Socialism Is Destroying America

Leave it to the left-wing (i.e., statist liberals) to point out, indirectly, that the right-wing (conservatives and Republicans) are as devoted to socialism as leftists are. The point is well made in an article by Tim Butterworth, a former Democratic Party legislator in New Hampshire.

The title of the article pretty much says it all: ’Socialism’ Made America Great.” That’s, of course, the standard mindset of liberals/progressives/ Democrats. But it’s also the standard mindset of conservatives/Republicans! The difference is that the left admits it, proudly, while the right denies it.

Butterworth uses several examples to buttress his point. The big example he uses is the Interstate Highway System, which, he correctly points out, was one gigantic socialist public-works project — the biggest in the history of the world. He points out that it cost $500 billion in today’s dollars, with 90 percent coming from the federal government and 10 percent coming from the states.

Butterworth, of course, has it wrong about socialism making America great, but at least he has a grip on reality. He understands that the Interstate Highway system was a giant socialist project, and he’s proud of that fact. He is also happy to be called a socialist for supporting it.

Conservatives and Republicans, on the other hand, live their lives denying reality about themselves. They favor the Interstate Highway System as much as progressives and Democrats do, but they have convinced themselves that it actually is part and parcel of America’s “free enterprise” system. Notwithstanding their support of this gigantic socialist project, right-wingers continue to hew to their old 1950s mantra “free enterprise, private property, and limited government.”

The socialism of Social Security

Butterworth also points to Social Security, which he calls “our government insurance.” It too is a socialist program. Hey, they don’t call it Social Security for nothing. It originated among German socialists in the late 1800s and later became a core element in Hitler’s National Socialist system.

Contrary to what Butterworth writes, Social Security is not an “insurance” program. Embodying the Marxian principle of “from each according to his ability to each according to his need,” Social Security plunders and loots young people and gives their money to seniors. Both the left and the right say this reflects how good and caring Americans are. In actuality, it reflects nothing of the sort. Coercion and good and caring are opposite concepts.

Butterworth also points to Medicare, Medicaid, and other forms of what he calls “socialist, government-funded health care.” Once again, he gets it. He has a grip on reality. He understands that all of this is socialism. Conservatives, on the other hand, are just as committed to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other socialist programs as liberals, but they just can’t bring themselves to embrace this reality about themselves. They steadfastly continue to maintain that they are “capitalists” and continue to decry leftists as “socialists.” Conservatives are the classic example of living what can be called “the life of the lie.”

Butterworth also points to another socialist project, one that has long been ardently supported by both conservatives and liberals — the Tennessee Valley Authority, a government-owned and -operated electricity enterprise.

What is unseen about socialism

In exclaiming the virtues of all this socialism, Butterworth makes a classic mistake, one that was pointed out in the 1800s by the French libertarian Frederic Bastiat, who wrote many essays opposing socialism in France. Bastiat observes that while socialists point to a socialist project to show people how beneficial it is, they ignore all the things that would have come into existence if people had been free to spend their money the way they wanted.

Consider those $500 billion that were spent on the Interstate Highway System. All that money was extracted from American taxpayers. They would have spent their money on things that were important to them, such as clothing, housing, transportation, food, education, vacations, or whatever, or they would have saved the money for retirement or something else. Think of all the businesses and all the jobs that failed to come into existence because people were prevented from spending that $500 billion on the things they wanted.

Butterworth also fails to note all of the businesses and people who were financially destroyed because of the Interstate Highway System. Those were the people who were running restaurants, motels, and other businesses that catered to people who were traveling through towns on the state highways that people were using before the Interstate Highway System. They got destroyed the day the Interstate Highway System opened up. Neither leftists nor conservatives cared one iota about their suffering.

Then there were the thousands of people whose neighborhoods were destroyed through the construction of the Interstate Highway System. Even though they were paid off through eminent domain, many of them were never able to recapture the feel of the neighborhood life from which they had been forcibly evicted to make room for the socialist highway system. Neither leftists nor conservatives cared one iota about their suffering.

And look at what the Interstate Highway System did to America’s transportation system. Butterworth himself acknowledges that “rail and mass transit were marginalized.” In fact, the Interstate Highway System totally skewed America’s transportation system in an adverse way. After all, what is it that leftists lament so highly? Isn’t it air pollution? Well, guess what all those cars did that the Interstate Highway System helped bring into existence. They brought pollution, the very thing that the left now laments. Isn’t that what those catalytic converters are for? If it hadn’t been for the Interstate Highway System, America’s transportation system would have developed in a much more balanced way, one that would have involved a balance of trains, automobiles, planes, busses, and other forms of transportation.

Look at what Social Security, Medicare, and other socialist programs have done to the American people. They have created a mindset of hopelessness, dependency, and despair among seniors, most of whom are convinced that not only do they have the right to other people’s money, but also that they would die in the streets if it weren’t for this socialist “safety net.” Gone are the attitudes of can-do, self-reliance, and voluntary charity that characterized our American ancestors, who lived without these socialist programs for more than 100 years. Today, American seniors cannot imagine life without their socialist dole. That’s what socialism does to people. It’s like a narcotic. Once you get on it, you don’t want to get off it.

Socialism–the great destroyer

Look around us. Every single socialist program is in crisis or chaos. Social Security. Health care. Immigration controls. The Federal Reserve. Education. The military-industrial complex. Federal spending and debt. All of them a complete mess. That’s what socialism always produces — crises, chaos, and messes.

Butterworth has it all wrong. Socialism hasn’t made America great. It has destroyed our freedom, our self-reliance, our faith in voluntary charity, and our economic well-being. There is no better time to ditch our socialist system than now, before it makes things even worse than they already are.

Jacob G. Hornberger


Capter 2;
Page 27.

Discussing the robbery, the rape, the murder of Southern Civilians because their Country, Missouri, refused to send troops to invade other Southern countries, (States) which had lawfully seceded, Lincoln invaded in a war crime, violating the constitution, sent USA troops, to burn, rape, rob, throw the elected officials in prison without trials, and installed a fake, unelected government which which went against the will of, and persecuted the souls of Missouri

“By the spring of of 1863, Loan, [Brig. Gen. Ben Loan], decreed that only those loyal to his government might engage in business or grow crops.
Eighty Lexington businessmen raced got sign the resolution proving their loyalty, but were placed under arrest, and had their places of business closed because they “signed Late”.

In the rural areas, and small towns of Missouri, arson theft, and murder became so common that vast sections of the State were uninhabited by wars end.

“WE BELIVE IN A WAR OF EXPERMINATION.” said Brig. Gen. James H Lane.
I want to see every foot of ground in Jackson, Cess, and Bates counties burned over—everything laid too waste.
Everything disloyal from a Shanghai rooster to a Durham cow must be cleaned out.”

On September 23, 1861, his artillery opened fire on the St. Clair Country Court House.
It burst into flames, and soon the rest of the Osceola was blazing as well.

The bank was robbed, [Where Jessie and Frank James got the idea to rob Kansas banks, get Missouri money back], and Loan’s men downed a large quantity of whiskey.
Theft went on everywhere in town, the general himself taking a carriage, piano, and supply of dresses.

Loan’s chaplain, Rev. Hugh D. Fisher, stole the alter furnishings from a local Oscela church, explaining that he needed the items for his own church in Lawrence.
A long Wagon train loaded with plundered goods accompanied the [war criminals] troops back to their Lawrence base”.


You can get it ot Amazon, or do a search for places to buy the book.

This 2nd book has even more damning evidence of the evil of the USA/DC.

Amazon has now banned the above book, American Terrorist as it has way too much truth in it, but it is still available from another source:

Stupidity is genetic, ignorance is a choice.
Don’t be ignorant.
Educate yourself!

The Ole Dog!

HEADLINE:-“US Forces May Have Committed War Crimes in Syria”: UN Report-I Kid You Not!!!!!

“US Forces May Have Committed War Crimes in Syria: UN Report”


I want some of what they are smoking at the UN.

Once more, let it sink into your gray matter, like the warmth of a hot shower after a week or two in a winter war game.

“US Forces May Have Committed War Crimes in Syria: UN Report”.


Syria is a Independent, Sovereign Nation, Country, which has not attacked, threatened to attack, America.
Yet the USA, invaded militarily in an unprovoked war crime, has occupied in a war crime, aided , armed, transported, given medical and intelligence help to Israhell’s Mossad proxy ISIS terrorist group in Syria, have themselves murdered thousands of innocents Syrians in war crimes, have attacked the proper Government military of the Syrian people repeatably!!!!!

And the UN, after what, five years of this shit, has timidly decided, “US Forces May Have Committed War Crimes in Syria: UN Report”.


Good shit they are smoking, better than South Texas Mexican Dirt Weed, I guarantee!

John C Carleton


To Die in Chicago

A review of To Die in Chicago: Confederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas (Pelican, 1999) by George Levy

The dead are buried somewhere in Chicago and there are over 4,000 of them—that much we know. Treatment was just as harsh in most other Northern prison camps – worse in Elmira. But at least they keep better track of the corpses produced. Here at Camp Douglas things were done Chicago—style.

Beginning in August of 1864, they started burying the small pox cases right on the Douglas Estate. But over 3,300 others ended up six miles north in the pauper’s section of what was then the old city cemetery. It is now Lincoln Park. Some of the dead may still be there but the graves were shallow, the water – table high. Many washed out into the lake. Many others were probably dumped into the lake -the contractors were getting $1.50 per body, and nobody was looking.

When the old cemetery was closed after the war, the bodies were moved to Oak Woods Cemetery, some five miles South of the camp. Due to the confusion and possible corruption involved (the contract was awarded to a Chicago Alderman and his brother) nobody can say for sure how many dead Confederates are really resting at Oak Woods.

We know this—they have a noble monument, made appropriately enough of Georgia marble, and erected to their honor in 1895 by the Ex-Confederate Soldiers Association of Chicago. President Cleveland attended the ceremonies on Memorial Day. Then, as now, there were those who complained about the presence of a Confederate war memorial in the belly of the Windy City.

George Levy, the author of To Die in Chicago, is an amateur historian who attended the University of Chicago. Back in the 1860’s, the main hall of the University used to be right across the road from the pest house at Camp Douglas. The camp itself rested in part on property originally owned by the famous Illinois Senator whose name it bears.

Levy has done a wonderful job of pulling together obscure and disparate sources to illuminate as best he can a dark and all but forgotten corner of Chicago history.

His study emphasizes just how much of the suffering at Camp Douglas was really unnecessary. The men suffered miserably from a lack of anti-scorbutics but fresh fruit and vegetables were plentiful in near-by Chicago markets. There was an acute shortage of blankets-an item the federals could have easily provided for. But such shortages were no accident —they were imposed by camp commanders as punishment for escape attempts.

Much unnecessary suffering was also caused by the federal military prison system, which rewarded camp commanders who kept the budgets low. The easiest way to do this was to cut the prisoners’ rations.

At times, die men were reduced to catching rats – and eating dogs. There is one grimly amusing anecdote concerning some prisoners who captured a small terrier belonging to a guard, killed it, cooked it, and made soup from the bones. When a reward notice was posted by the guard for the return of his pet, some unknown poet wrote beneath, “’’For lack of bread/ The dog is dead/ For want of meat/ The dog was eat.”

But it was the cold weather that proved the great killer, as deaths from small pox, pneumonia, and typhoid mounted when “the hawk was on the wing” over Lake Michigan. Writes tire author”

“In November 1864, the death toll was 217, another 323 died in December, 308 in January, 1865, and 243 more answered die long roll in February. The loss of 1,091 lives in only four months was the heaviest for any like period in the camp’s history, and equaled the deaths at Andersonville from February to May, 1864.”


To Die in Chicago

Adelsons Told Police Sara Netanyahu Is ‘Crazy’ and ‘Decides Everything’

Zionist “christians”, and zionist Non Semitic Russian Expat and spawn thereof Khazarian reject outcaste from the Steppes of Russia, the Khazarians are not descended from the Ancient Hebrew, are not Semitic, and their ancestors were never in Palestine until 1946.

It is a scam.
zionist Khazarians being used by the evil above them, to wage war on the Earth and humanity.

Not all Khazarians, are zionist or evil, but the also sure as hell are not Hebrews or descended from Hebrews either.

As per modern DNA testing, from finding ancient hebrews graves, taking DNA, comparing it with folks from all over the world, it was found the closest thing to an ancient Hebrew in the world, is the Yemen people.

Thats right, the Yemen people the Non Semitic, lying invading death cult religion Khazarians are Holocausting along with USA and Saudi, are the direct descendants of the ancient biblical Hebrews.

The Non Semitic, not descended from the Ancient Hebrew, Turkmen/slavic half breeds, ARE NOT, in any way, (PER MODERN DNA TESTING), descended from the ancient Hebrews, who are occupying the Semitic Palestinians Ancestral Home Land of Palestine, who are helping the evil of the USA and the evil of Saudi, Holocaust the Yemen people.

The Yemen are closest to the Hebrew, with 10% ancient Hebrew Genome.

The cult religion members, by modern DNA testing, were found to be majority of Non Semitic Khazarian makeup.

The Russian expat and spawn there of Khazarians were found to not be related to the Hebrew, and Khazarian history itself backs that up, with a Khazarian king around 0900 ad, in a letter saying the Khazarians were not descended from the Hebrew.

Written history, proves beyond a doubt, the Khazarian CONVERTED to the cult religion, in the Steppes of Russia, in the year, 0740 AD.

So all them Khazarians occupying Palestine, raping the Semitic Palestinian children, Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians, stealing their land, water, oil, bulldozing their homes, entire towns, over thoiusand year old Palestinian cemeteries and olive groves, are evil criminally insane, war criminals, who are not human, even though they have reared up and walk on two feet.

Talking zionist Khazarians here.

The DNA does not make some one good or evil, that is the soul which enters the earthly body.

The indoctrination the zionist children receive, poisons their soul, and causes them to be evil against humanity.

As in all groups, there are those indoctrinated, and reject the evil, fight against it.

Can not paint folks with an all inclusive wide brush

But the ones in occupied Palestine, are not human, they have forfeited any humanity they might have one time possessed.

And them yankee zionist puritans are just as evil, and just as non human, as their Khazrain Mafia blackmailers and collaborators.

John C

Multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson, once Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s key supporter, and his wife Miriam testified to police that Sara Netanyahu was “crazy” and that “she decides everything,” including key appointments and even some political matters, in the Netanyahu household, Channel 13 reported Sunday.

“She’s completely crazy,” said Sheldon Adelson, publisher of the Israel Hayom daily. “She was compulsive about photos of herself and how she looked. She said ‘I’m the first lady, I’m a psychologist and I teach children about psychology.’ … She would tell my wife that if Iran attacked it would be her fault … because we didn’t publish good pictures of her,” said Adelson, a leading donor to Israeli and Jewish causes as well as to the Republican Party.


WE’RE BACK, AND WE ARE PISSED OFF, Or, Just Plain Tired of yankee Lies and Shit!

I grew up, the baby boy, of a Texican Southern Baptist minister.
Good man.
Humble man.

Kill you if you tried to harm his family.
Scotts-Irish, with enough Welsh so when he died at 91 years old, he still had jet black hair with a bit of graying at the temples.

There was a couple time, some real trouble was ongoing, saw him preach when i knew that suit coat was covering that Smith & Wesson, Model 10, 38 Special.

Two great great grandfather Revolution war soldiers.
A 3ed and a 4th great grandfather, were also revolution war soldiers.

Lewis Carleton sitting left. Right sitting, his wife Margaret Carleton.
standing, two nephews.
Lewis’s hair and beard, turned white during the war, as many men’s did. A combination of what they saw, the fighting the did, and the poor nutrition the nearly starving Souther fighters faced with the yankee steal and burning what he could not carry off.

Lewis Carleton, his direct great grandfather, served three years with Washington, wounded at the Battle of Brandywine, at Valley Forge with Washington, as his 3ed great-grandfather, a man of an age he was not expected to go fight, but he did, and died shortly after the war’s end, with complications of his lungs, from wintering soldering with George Washington.

His other great grandfather soldier, the son in law of the older gentleman, served two hitches with Washington, the second as a scout for Washington’s army.
Which means he would have been hanged as a spy by the British if caught.

His grandmothers father, his other great-great grandfather was at the Battle of nNew Orleans, in 1814, with Jackson.

His grandfather, was a medical doctor, and a circuit riding Methodist minister in Washington County Arkansas, when the yankee war criminal invaded his country.

He left his circuit, in the hands of another circuit riding minister, who territory just doubled, left his widowed mother, wife and familes in the hands of God, went down and joined up as a common soldier.
When the Chaplain position was created in the Confederate Army, he became a Chaplain, as well as a soldier.

The only surviving account of him in battle, and no one knows which battle, was when he once told his children, how once in battle, ke knelt to pray with a dying fallen friend, while the yankee bullets, were knocking bark from a nearby oak tree in his face.

My father, came from a long line of American-Viking warriors.
Good man, kind, compassionate, kick your ass. you started something.

What you are looking at, is a representation of much of Southern Society.

From family to family, the names changed, professions changed, but the experiane of the blood lines of the Southern Scotts-Irish, will be much the same.

Our ancestors were fighting oppression from would be kings and emperors in the hills of Scotland, and on the Emerald Isle, for hundreds of years.

The Scotts Irish are a welcoming to their society people, if you come in peace/honesty, assimilate into your adopted society.
They welcomed in French, Germans, Poles, and a whole assortment of other nationalities.

Down South Texas way, Republic of, currently illegally militarily occupied by the War Criminal USA, for 154 years and counting, no matter where I had gone in the world, or show long I was gone, when my wife picked me up, she did not even ask.
She drove me to this Mexican restaurant where I would get some real Texas food!

Had this friend I worked with some when I was younger.
He mama swam the Rio Grande, so he was born in Texas for the Federal Citizenship.
He would tell me jokes they did on Mexican TV and things like that.
He told me one time, they did a skit on a two men on the street conversation.

Said two Mexican guys talking about how bad thing are in Mexico.
One says, lets declare war on the USA!

Other one:
Are you Crazy?

First man:
Every time the USA blows up a country, they build it back batter!

Second guy thinks a while, says Yes, but what if Mexico won?

Told me one time Mexicans were swimming the river to take Texas.
I told him, it will never work.
He asked why.
I told him, because, us gringos are breeding it out of you faster than you can get them to swim the river.

Scotts Irish can be very pissed and stubborn about newcomers telling them their culture/ancestors are evil, and they have to do it the yankee way, or the failed old Mexico way.

I grew up with the shit eating better than you smirks from damn yankee carpet baggers.

Now right here, I will; explain some thing.
A yankee comes down here, sees some real Men, eats some real food, goes home.
A damn yankee refuses to go home!

The old bullshit excuses for why the zionist puritan witch burning terrorist USA yankee war criminals, invaded, raped, robbed, stole, burned, desecrated churches, the dead, is frankly, past it’s use by date.

What is written in official USA “History” books, can easily be proved to not only be the lies of evil ass holes, but the damn lies of despicable baby raping and murdering evil ass hole!

The yankee propaganda and drivel used as history in those fake history books, about the years after the war is also damn lies.

While back I was listening to an interview.
Yankee says how as a young man he spent some time in the South.
Went on about how horrible the oppression of the “black” people were by the “white” Southerners.
He talked about they were good folks, he did not like that shit.

Well, I tell your yankee ass why you saw that.

The Southern man, African Americans, slave and free, and the mainly Scotts-Irish, very few who were slave owners, had a fairly for the period, liberal and friendly relationship with the African American Southerners.

There was a family large free African America group of Southerners, as many Masters would in their wills free certain, sometimes all their slaves.
Not always, but enough to build a substantial group.

When the evil yankee invaded, and troops took the field, in South Carolina, Country boy Confederate troops were amazed to see a free African American slave owning rich plantation owner come to great them.

African Americans, owning African Americas, was fairly common among free black if they could afford to buy slaves.

Meanwhile, up in yankee land, despite the lies they try to tell, they had their slave states also, the yankee slaves were not freed until several months after the Southern slaves.

The yankee was nothing more, than a lying, armed raider and pillager, with all the atrocities goes with such scum behavior.

After the war was over, the USA, a foreign to the Southern Countries Corporation, (oh yes it was at that point, and still is), wanted revenge for the South standing up to their barbarism.

They decided the district into five Military Governorships)
Marital Law.

Anything went against the Southern people, was permissible for payback for defending themselves form the yankee land based pirates who plundered the South.

In any group of people, there will be self-serving, evil, easily used folks.
Was not different among the former slaves.

Some damn good folks, many were veterans of the Confederate Army’s fighting against the invading yankee.
The invading yankee, was stealing everything the African American had, free or slave, the yankee degenerates were raping his daughters, mothers and wives.
Murdering them in the acts often.

They fought along side each other, master and slave, or former master and freed slave, many slaves asked to go with their masters to the military.
Some Maters freed some slaves, before they left for the war, and some of these freed former slaves, insisting on going with their former masters, but still friends, to go fight.

I have always considered, how it must have sucked, to as a slave, go fight for your homeland.

But right here, I will again remind any yankee ass hole trying to revert to the self-righteous lie of the war was to free the slaves, North had slaves the whole time which were not freed until months after the war was over in the South.

The true Southerners, are way past tried of the yankee occupying war criminals lies and bullshit.

So understand yankee racist child raping evil, your rabid racism has been noted for two hundred years.

Alexis de Tocqueville, in Democracy in America (1835-40):
“The prejudice of race appears to be stronger in the states that have abolished slavery than in those where it still exists.”

Thats right, the yankee is a lying evil racist pedophile child gang raping till death bunch of ass holes so proud of their war crimes, i in all my years and travel, have never heard one of the hypocritical bastards admit it was just robbery and subjugation of the South for power/ wealth, not slavery, nor even damn well say they are sorry for the unjustified evil they did against the Southern, people, even if like a damn yankee, they were lying when they said it.

Texas MUST have returned to her her Sovereignty and Freedom.

The rest of you folks, in the other states or countries, whichever term you use, The Republic of Texas can be your friend, trading partner, but she no longer wishes to be a fellow slave to the USA Corporation, held against her will by the USA, like a pedophile pimp, holds children hostage for prostitution reasons!

John C Carleton

As a Texican, The Evils which Goes On In Washington DC, Is None of My Business-That The USA Is Still Occupying My Country, Is Damn Well My Business!

Travis Park, San Antonio, Republic of Texas, Occupied.
Travis park, before Mayor Pendejoberg and his merry band of Texaican hating RICO ACT violators on “CITY COUNCIL, stole the Confederate memorial, cannons, and a time capsule off of land the City does not own!

Our forefathers, who left their families, went to meet the British Army, with squirrel rifles and old muskets left over from the French Indian wars, they did not go fight for a place called the UNITED States OF AMERICA.
Thats the current commercial corporation farming Americans like cattle.

They did not go to fight for a place called the United States of America.
Thats the illegal corporation the war criminal Lincoln used to steal all power and assets from the united States of America.
Lincoln subjugated his fake constitution for the old constitution, which is close enough to fool most Americans who never study their own damn real history anyway.

They did not fight for a place called the united States of America.
Small u signifying the subjugation of the “federal’ “government”, to the Sovereign States.

The American Patriots, did not fight under or for the constitution Lincoln’s constitution replaced either.

That constitution was forced on free men, after the war, who won their freedom with their blood, years of desperate fighting.
The Usury bankers, Empire builders, shyster lawyers, and aristocratic elites, with the forcing of a constitution on the common man, he did not fight for or under, which stole their newly won freedom from them.

The only legitimate Constitution, was called The Articles of Confederation.
That Constitution recognized the “federal” government, served at the pleasure of the Sates, which were independent Sovereign Countries

It spelled out the States were the master, any Country freely entering into the Union, had the absolute right to exit the Union unhindered, if the Union stopped serving the intreats of the people of the individual country one lived upon the face of.

The United States OF AMERICA, the United States of America, nor the united States of America, have a damn thing too do with my country, the occupied Republic of Texas.

They do not exist any more.

The only thing the evil bunch of baby rapers, bribe takers, blackmailed worn out prostituted bimbos, their male political whore counterparts, who daily commit treason against Americans and America, who hold forth in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, the United States OF AMERICA, INTERNATIONAL FOR PROFIT CORPORATION, SUB CORPORATION OF THE EVIL OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE has to do with my country, the occupied by lies and force, Republic of Texas, is as an evil, illegitimate invader and occupier.

Which means I do not give a flying trapeze what happens to DC.
My suggestion is build a tall fence around it, turn it into a landfill for the yankee trasher’s trash.

Every sorry war criminal State which helped Rape, rob, murder, burn, their way across the south, can go to hell as far as I am concerned, the yankee evil, are not my people.

Every piece of dog leavings which entered the occupied Republic of Texas under the guns of the occupier, who helped the yankee occupier rape the occupied Republic of Texas, helped the occupier deface, tare down, dishonor, the Texican’s monuments to their ancestors who died trying to stop the yankee child gang raping to death, burning, robbing, murdering sorry piece of shit sorry degenerate yankee bastards, will need to be cleared out, once the evil bunch of baby rapering, bribe takeing, blackmailed worn out prostituted bimbos, and their male political whore counterparts, who daily commit treason against Americans and America from DC are cleared out.

The Republic of Texas must have returned to her, her freedom from the oppressive child raping degernerate evil of DC.

There is no more Confederacy, and no one wants to refight that war.

The USA empire is dying, but the evil which is the pedophillic evil of DC, is trying to suck every drop of blood, every last cent, out of the occupied countries, in order to keep the evil of DC going a bit longer.

As I have already stated,. DC. can
stand on a street corner and do what she does best, sell her ass to the highest bidder.

I no longer care what happens there.

Not part of my country, my land, my people.

No concern of mine.

Once the countries are all free of the evil of DC, the ones chose to be, then the individual countries, can if they desire ink trade agreements and such, directly through their own governments, without the hindrance or corrupt evil of DC

Get the One Empire USA out of your head, it is an illusion, it is a bad dream.
It was never real!

Only through Individual Sovereignty of the many Countries on the face of North America, can America be healed of the evil puritan disease, which like a cancer, is eating the soul of America and Americans

John C Carleton

The Revolt Against Christian Civilization: The Southern View

My great grandfather Carleton, Confederate Chaplain and soldier, his wife, my great grandmother Margaret, who’s father fought with Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans.
Standing, two nephews, a Carleton and a Howard.

I found myself at a point, giving lectures on Confederate chaplains to Confederate history organizations.

I was asked to do a presentation to a now defunct organization made up of members of unfortunate prodigy of evil war criminal yankees, and Southern Patriots, who served as chaplains in the war.

My great grandfather Carleton served both as a soldier, and a chaplain during the Late War of Evil yankee aggression and War Crimes.
My father was a Southern Baptist minister.
And I studied theology at universe.

Never liked to go into a fight with an unloaded weapon, so I studied the yankees, their prayers, their religious beliefs.

What I found shocked me.

The Southern God, was a God of Natural Law.
Help each other.
Do no first harm to others.
Help the people who are poor because of things beyond their control, but not to reward sloth.
Help the orphan, help the old, help the widow, look inward to improve yourself, each day, so you can help build a better world, because each day, you try to be a better person.

The Yankee “god”, is an angry, bloodthirsty, racist, pedophillic, greedy, self righteous, hypocritical “god”, who orders his followers to bash babies brains out against rocks!

When the baby raping yankee war criminals won, occupied the south, they forced their adulterated English, and their angry war god “christianity” on the conquered Southern Churches.

What is called “christianity” today in America, is angry god yankee christianity, not Souther Natural Law God Christianity.

If the South would have won, you would not see the evil, degenerate acts, greedy me first aimless people, all over the South.
That is the result of the yankee evil, and the evil yankee “christianity”.

John C Carleton

The Revolt Against Christian Civilization: The Southern View

Southerners, of all Americans, have been the most acute and the most persistent in their analyses of what has ailed and threatened our culture, certainly since the end of the War for Southern Independence. Only consider a Robert Lewis Dabney or an Albert Bledsoe in the years immediately after that conflict. Then, more recently, recall the Southern Agrarians centered in Nashville. No one but a Southerner, a person whose family had gone through four years of devastating war, seen his society despoiled, witnessed the violent attacks on his heritage, and understood what was lost, could have written what a Dabney or a Donald Davidson penned with such burning prescience and world-weary sagacity.

The volumes, essays, and jeremiads of such giants, and of those more contemporary Southern writers like the late Mel Bradford and Tom Landess, however, while directed in particular to their fellow Southerners, take on special significance not only for those south of the Mason-Dixon Line, but as a closely-argued examination of what has happened in and to the United States, in its entirety, during the past 150 years.  It may well be precisely because of Southern defeat on the battlefield—that indelible experience and its unique aftermath—that men like Dabney, Davidson, Allen Tate, and Bradford were able to fathom far more deeply the actual problems that envelope the declining American nation, and that they have been able to pinpoint and diagnose the decay more accurately.

Indeed, it was Dabney (in his Discussions IV: Secular) who predicted the headlong rush of the post-War American republic into hedonism and atheism, the perversions of mass democracy, the rise of runaway international capitalism and ungovernable imperialism, the destruction of the firmaments of the older order based in tradition and heritage, and a dismantling of the Constitution which attempted to mirror the laws of nature and of God. It was Dabney, as well, who lamented towards the end of his life that his role was like that of Cassandra at Troy, “destined to prophesy truth, but not to be believed until too late.”

Like the English poet, Jack Clemo in his poem, “The Broad Winter,” Dabney and Bradford understood all too well–

“The darkness comes as you foretold.
You hear the fretful moan,
The alien winds that rave
As bitterly the grey truth breaks
On disillusioned Church and frantic world.
You see what form the judgment takes,
What harvest faithless generations reap:
The folds half empty, no clean pasture for the sheep;
Soil sterile where the liberal waters swirled
Which now have hardened into mud
Of festering ethic, fruitless hands grown chill
With their starved, pallid blood;
And the sky freezing still.”
There is an old phrase—a kind of historic truism—that in its original form dates back more than two millennia, to at least the Greek playwright Sophocles, but more recently and more familiarly popularized by American poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: “Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make [go] mad.” Before Longfellow, the English essayist (and Latinist), Samuel Johnson, had rendered the phrase as: “Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat.”

Our world—America in 2019—has, as our Southern visionaries foresaw, gone literally insane, at least a considerable portion of it.

More: The Abbeville Institute.

The Revolt Against Christian Civilization: The Southern View

If Malaysia can grant Singapore its independence, why can’t China do the same for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet and East Turkestan?-Answer by Beniv Chu

This is an answer to this question, by an internet friend.
Bevin lived in Texas for a while, knows more about Southern history and culture than ,most Southerners.

Well worth a read.

John C Carleton

If Malaysia can grant Singapore its independence, why can’t China do the same for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet and East Turkestan?
Bevin Chu
Bevin Chu, veteran commentator on Sino-US relations at LRC, Antiwar
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“If Malaysia can grant Singapore its independence, why can’t China do the same for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet and East Turkestan [sic!]?”

Malaysia did not “grant Singapore its independence”. It forcibly ejected Singapore from Malaysia against its wishes.

You would do well to learn a little history before passing judgment on foreign nations you clearly know nothing about.

As to “Why can’t China do the same for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet and East Turkestan [sic!]?”, the simplest response is

“Why couldn’t the US do the same for North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky and Missouri when they courageously fought for their independence from the United States of America in 1861? Why instead did it insist on causing the deaths of 260,000 human beings who no longer wanted to be part of the USA?”


“Why won’t the US do the same for Hawaii, Texas, Alaska and other states with independence movements today?”

All of these political entities have a vastly more plausible case for independence from the USA than the regions of China you listed, because unlike them, they are not provinces (administrative regions of a unitary state), but sovereign states in their own right.

When Thomas Jefferson referred to “my country” he meant Virginia, not the “USA”.

Post Script:

The first big lie, which is universally believed, is that Lincoln, dubbed the “Great Emancipator” by his cult of worshippers, went to war in order to free slaves. The abhorrence of racial injustice and the desire to abolish slavery played no role in the Union’s determination to strangle the Confederacy in its cradle. What did? One factor was Lincoln’s determination to preserve the Union at any cost – including the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. In 1862, Lincoln wrote to Horace Greeley (the leading Northern newspaperman of the day): “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and it is not either to save or destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it.”

Abraham Lincoln: False God, True Tyrant

Similarly, in 1861 Congress resolved that the purpose of the war was not “[to interfere] with the rights or established institutions of those states,” but to preserve the Union “with the rights of the several states unimpaired.” On the day that hostilities commenced at Fort Sumter (12 April 1861), only the seven states of the Deep South had seceded, there were more slaves within the Union than outside it and Lincoln hadn’t the slightest intention to free any of them. Alexis de Tocqueville’s observation in Democracy in America (1835-40) remained true: “The prejudice of race appears to be stronger in the states that have abolished slavery than in those where it still exists.”

Another factor that motivated war was the Republican Party’s lust (which, with few and brief exceptions, it has retained to the present day) to tax and spend. The North waged war against the South in order to regain the federal tax revenue that would be lost if the Southern states seceded peacefully.


Republicans were then, and remain today, a Party of Big Government. In Lincoln’s time, Republicans championed a high (i.e., protectionist) tariff. They used the proceeds – which were laundered through roads, canals, railways, etc. – to dispense lavish corporate welfare to their backers. To Republicans, the fact that tariffs, corporate welfare and the like favoured an anointed few (whose residences, factories, etc., were overwhelmingly in the North) and punished a benighted many (Southerners were mostly “outs” rather than “ins”) was inconsequential. What was essential, however, was that consumers, Southern as well as Northern, subsidise Republicans’ wealthy backers. Southerners’ unwillingness to subjugate themselves to Republicans ultimately drove them to secede.

In Lincoln’s view, only by keeping the Union intact – by force of arms if necessary – could Republicans’ lust to tax, dispense largesse and build an empire be sated. In his First Inaugural Address (4 March 1861), Lincoln threatened to invade any state that failed to collect federal “duties and imposts.” On 19 April, he rationalised his order to blockade Southern ports on the grounds that “the collection of the revenue cannot be effectually executed” in the states that had seceded.


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