Martin Luther King was sent By God

Martin Luther King was sent By God.
What he did had to be done.

A just God will not look upon with favor, a “government”, or a society which treats it’s people in such a way.

The racial tensions in the South, are a direct result of the evil war crimes by the USA against the Southern people.

I speak as one who as a young hillbilly boy loose in the big city of Houston, rained out from my Chemical plant construction job, walked into the KKK Bookstore, Opens to the “White” Public, on red Bluff Road In Pasadena, Texas.

My dad grew up around and with African Americans friends, in the segregated South during the 1920s.

There were none lived up in the Texas Hill country when I grew up.

No one kept them out, they just did not come.

One family was sent to stir up trouble when when Texas schools were still segregated.
The superintendent violated Texas law, enrolled the young male child in the classes with everyone else.

None of the kids had been around African Americans, everyone wanted to be his friend, he was a good athlete so everyone wanted him on their teams, so the family was sent somewhere else where the people were less tolerant and less wise.

I was curious of what a KKK bookstore was, having read in history and books about the KKK.
When I saw all the hate, and I mean HATE literature they had there, I asked the middle aged women tending the store:
“This is a joke right?”

I still consider myself lucky to have gotten out of there alive.
If hate could have killed, I would have fell in my tracks.

When I got my first divorce, I decided to attend university to study theology.
Was paying child support on a child not of my blood while trying to attend a very high priced private University.
(I was VERY disappointed in the spirituality of the supposed “Christian” University. Bunch of hypocrites and corruption).
I needed a job.
Only one I could find for a stranger in a college town, was a mechanic job at a TG & Y automotive shop.

One day an African American came in, bought a cheap quart of oil, tried to borrow a spout which punctured the top of the tin can, and allowed the oil to be poured in the engine.
No one in the shop would loan him one, nor the one of the shops spouts.
I thought how horrible they were, and loaned the guy a screwdriver to punch a hole in the can.
He walked over to his car, put the oil in his engine, my screwdriver in his pocket, grinned at me like a shit eating dog, and got into his car, drove off with HIS screwdriver.
I had to buy another.

Now right here I could have decided them people in the KKK bookstore was right, and I had been wrong.
But I had a father who taught me no race had the market cornered on jerks, ignorance, evil ass holes.
He taught me it was the degree of dark or Light of the soul that mattered, not the pigmentation of the skin.

Have had and have friends among the African American Community.

The man I personally know, who has in my opinion, the most Love of God in him, the most caring for his fellow humans in my town, is a lay minister refugee from New Orleans and Katrina, who works as a security guard at a large in and out medical procedure/doctors offices complex.
He rides a bicycle around watching out for the cars/people using the building.
If he is around, NOT ONE patient will come out he will not wish Gods blessings and healing.
And when he tells them he will pray for them, he does.
He helps the elderly into their vehicles.
He has to do none of this except ride his bicycle.

This is a Man of God, an Humble Man of God, with the Love of God which shines out as a witness to a dark world!

Back to the USA/DC staring up hate and discontent between Americans.

After the war, the war criminal invading USA/DC wanted to punish the Southern people for daring to defend their children from glory-glory Hallelujah child raping till death boys in blue.

And for DARING to try to hide and bury their valuables!!!!!!!!!!

They used a simple uneducated people who were easy to manipulate, to wage a continued war against a conquered people.

The resentment/hate grown by the USA in the South during those years, has been used by evil asses on both sides to farm Americans like sheep for the slaughter.

The shit you see in the streets right now, is because of what evil asses from USA/DC did.
Don’t forget that.
USA/DC is counting on you forgetting that America.


He was allowed to reform society by USA/DC up to a point, as long as it made the South Look Bad.

When he won his victories in the South, and turned his attentions to stopping the yankee slum lords, yankee society from treating African Americans with racism and injustice, and even murder, the USA/DC murdered him.

The King family said the man sent to prison did not kill King.

The King family sued the USA in civil court for wrongful death of MLK, and WON!

ANY American, looking to USA/DC for the salvation of America, is asking the fox to guard the hen house.

ONLY when American humble themselves before God, BEG forgiveness for ALL the EVIL done in the name of the Americans people, then get right with each other, will America recover from this run away train to hell she is riding currently.

MLK knew, LOVE, God’s Love, is the answer.

But first comes repentance.

Get on your Knees America, look inward for the evil which plagues Americans.

Do it for your children and grandchildren if not for yourself.

The Ole Dog!

60 Minuets Is Stoking The Racial Violence In America.

The Wife had the one eyed monster on yesterday, and 60 Minutes came on.

I could not believe my ears.

With America coming on at the seams, 60 Minuets purposely chose to try to stir up more African American violence against other Americans.

This is a Criminal Act against America and Americans!

The person who says what gets Aired would either struggle to pour piss out of a Texican cowboy boot with the instructions written on the heel, running a story guaranteed to get some African American folks somewhere, to beat the hell out of, or kill some European Americans.

So either the editors at 60 minuets are too stupid to pour piss out of a Texican cowboy boot with the instructions written on the Bottom of the heel, or the treasonous red Russian sons of bitches are purposely stoking the fires of racial violence and hate in America.

If they are that stupid, they should be fired, banned from ever holding a position above dog catcher in the public sector, or any organization having dealings with the public sector, ever again.

If they are purposely trying to get folks killed and drag America into the sewer, then they should be arrested, given fair Common Law trial, a fair sentence, and have said fair sentence carried out.

Either way, from stupidity or purposely trying to get folks murdered, if ONE person is murdered because of this program being run at a time like this, then the producers, editor and CEO should be charged with inciting murder.

I have been trying for years to get America to look at all the evil shit Americans have done each other.

As a student of history, who because of test scores, did not have to take the two America history in college, but was given credit for them, I know the history most Americans believe in and have been indoctrinated with is lies, USA Grade A Bull Shit.

I have been screaming for Americans to face the truth.

And I believe this should be know, public knowledge, but to run it now on nationwide TV, is like throwing gas on a fire to try to put it out.

America needs to learn their true history, but they do not need mindless violence whipped up among an ignorant people, (most Americans), by red Russian Media.

I believe the number of murdered Africans was put at around 200 by 60 minuets.

This was a tragedy done by ignorant crackers, no doubt.
A shame to America, a black mark against the country on the books of balance.

However, when I call for the American people learn the truth, I mean not just selected, twisted “truths”, such 60 minuets peddles but ALL the TRUTH.

Martin Luther King gave his life trying to get the American people to achieve a good upstanding America for all Americans.

The red Russian America hating Khazarians of 60 Minuets trying to make a Rat Run SLAVE Plantation out of American, debt slaves, sex toys and cannon fodder out of Americans, should not be allowed to remain in America.

A wound will not heal, until you dig the dead putrid flesh out of a bad wound.
Yes it will leave a scar, and it is a painful process, but it MUST be done.

But using the media to tell half truths to incite violence between the different pigmented skins Americans, is not digging the dead rotten stuff out of the wound.

It is sticking a stick into one end of the wound, causing pain and further damage, while not doing anything to the other end which is running with puss.

What happened at Greenviel was evil, despicable, and should be taught.

But so should about the Devil’s Punch Bowl Extermination camps run by there US army, where 20,000 freed African America women and children were purposely starved to death, died of exposure and disease, when the yankee army had plenty of everything.

USA/WASHINGTON DC, purposely Genocided, EXTERMINATED, on purpose, 20,000 African American women and Children.

USA murdered 20,000.

Evil Ignorant Crackers in Oklahoma slaughtered two hundred.

60 Miniuets crew, editors, CEO, are either too stupid to be in the positions they now hold, are they are evil lying by omission, purposely trying to stoke race violence in an America which needs to calm down, have the Americans people come together, bring all the dirty laundry out, not just is what is useful to red Russian to take America down all the way.

I am going to post a History Channel piece on Greenville, then a piece about the Extermination camps run by the USA where 20,000 African American women and children were purposely murdered by Uncle Sugar, USA/DC, at the Devil’s Punch Bowl.

keep in mind I saw on the history channel last night a liar saying the red Russian FDR tried SOOOOOO hard to keep America out of the pedophilic usury rat’s preplanned WW 2.

Any one who has researched the subject, and is not a complete village idiot, realizes FDR purposely backed the Japanese into a corner, So theyWould Attack the USA at Hawaii, a Kingdom taken by force by the USA Empire, and which they were occupying illegally, when the Japanese attacked the USA at Pearl.

This was done to drag the Americans people intro a Ratschild usury Pedophile Bankers war, in Europe, the American people wanted nothing to do with.

FDR knew the Japanese were coming, both Britian and Russia had broken the Japanese code and warned FDR.

FDR, the red Russian Commie Bitch of the Mass murdering red Russian Joseph Stalin, who the murderer of tens of thousands of Americans Americans, FDR called Uncle Joe, allowed over two thousand Americans to be slaughtered so he could act surprised, so as to drag a Peaceful America into a pedophilic usury red Russian bankers preplanned slaughter of humanity.
Thats the facts and provable.

The Japanese did not attack America, they attacked the Corporation, the UNITED STATES, aq sub corporation of the Rat Run British Empire at pearl.

Not the same thing.

So don’t write everything the history channel peddles in the fly leaf of your Bible and then try to say it contains only truth!

The piece on the USA Armie’s Genocide of 20,000 African American in 1865, is from an African American run site.

If America wants to survive as other than a shit hole, all the LIES told, all the omissions of true history made by the USA/DC to cover for their crimes against Humanity/War Crimes, must be show to be lies of un-honorable ass holes who hate America.

Martin Luther King saw ALL Americans as his brother.
He understood, for America to be good, for a good America to be born, ALL American must embrace each other.

My father taught me it is not the mans pigmentation who makes him good or bad, but the color of his soul.

A dark soul covered by a light complected meat sandwich, is black.
A soul emitting reflected light, the love of God, covered by a dark skin, is Light.

60 minuets should be shut down as an enemy of the American people, the guilty prosecuted.

here are the links.
Read both of them.
Learn your history.
Hard looking at evil shit when you have been indoctrinated to think of the evil your country’s done, as a God Blessed Chosen People.

No pain, no spiritual growth.

History Channel story of Greenville, 1921.

‘Never Forget: The Devil’s Punchbowl – 20,000 Freed Slaves Died After Being Forced Into USA yankee Post Slavery Concentration Camp’

Never Forget: The Devil’s Punchbowl – 20,000 Freed Slaves Died After Being Forced Into Post Slavery Concentration Camp

As it is the red Russian who always point the finger on burden/blame of slavery at the Southern mans feet, although the North had slaves after there were no Southern slaves, and it was New York red Russian Khazarians who were the main slave kidnappers, slave ship owners, and most of the slave dealers, this might also be of interest.

‘Jewish Dominance Of The African Slave Trade’

There Ole Dog!

Know Why You Have Shit in Your Streets America?

Maybe a million German Civilian in a none strategic town, slaughtered with fire bombs and machine guns from English and American planes.

Bodies of old men, women and children murdered by the tens and hundreds of thousands by the USA and Britain, waiting to be disposed of. Most bodies were cremated in the huge funeral pyre Desden became.

The Love of God, the compassion of Jesus, seems missing in action with the War Criminal USA Military

Criminally insane, and Grant and Lincoln knew it. They had to wait for the Witch Burning Puritan red Marxist to recover from a “nervous breakdown), (Demons on a tare), before being sent to lead the gang rape and mass genocide of all those little Southern Children, and their mothers, and their brothers, sometimes their grandmas/grandpas also, sometimes the farm animals.
The Southern dogs could see evil and were either killed defending their folks, or ran away, so the yankee evil “soldiers” did not get to gang rape many Southern canine friends and Southern Patriots
Always the chickens, yankees seemed drawn to them like they had a rod telling them which way to go?
Always bunch of hens squalling like they had laid a big egg, and it was being driven back in by a battering ram attached to flap down blue trousers.

The war criminal Lincoln, a queer, manic depressive, moral-less liar, hypocrite, rabidly racist against Africans Americans, shyster rail road lawyer, who was a Marxist, and who’s red Russian Marxist buddies, military officers, politicians, used the stupid bigoted self righteous “puritan” white trash run out of England, to genocide an estimated 3/4s of a million Americans, their blood as lubricant to grease the wheels of his red Russian Communist Empire Train.

Dead at Hiroshima awaiting burial.
Japan offered to surrender six months before the bombs were dropped, they only wanted to keep their “King” on his throne, symbolically. USA said no, dropped the bombs. Japan surrendered! USA left their King on his throne.

This is the Marxist yankee’s “god’s” “love”.

USA “freed” the Philippines from the Spanish, they just forgot to turn the country back over to the Philippines, and had to slaughter them when the cheeky Philippine people tried to ask Uncle Sugar for their country back.
Cheeky natives!!!
Bud Dajo, Philippines[/caption]

Native Americans found out illegal aliens disarming your people lead to this.
Uncle Sugar pissing on your mass grave.
Wounded Knee, N.D.

ATF, trying to put on a show at appropriations time, invited the TV cameras to film.
ATF lied to a judge to get a warrant on lies and twisted, tortured truths.
The ATF came in firing, got their ass handed to them by Americans who knew their rights under both God’s Law, and the USA’s “constitution”, and were willing to die instead of get on their knees to corrupt cops.
And they did die for standing up like all Americans should.
Their children burned to death in their church, a burnt offering to whatever demon god the serial child rapist Papa Pedoist CIA BadBush, yankee, served.





Jesus the Christ said, “One who harms one of these my innocent little children, should have a donkey millstone tied around his neck and thrown into the sea.
It would have been better he had never been born!”




The Ole Dog!

Peace-Officer vs “law enFORCEment officer”

USA “law enFORCEment Burns Children To Death In Their Church, Waco, Occupied Republic Of Texas, Because Their Parents were ALLEGED to Have “Illegal” Weapons.
“We must Kill The Children, To Save The Children”

The occupied Republic of Texas used to have Peace Officers.
Several were my friends.

I have absolutely no use for, no trust in, no faith in, or respect for ‘law enFORCEment.

Fear is instilled.
Respect is EARNED.
Once earned, it is easily lost.
Once lost, it is much harder to recover that respect, than to get it the first time.
Because now, having lost that respect for violating a trust, one is on probation, looked at with dobut, with suspicion, even if given another chance.

America is coming apart at the seams, the communist, the zionist, what ever name one wants to use for that red Russian and “puritan” yankee evil, are playing the American head up assus Sheep and the USA leg breaking revenue bag men “law enFORCEment” for fools, and both bunches are proudly proving the red Russian Rats right.

Vol. 2-L to Z:
Page 2547:


The tranquility enjoyed by a political society, internally by the good order which reigns among it’s members, and externally by the good understanding it has with all other nations.
Applied to the internal regulation of a nation, Peace imports in a technical sense, not merely a state of repose and security as opposed to one of violence or warfare, but likewise a state of public order and decorum.”

Page 2409:

One who has the reputation of being the officer he assumes to be, and yet is not a good officer in point of law.

In other words, he is the fox guarding the hen house.
You break the same “laws, (God/Nature has Laws, man has rules and Statures, none of which override or overrule Natural or Gods Law, which Gives Rights to Humanity, which “government” or “law enFORCEment have no right to take away, no matter how many rules and codes they pass saying they have the authority to violate God’s law.
Where the hell did they get that authority?
God is the King of the Mountain, and he did not grant corrupt yankee courts and bag men “law” enFORCEMENT that “right”.

PAGE 2402.

Officers are required to preform the functions which belong to their respective offices.
The neglect to do so may in some cases, subject the offender to inditement.

Vol. 1, A to K.

Page 761:

Actually: Actually in fact;
A term used to denote a thing already done.

an officer de facto is one who performs the duties of an office with apparent right and under claim and color of an appointment.

Ok, these definitions can run on forever, one word difference will change the definition or exclamation of a phrase.

Legalize is a language sheep assume is the same as the sheep English they bleat.

It is Not.
If you don’t have a natural ability of and for the understanding of the law, best just stay a sheep and make friends with folks who do understand the law.

Not talking about lawyers, they would not understand the true nature and meaning of law if it reared up and bit them in the ass.

They learn court procedure for fleecing the sheep.
Democracy, three lawyers and you in a corrupt yankee court room.

Who’s wallet do you think is going to pay for dinner?
Not the lawyers!

The USA “law” enFORCEMENT” leg breakers don’t have a clue what the letter and intent of the law is.
They hire below average intelligence people to be cops, (provable fact by intelligent persons suing PDs for not hiring them because they were too smart).

New York’s “Supreme Court backed up the New York Police Department on that.

This is so they don’t figure out the evil and corruptness of the system.
They hire sadistic cops so they will keep fleecing the sheep even if they figure out the evil and corruptness of the system.

“law” enFORCEment are Corporate employs.
Corporations are anti-human illusionary entities as they do not exist in the physical world.

ANY employ of a Corporation, owes their first allegiance to the Corporation which pays them and dangles a carrot of easy street retirement.

Not to the American Souls living one the face of the Land of North America.

Thats the Facts Jack!

The dangling carrot won’t do them any good for selling out their fellow man.
The Rats they serve are getting ready to remove the illusion of a retirement by “an Act of God”, the “CORONA Virus”, “which is responsible” for the coming economic collapse which will make these 401K’s, paper Gold and Silver go poof and disappear like the brief smoke from a rifle!
just disappear.

The same bunch who arranged for the 1929 collapse, hard depression years which followed, have arranged the final scene in the American tragedy which was a people turning their face from the true God, running off after world gain and momentary deviant pleasures.

This will be worse.

The economic horseman coming to America has a HUGE protruding male member full of Karma for the sheep.

Ok, ‘law” enFORCEment are not Peace officers, and a Peace officer, CAN NEVER be “law” enforcement.

“a “law enFORCEment is a leg breaker and a bag man for a criminal corporation.

An American Peace officer, does not act as a bag man, he puts the souls living on the face of the Land, his fellow town folk, county folk, Republic of Texas, occupied of course, folks fist.
He protects the souls from the Corporations, and other such evil spawn of the dark side.

You cops out there are trying to straddle a fence.
Fence straddling days are over.
You are for the common folks, or you are a rich Rat’s dick sucking evil oppressor of humanity.

Folks straddle a fence long enough, usually end up with a fence post up their ass or barbed wire attempting to remove their balls.
Which they are not using anyway, so not much of a loss.
keep em from passing on those defective genes!

Now John Q Public.
Stop acting like damed fools and animals.
If you have no honor, even a Peace officer can not treat you with honor.
Grow the hell up American delinquent children!
You have had three hundred years, you are still crawling, shitting your pants, and expecting someone else to feed you and wipe your ass.

Both sides need to grow the hell up, or shut the fuck up and be the good little slaves on the red Russian slave plantation the man the “law” enForcement works for is preparing for the American sheep, with the help of the stupidity of the sheep, and the evil of the yankee’s “courts” and “law” enforcement.

Occupied by the USA in a war crime for 155 years and counting, Republic of Texas.
The Ole Dog!

Abraham Lincoln is the Father of the US, Not George Washington

Lincoln was a racist atheist who despised African Americans, (Historical Provable by his own words). “Honest Abe” used religious propaganda he did not believe in to get Americans to slaughter other Americans. He genocided an estimated 3/4 of a million Americans for empire building economic reasons.

First there were the Articles of Confederation, George Washington and his Winter soldiers fought under and for.
That was the first constitution.

Not debating the 2nd “constitution’s wrongness or rightness here.
It is a dead document, “Honest” Abe’ having killed it when he bankrupted the corporation it had formed.

The 2nd constitution, or the replacement constitution for the original constitution, the Articles of Confederation ceased to exist as other than a note in history during Lincolns’s Genocide of 3/4s of a million Americans, 1861-1865.

The united States.
That was the 2nd “constitution”.
Notice the small u on united, that is not a typo.

The States were still considered to be sovereign, although in fact they no longer were.
One is only Sovereign if someone else can not tell you what to do or steal part of your labor.

You could rightly at this stage call George Washington the Father of the Country, as there would not have been a free from Britain America without him during the war.

Now Comes “Honest Abe”.

He made illegal war against a Sovereign country.
Sent criminals of the lowest sort to gang rape and mass murder Americans for economic and political reasons.

DC waging war against America bankrupted the corporation George Washington helped form, and that corporation ceased to exist.
Along with it’s constitution.

“Honest Abe” the queer red Bolshevik puritan witch burning war criminal, substituted a 3ed “constitution which is very very close to the then defunct, gone, part of history 2nd constitution.

He formed a quasi legal 2nd corporation, which is basically a sub corporation of the evil of the red Russian Rat’s British empire.

George Washington ceased to be the Father of the Country, and “honest Abe”, the racist queer, shyster rail road lawyer, manic depressive un-moral excuse for a human, and a man, a war criminal had became the New Father of the USA, UNITED STATES, corporation, all capital letters.


The Land of the sheep!
And the Home of the American Slave!

The Ole Dog!

America is a 3ed World $hit Hole Because Americans Pissed in the Face Of The True God, Then Ran After False Gods


Americans were given another chance, in a new land.

As soon as things started getting a bit prosperous, they pissed in the face of the Light, and went running off after every deviant lust the dark side could promise them.

They murdered their leaders who remained loyal to the one True God, now not the God of the American sheep.

They were replaced with child raping war mongering bribe taking treasonous three shekel whore political prostitutes who swallow Red Shield Rat cum by the gallon.

Their asses have the Rat’s ding dong drip social disease.

They scream with ecstasy when their war planes blow to pieces some goat herders children who never heard of USA until the USA criminally attacked their country based on know lies, for the benefit of the red Russian Khazarian Mafia Crimes Cabal, in their beds, schools, churches, weddings, funerals.

Thats why American is a shit hole, because her people chose shit and evil, over good and Light.

The Ole Dog!

God’s/Nature’s Law is ABOVE man’s “law”

Do you understand how damned piss in the face of God it is for the USA to call their high court the SUPREME COURT?

The Supreme Court is not on this shit hole rock.

It is not run by evil corrupt Rat’s and their three shekel treasonous to Humanity, Pig Fornicating Sheep Monkeys.

Humble yourself Americans!
Eat massive doses of crow and humble pie.
Put sack cloth and ashes on.
Get on your bellies and crawl like a snake while hiding your face from God in shame!

YOU cowardly ball-less pig fornicating sheep monkeys betrayed the contract with God, if he would send help, send leaders, you would this time STAY on the path to Righteousness!
You damn well lied again, and God is disgusted with you.
He has removed his hand of protection and blessing from you because he can not stand to touch such child raping evil ass holes.

Or those who vote for them, and cheer them on in their crimes against humanity while pissing in the face of God.

Look inward both for the Devil, and your Salvation.

Thats where both reside.

The Ole dog!

The Six-Day War: The Myth of an Israeli David Versus an Arab Goliath


The USA/DC Empire is dying.
It would have been better if there had never been an American Empire.
The Empire when it dies, as they always do, takes the host country down to hell with it.

Welcome to hell and third world Status Americans.
ThanK the Ratschilds and their red Russian Khazarian Mafia minions.

Whatever is left of America, will never be safe or anything but a slave plantation,. while the Ratschilds are free and in power, and Israhell exist.

The Ole Dog!


The son of an Israeli General, Miko Peled reflects on the nefarious intent behind what was presented to the world as the heroic triumph of an outmatched Israel vs its aggressive Arab neighbors.

by Miko Peled

June 2, 1967, was a tense day at the Israeli army headquarters in Tel Aviv. For weeks, IDF generals had been pushing the government to initiate a war and the atmosphere was tense. Israel’s Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, who also acted as minister of defense, came to see the generals at the IDF command center. All the generals who made up the IDF high command were present. This meeting became known as the showdown. Years later, some would even accuse the army of an attempted coup d’etat.

A fraud
One of the biggest frauds perpetrated by the Israeli military is the claim that the Six-Day War was initiated by Israel due to an existential threat. The reality though is that in 1967, the Israeli army faced an elected civilian government that was less excited about the prospects of war than the generals were. So, as is clearly seen in the minutes of meetings between IDF generals from those days, minutes that are available in the IDF archives, seeing that the government was hesitant, the military decided to sow fear, and they did it very effectively, claiming that the Jewish state faced an existential threat and that the army must act decisively.

The deception worked and over the following three days, Eshkol was forced to yield. He resigned his post as minister of defense and gave it to retired army Chief of Staff, General Moshe Dayan. The IDF generals got the war they so badly wanted. They initiated a massive assault against Egypt, reducing the Egyptian military to ashes and taking over the entire Sinai Peninsula. As a result, the IDF was able to capture the largest stockpile of Russian made military hardware outside of the Soviet Union.

Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, center, is pictured with General Peled, right, circa 1967. Photo | Courtesy | Miko Peled
Israel would make good use of the knowledge that came with this loot.

It also captured thousands of Egyptian soldiers who were stationed in the Sinai Desert and caught unprepared. According to the testimonies of Israeli officers, at least two thousand Egyptian prisoners of war were executed right there and buried in the dunes.

But the generals were not satisfied. They seized the opportunity that they were given and decided to make the most of it. Without any discussion, much less approval from the elected civilian government, the army proceeded to take the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and something the generals had been chomping at the bit to take for many years, the fertile water-rich Syrian Golan Heights, tripling the size of the state of Israel. They had finally completed the conquest of Palestine and pushed the eastern border of Israel all the way to the Jordan River.

The military moved like a bulldozer, destroying cities and towns both in the Golan Heights and in the West Bank. As a result, countless Syrians who lived in the Golan Heights, and hundreds of thousands of Palestinian residents of the West Bank and East Jerusalem became refugees.

The myth of the threat
As the generals themselves stated during their meetings prior to the war, the entire affair was about seizing an opportunity to start a war they knew they would win, and not about averting some existential threat. In fact, the word “opportunity” is mentioned several times in their discussions and the word “threat” is not mentioned at all.

One general who was present in the June 2 meeting was my father, General Matti Peled. According to accounts by some of his comrades who were there, accounts that I later verified by reading the minutes of the meetings, he stood up and told Prime Minister Eshkol that the Egyptian army was an ill-prepared army and therefore Israel must seize the opportunity to destroy it. He stated that the Egyptian army, which at the time was recovering from a war in Yemen, would need at least a year and a half to two years before it was prepared for war. The other generals concurred. My father then went further and said that the IDF command “demands to know why this army that has never lost a battle” is being held back. He didn’t say one word about a threat.