What Can One Say, to Wake Up An Evil Stiff Necked People, Who Don’t Want To Wake Up?


What do you call someone brings a base ball bat to a gun fight?

There was a deal, on the other side of the vail, where one faction of the ruling elite, gave up claim to Europe, for America.

This group of beings, had grown tired of the evil of the European people, their fickleness, their running off after false gods, every new religion or fad which came along.

So the deal was made, they gave up claim to Europe, Got North America.

The other side being evil asses, reneged on the deal, and their evil spawn came to america also, and started their evil in America.

Now i am not saying the first group were choir boys, but they were trying to grow spiritually, and America was looked at as a land of starting over, leaving the old evil behind, a place where one could grow spiritually in the forested cathedral of Nature.

There are bloodlines which have ruled humanity for so far back into history, there is no history which is available to the common man goes back that far.

If one was to liberate the sub basements of the Vatican, they would find details of their world which would amaze humanity.

The Knights of Malta, The Templars, the Masons, are secret organizations which originally were supposed to help fight for humanity against the evil bloodlines which schemed and fought to make slaves of all humanity, to carry on the true teachings of Jesus the Christ.

Unfortunately, although there are probably a few folks left in these organizations who are honest, just trying to make the best of a bad situation, keep striving for spiritual growth, they are few and far between, and they are not running the lodges, or the craft.

The members of these organizations are too busy using inside connections to try to get rich, gain power, get to the head of the class on the public teat, covering each others asses in corrupt court rooms, to worry about trying to help humanity, fight evil.

They have, as Robert E Lee warned against, became that which they originally set out to fight.

These organizations are now controlled by the same evil they were organized to fight.

Again, probably still a few good folks in them, not knowing where to turn, or where yo go, just holding on hoping like hell something happens to stop the evil which is running rampant in the world, and in their own organizations.

At the Council of Nicaea, the same pedophile priest of Rome, which cobbled together the Roman Bible, threw out all which did not help them sell their nightmare of an angry war god which must be obeyed or one will be BBQed like a goat over slow coals, forever and ever, but if one does exactly as the baby raping “priest’ say, in other words what the evil elites farming the common folks like cattle in “government” say to do, one gets to avoid the BBQ, and gets all the gold, glory and easy life one wants, forever and ever, made 1100 years of history, from the time Jesus the Christ was murdered by them, just disappear like a viper disappearing down a rabbit hole.

The Christ they murdered, who was fighting the evil, they then wrote him into their side, as their “savior”.

In their bible, deities are switched, evil becomes good, and good becomes evil.

If one understands what was done, few do at this point, one can pick a somewhat true history of the world, this world, out of their “bible”.

Every American President, from George Washington to Reagan, are cousins, all trace back to King John the Poopless.

Not sure the Bad Bushes, Papa was a pedophile, involved in the JFK assassination, are who they are supposed to be.

Reagan was the last of the puppet presidents, before the Bad Bush takeover.

Not sure the “presidents” since then, are human, much less from King John’s line.

I am descended from king John, along with a whole lot of other kings, so i was eligible for the Presidency.

Descended from the Washingtons, among other names.

When i graduated high school the local congressman called my father and offered West Point.

Paid for my own college, went enlisted.

When i was doing my war in the big kitty litter box, America dragged in by Bad Bush with lies, the Secretary of State was my Third cousin on my mothers side, James A Baker.

If i had sold my soul, gone to West point, i would have been presented a hero of the war, got elected as a senator, done a couple of terms, then walked into the presidency.

Thats how it used to be done.

Now Mossad runs things for the RothsRats, who are trying to turn America into a slave plantation and child sex party favor, and human sacrifice farm.

Look at the adulterated shit, perverts, pedophiles, queers, transvestites, good ole boy rape artist with a practicing homosexual witch for a “wife”, fat yankee blow hards owned by the Non Semitic Khazarian Mafia who have been “president since then.

Folks, you have been farmed like soul-less animals, (how the elites see you), for thousands of years.

The secret organizations are not going to save you, they are helping the evil farm you.

The District of Colombia, USA, are not going to save you, they are the ones farming your ass for the evil of the Rats and associates.

GMOs, Voodoo Vaccines, Nuclear power plants which WILL fail, just as two already have, and are still poisoning the earth, 5G, chemical in your foods, chemicals in your water, chemtrails in the air you breath, which falls on the food growing, which you then eat.

Folks, they are trying to take out humanity, or at least wipe out most of it, leaving just enough children to rape, and enough grown ups for slaves, to do the dirty work they do not want to.

There is no space force from anywhere, coming to save your ass.

Jesus the Christ, (Yeshua) is not coming to save your ass, he already tried that! Humanity helped the elites murder him. He gave humanity a chance to save themselves, they murdered him and partied on, running after the evil elites fairytale “god”.

He is still a bit pissed at humanity for their evil cowardly ways.

No bunch of sealed indictments, no army of warrant servers, no shipload of judges, prosecutors, going to come and save your asses.

That was never the plan.

The elites, were supposed to be helpmate for humanity, but part of them went bad, and the fight has been on for a hell of a long time.

The number on the side of humanity, has grown smaller and smaller, as those who should know better, if they listen to their intuition from past lives, drink of the cup of wrath of the great whore, dressed all in purple.

It was part of my job, to warn humanity they must repent, find some honor, look inward to save themselves.

Been trying for over forty years, learning more myself as i progressed in this life, becoming more in touch with my former lives, trying to warn Americans, and now humanity.

Been called well meaning but crazy, and every other name in the book.

I tried to cuss humanity, beg them, tell them the truth, write articles, hell, i even tried to sing the truth, and i feel like Elijah, when he got to feeling sorry for himself, decided he was the only one left which had not been killed by, or joined the evil.

God told him, get off your face, stop feeling sorry for yourself, do your job!
I have a whole bunch of fighters against evil left, who have never bent a knee to the evil!

But folks, although i believe there are good people left in this world, i have been unable but to find a handful.

If you, humanity, wants for your race, your prodigy to survive, as anything but a few cattle left alive to make the elites lives easy, and for sexual and sacrificial purposes, you had best look inward for your salvation, because only when you see your own faults, can you fix them.

And you better damn well fix them fast.

The common people must band together against the elites if they want to survive.

Humans are being used as useful idiots by the evil elites.
Slaughtering the humans who are serving the evil, as a solution has been tried again and again.
It don’t work.
Children must be kept from being indoctrinated with we are better than them, god chose us, our god is real but their’s is fake.

The self righteous hate must be kept from children, as once indoctrinated, the current life is most times set on its path of following evil, thinking evil is right and good.
As reincarnation is real, being indoctrinated with the same crap life after life, reinforces the false gods and self righteousness in their beings.
If they do not deal with it on the other side, their next life will simply be a continuation of being used as cattle, sex objects, and slaves by the evil ones.

We are all one, no matter which star, galaxy, cabbage patch we come from.

One is all, and all is one.

When we hurt others unjustly, we hurt ourself and humanity as a whole.
As parents, each is responsible for protecting their young, this includes protecting them form false propaganda, Voodoo vaccines, GMOs, Usury wars, and other evil.

It is later than you think, there is not much time.
All of humanity must learn, no matter the skin color, no mater where your ancestors are from, harming other humans, you harm yourself and lay up pain for your own lives and souls.

The last good elite i know of in Europe, was my cousin Lady Di, and they murdered her.

I have been a being of war, life in, life out.
I got damn good at war.
I thought i was fighting for my side, my people.

There are times one can not avoid a war, such as when DC invaded the South, the South had to fight.
When the evil invaded China, forced opium on the Chinese, they had to fight.
Sometime you do not have a choice.
Sometime evil wins even though you fight.

Remember when they said, what if they gave a war, and no one came?
This will take humanity joining together, to defy servitude to a common enemy.
No good if one side don’t fight, gets slaughtered.

If humanity is to survive, they must unite.

This body is a meat sandwich, you have left bones scattered across the face of this world.
Your energy, your soul is you, not what looks back at you from a mirror, except the eyes.
The eyes are the mirror of the soul.

Some of these beings are real bad asses, but most are cowardly schemers.
Just because a soul is born into a bloodline family, does not make them one of the beings who are what the bible calls the watchers, or the fallen angels.
The is usually some truth to old sayings.
Like you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.
But the souls born into the bloodlines, are often very useful idiots to the real big Lizards.
Remember i said there is usually some truth to the ole wives tales and sayings.
Remember in the movies, when the Native Americans says, “white man speaks with forked tongue?
My father, who was one of the good ones, had the genes though.
He used to stick his tongue out and fork it to amuse us kids.
Some of the grandkids can also.

Why do you fight wars for ass holes who will not send themselves, their prodigy to fight and die?

Here in America, i feel like Abraham looking for ten just men, in order to save Sodom and Gomorrah from the wrath of their own evil.

I did not find them, here and there a sort of maybe good one.

So i have tried every damn thing i know of to warn you, used very word i knew, every form of communication i could think of, and it did not make a damn bit of difference.

You want to be slaves, the unlucky ones who they do not kill off in their planned wiping out millions of “useless food eaters”, as the elites, including the ones you vote for in DC, call your asses.

Do you survive as a species or not?

Your choice!

Choose wisely.

John C Carleton

Hong Kong, the Treaty of Nanjing Returns

Clearly, some young people in Hong Kong have adopted British culture – after the handover to China of their special province. They do not know the history of their country and what they owe to the Peoples’ Republic of China. For their great grandparents, London had brought only misery and desolation, causing the collapse of the Middle Kingdom.

Hundreds of young Chinese, in front of the British Consulate in Hong Kong, sing the God Save the Queen and shout “Great Britain Saves Hong Kong”, a rally call in London by 130 parliamentarians who ask that British citizenship be given to residents of the former colony. In this way, Britain is emerging in world public opinion, particularly among young people, as a guarantor of legality and human rights. To do this, History is erased.

It is therefore necessary, before any other consideration, to know the historical episodes which, in the first half of the 19th century, brought the Chinese territory of Hong Kong under British rule.

The “Opium Wars” represent the paradigm of British colonialism: London did not seek to dominate the Chinese population politically, but exclusively to exploit it economically. To impose drug use, Her Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Victoria, waged two wars that caused several million deaths.
To penetrate China, then ruled by the Qing dynasty, Britain resorted to the distribution of opium, which it shipped by sea from India where it held the monopoly. The drug market spread rapidly in the country, causing serious economic, physical, moral and social damage that provoked the reaction of the Chinese authorities. But when they confiscated stored opium in Canton and burned it, the British troops occupied this city and other coastal cities with the first Opium War, forcing China to sign the Treaty of Nanjing in 1842.

Hong Kong, the Treaty of Nanjing Returns

Controversial Lead Codices With Earliest Written Account of Jesus Confirmed Authentic

What this article does not say, which some others have, is Jesus the Christ, came not to start a new religion, but to get the late period Judain Hebrews to return to the God of their fathers at the Times of Kings David and Solomon, which was female.

In the church of Rome bible, cobbled together in 0325 AD, at the council of Nicaea, it was rewritten, the goodness or badness of “gods” and dieties were switched.

The original God of the hebrews, El Elyon, The Most High God was written out of Hebrew history by the late period Hebrews.
Yahweh who was a Son of the Most High God and the protecting angel of the Hebrews was drafted without his agreement to be the replacement god.

If you are now serving “the one true God”, and you want to claim he did all those things for the hebrews the original God did, can not have that early period God cluttering up their late term politically correct history now can you?

John C Carleton

In 2007, Jennifer Solignac and David Elkington were shown images of a newly discovered set of books, of codices. They were surprising in one particular way: they were composed almost entirely of impure lead. Attempts to bring the lead codices into the public eye soon led to controversy and dismissals that they were fake – from people and institutions that had never even analyzed them.
However, patient analysis and investigation have revealed the fact that the lead codices are both authentic and ancient.
Visiting the Homeland of the Lead Codices
We had been shown a number of strange looking books or codices – a series of lead plates bound together by lead wire – seventy in all and had managed to take a lot of detailed, high definition images. Now we had to discover the valley where the codices came from. It was located in northern Jordan. During a number of visits there in 2009 and 2011 we discovered much: an intact first century burial chamber, an olive press and all the signs of very long-term habitation. There were caves everywhere, furthermore, it was known that the early Christians had been here – there was still an intact Christian monastic cell high up in the cliff-face.

“More Important than the Dead Sea Scrolls”
What we were looking at were very early books. The discovery was soon to be described as ‘more important than the Dead Sea Scrolls ’ by the Director of Antiquities in Amman, Jordan – and here we were in Northern Jordan, in pursuit of documents that could very well change everything we know of the origins of Christianity.

The documents first came to light in 2007 when we were first asked to provide an initial assessment. At first glance they looked unremarkable – odd leather books that looked quite beaten up and, frankly, such things are to be seen on the open market. Ever since the discovery of the Nag Hammadi texts in 1945 all manner of codices have flooded the market, most of them forgeries.
However, it was when we were informed that they were made entirely of lead rather than leather that we realized that we were looking at something unique. This was soon confirmed by an enquiry to the Palestine Exploration Fund in London: on the theme of lead codices we could find nothing.

Earliest Know depiction of Jesus the Christ



Yahweh is what the Indoctrinated with zionist lies, think of as Satan

Earliest known depiction of Jesus the Christ, from the Jordanian Lead Tablets

The God of the Hebrews, at the time of Kings David and Solomon, who i am descended from by the way, was a Female God, who could become male to procreate.

The Late term Hebrews went off after false gods, served what the sheep know as Satan, (Yahweh), angry War God, who approves of raping children, slavery, bashing babies brains out against rocks, Usury, armmed robbery, mass slaughters.

Jesus the Christ, in addition to trying to stir up a rebellion against the Romans, was telling the Hebrews, (not non semitic Russian expat halfbreed khazarians), to repent, stop their evil, stop serving the false demonic angry war god, and return to the God of their Fathers, which is not Yahweh.

The Late Term Hebrews, did not want to return to the god of their fathers, so they helped Rome murder Jesus, and partied on, chasing orphans into dark dead end alleys, stealing the widow’s last Mite and home with Usury, starting wars, running slavery, armed robbery and mass murders.

So the Christ, called in the Horsemen on them as he cussed them for evil degenerates and cowards, as they nailed his butt to a tree, not a cross.

Thats why they ceased to exist as a people.
Closest thing are the Yemen people with about 10 percent of Ancient Hebrew Genome.
You remember the Yemens, the ones the Non Semitic Russian Khazarian expats are helping Saudi Holocaust?

Talmud is the evil pedophilic ravings of criminal insane degenerates who left their first LOVE for a whore dressed in purple.

The evil zionist zombie virus was passed to the Khazarians in the Steppes of Russia in the year 0740 AD.

The Ole Dog!

Big Pharma gets seasonal flu shot strains wrong AGAIN – how is this considered “evidence-based medicine?”

(Natural News) It’s “flu season” again, which means you’re likely to encounter life-sized grim reapers holding vaccine syringes at your local CVS pharmacy, as well as actual flu shots that, as always, don’t actually work.

According to reports, the latest batch of flu shots for the 2019-2020 flu season contain viral strains that don’t even match the ones that health “experts” anticipate will circulate – meaning tens of millions of people are going to be jabbed with chemical cocktails that will do absolutely nothing to protect them from influenza.

Two of the four viral strains that were chosen for this current flu season – A/H3N2 and B/Victoria – “could be off the mark,” writes Matthew Herper for StatNews.com, who added that making an accurate prediction about which strains will circulate is “never an easy business.”

Described by influenza epidemiologist Dr. Danuta Skowronski as a “mismatch” based on which strains previously circulated in the Southern Hemisphere during its winter season, the use of these two viral strains in the flu shots now being administered in the Northern Hemisphere means that Americans will receive minimal protection, at best, against the flu strains that end up circulating here.

“I think the vaccine strain selections by the WHO committee are obviously important for the Southern Hemisphere but they’re also signals to us because they’re basing their decisions on what they see currently predominating on the global level,” Skowronski, who works for the British Columbia Center for Disease Control in Vancouver, is quoted as saying.


Face Book says telling the truth of the fake “prince” no chin charlie being a PEDOPHILE, he and his FAKE queen mother MURDERING my cousin LADY DI, violates their community standards

The dead person having sex with, procurer of children for British elites, bestist friends with the fake “prince” no chin charle

Know why no chin charlie, the FAKE prince, wears a kilt?

Little children can hear zippers!

Both Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed were bastards, not Royal, which means, all British “monarchs” from them forward are fakes, illegitimate.

This pedophile and the fake queen which hatched him, murdered my cousin Lady Di.

She was the last damn decent thing left in England.
They used her for breeding purposes, because she carried the legitamnat blood line, them murdered her when a real Royal stood up to pedophile fake royals.

And it is against Face Books Standards, to allow you to know that.

Why does Face Book protect pedophiles?
Birds of a feather?

‘The Prince and the Pedophile: Charles’ connections to pedophilia networks’

The Prince and the Pedophile: Charles’ connections to pedophilia networks

John C Carleton
The ole Dog!

Iranian President’s Brother Sentenced to Prison for Corruption


John C Carleton
The Ole Dog!

TEHRAN (FNA)- The brother of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was given a 5-year jail term in the final session of his trial on charges of corruption.
“Hossein Fereidoun was sentenced to 5 years of prison,” Judiciary Spokesman Gholam Hossein Esmayeeli said in a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday.

The verdict was issued after several closed-door court sessions.

Asked if Fereidoun has any other open case in the Judiciary, Esmayeeli said, “His other case is still under study at the prosecutor’s office and has not been sent to the judge yet”.

He did not elaborate on the details of Hossein Fereidoun’s other case and accusations.

Fereidoun was arrested in 2017 and quickly released on bail following long-running corruption allegations, with the judiciary saying at the time that he was the subject of “multiple investigations”.

People and the MPs had demanded that Fereidoun be put on trial, accusing him of financial-corruption charges.

Iran’s new Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Rayeesi has started serious fight against corruption since being appointed in March 2019.


Israel shoots children, lets them bleed to death

The parents of Ali al-Ashqar believe that Israel made it impossible for medics to treat their son. Abed Zagout

Palestine is the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian’s Country, Land and Home.

The invaders, are Non Semitic Turkmen/slavic halfbreed reject outcaste from the Steps of Russia, where they converted to the Satanic End of Times Death and Pedophile Cult in the year 0740 AD.

There is both accepted historical documents, and modern DNA studies which prove beyond a doubt the invaders are just Russian Expat and spawn thereof pedophile mass murdering and thieving war criminals.


“GOD”, (which one), did not promise the Non Semitic Khazarian Russian Expats and spawn thereof, jack shit!

John C Carleton
The Ole Dog!

Ali al-Ashqar had just thrown one stone when he was shot. The 17-year-old immediately fell to the ground.

Nabil Masoud had been standing nearby. Along with two medics, he rushed to try and help Ali.

“But the Israeli sniper started shooting toward anyone who got close to the child,” said Masoud. “For around 17 minutes, no one was able to reach Ali. It was clear that the Israeli soldier wanted the child to bleed until he died. And that is what actually happened.”

Eventually, the medics gained access to Ali. But it was too late.

An autopsy confirmed that he had been struck by a bullet in the chest, which had existed his neck. He had also been hit by fragments of bullets fired in his direction.

Ali was killed during the Great March of Return on 6 September. He was approximately 80 meters from the fence separating Gaza and Israel.

“In pain all the time”
Nicknamed Guerilla, Ali had been an active participant in the Great March of Return, which demands that Palestinian refugees be allowed go back to homes from which they were expelled in 1948. He had previously been injured five times during these protests, which were launched in 2018.

In July this year, Ali had been shot in the leg during one such protest. He had been scheduled to undergo surgery for his leg injury in Indonesia Hospital, northern Gaza, on 7 September – the day after he was killed.

Indonesia Hospital turned out to be the place where his body was taken for an autopsy.

Since he was shot in the leg Ali was “in pain all the time,” said his father Sami. “He could only sleep after taking painkillers.”

With three brothers and one sister, Ali was the eldest boy in his family.

“My son had a strong heart,” said Sami. “He was more like a young man than a child in the way he dealt with life. I always encouraged him to become a police officer; he had the right personality. He was more than a son, he was my friend.”

Most members of the al-Ashqar family have been active in the Great March of Return. They fully identify with its goals; the family hails from Barbara, a village in historic Palestine, that was ethnically cleansed by the Israeli military during the last few months of 1948.

“It wasn’t an accident”