.

But don’t worry, we have a stockpile of that worthless Not federal No reserves and Not a “bank” fiat paper backed by absolutely nothing of intrinsic value, made up out of thin air “dollars”
Alright, distribute them to the men.
Make sure I get fives and fifties.

You don’t have 100 ones you can give me for this 1 one hundred do ya?
Uh, yeah, I am going to have a yard sell and need the change!

If Uncle Sugar gives you a lemon, make lemonade.
Glass half full/half empty!

The Ole Dog!

Do the red Russian mongrel khazarians of Russia Have the Khazarian Kat House Piano Player the Putinister’s Likeness on a Coin?

I am a student of history.
Used to call myself a historian till I figured out most “historians” would not recognize real true history if it reared up and bit them in the keister.

Historians try to write about men and events their little sheep brains can not comprehend.
Thats the honest ones.

The Rat’s have a whole organization which goes behind humanity rewriting “history” to hide their crimes and punishments for those crimes against Humanity.

When I entered University, I was given credit US History 101 and 102 without taking the class, as my scores showed I knew more about American History than their tenured professors.

Cousin General George S Patton said, “Politicians are the lowest lifeforms on the face of the Earth.

As a Connoisseur of Real True. History, I have added to Georges list a close second, ” historians”.

Ike was a no combat khazarian red Russian political in a uniform,
Like the Putinister, he never heard a shot fired in anger, or led troops into battle.

I might add every morning I piss on a coin with Ikes likeness.

Do the red Russian mongrel Khazarians of Russia have the Khazarian Kat House Piano Player the Putinister’s likeness on a coin?

The Ole Dog!

Nothing I Can Do About It Now

Friend of mine and I have been nibbling around the ages of whats on the other side of the vail, how reincarnation is done.
Are our lives lived in sequence one by one, or do all our lives run all at once in their own Present Now?

Ether way, I agree with him the only safe way to change the past if it is possible, is to change ones future for the better by their actions in their present now.

My father who was a minister, a very wise man told me when we were discussing the soul, and the End of Times zealot Warvangelical zionist “christens” who spend their time worrying about something coming, someone told them about, sometime in the far distant future, rather than worrying about improving their own lives daily to build a better world.

Oh yes, and worrying about telling on other folks sins to God while not recognizing or repenting of their own.

“Seems to me, if you live each day as death may come today, so you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, not get caught doing what you should not be doing, I don’t think you have a lot to worry about”.

Ether way, I earned this gray in my hair and the lines on my face.
I would not trade the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, enlightenment I have learned through the pain, sorrow, betrayal, struggles, love received and given of those gone years, to wipe the slate clean at say 16-17, and start over.

Reminded me of one of Willies later songs.

The Ole Dog!