Israhell zionist Three Shekel Hazbara Troll Blowing In The Cat House Winds of Time

Israhell zionist Three Shekel Hazbara troll Blowing In The Cat House Winds of Time-
This cat house thistle, a relief system for losers and vagabonds past their prime-

Earning IT’s keep with IT’s talents on IT’s back, knees and in a chair-
The ole vagabond riding an obese bucking troll, controlling the action with IT’s hair-

In-between overpriced three shekel romps in the hay-
IT tries to keep the Light of the Truth at bay-

Frothing at the mouth with each banging key stroke-
A cat house thistle defending evils which would make a mule choke-

Defending pedophiles, Usury and zionist made war-
But looking over IT’s shoulder, ever imagining the approach of Ramsar-

Who will drag IT to the place of IT’s just deserts-
To receive the illumination of the light until lit hurts-

The Piker Band awaits IT’s return from where IT has been-
Knowing that in the end, the Piker Band will come again-

In the pursuits of their duty in this, life’s scheme-
Oh the joyous sounds of IT’s harmonizing screams!

The Ole dog

The Growing Opposition To Factual Knowledge-Paul Craig Roberts-Lew Rockwell

Information Clearing House, has been a site i have read for years, i post links to some of their articles.

Did one the other day.

Then noticed next day i think, the site was gone, just a message their account had been suspended.

Then next day, a message from ICH, they were relocating to a more secure server, bear with them a couple of days.

Pro American sites/articles, are under constant, and increasingly indefensible hostile attacks by zionism, on the Pro American Truth Teller.

The Roberts article is well worth taking the time to read.

John C Carleton

The Growing Opposition

How Real Is White Supremacy?-Paul Craig Roberts

A good short article which should make you think, by someone who has been involved with DC politics, and their effects on real Americans, for many years.

Below is a paragraph of the piece, followed by a link to the whole piece.
Well worth taking the time to read.

John C Carleton

“Jewish lobbies have largely succeeded in establishing Jewish Supremacy. In many Western countries it is, or borders on, a hate crime to criticize Jews and Israel. Scholars have even been imprisoned for correcting errors in the Holocaust story. In the US Jewish lobbies have succeeded in having half of the states pass laws denying state government contracts to any business or person who participates or supports in any way boycotts of Israeli goods and services or advocates for disinvestment in Israeli companies. President Trump even cut off US aid to the Palestinians whose country has been stolen by Israel. It is considered anti-semitism to even mention what Israel has done, and is currently doing, to Palestinians. Professors lose their university positions. Journalists get fired. Students are sent to sensitivity training.

This is real supremacy. White gentiles have nothing like it. Yet Jewish lobbies—the very people who constantly complain about hate speech—use hate speech to the full extent as they lead the movement to demonize white gentiles. Here is the latest “media advisory” from the Center for Jewish Civilization at Georgetown University.”

How Real Is White Supremacy?

History Community, The Disqus “Discussion” Site Which Removes Peoples Post Who Tell The Truth.

Have a friend who has been banned from several Disqus “discussion sites” for telling the truth.

Been banned from one myself, for telling the truth, MILITARY VETERANS of Disqus site.

May get banned from another
Protecting Slavery: The Constitution of the Confederate States

John C Carleton a day ago Removed
When someone asked the bi-sexual, manic depressive, shyster rail road lawyer war criminal Lincoln, why he did not just let the Southern states go in peace, he replied:”who would pay for the (yankee) government”?

They removed the above post, because it told the inconvenient truth.

i posted this when they removed the above truthful post.

Discussion on History Community 578 comments
Protecting Slavery: The Constitution of the Confederate States of America

John C Carleton 2 hours ago
i see this site objects to the truth.
It removes my post in which i referred to the war criminal Lincoln, who’s friends and advisers numbered many Red Bolsheviks, a bi-sexual shyster rail road lawyer.
This is all truth and provable.
So does this site object to the truth?
Or was it his quote saying basically, if he let the Southern States go in peace, who would pay for the yankee government?

i think it is safe to say, the operator of this site, is a damn zionist yankee who fears the truth like Dracula fears sunlight!

Let us see how long this last on the afraid of the truth, liars site.

John C Carleton • a few seconds ago
History Community, The Disqus “Discussion” Site Which Removes Peoples Post Who Tell The Truth.

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John C Carleton

Brussels Halts 5G Pilot Over Radiation Concerns As Verizon Clicks Heels Over US Rollout

USA/WASHINGTON DC, tries to kill, disable and give cancer to Americans for shekels using vaccines.

USA/WASHINGTON DC, tries to kill and give cancer to Americans for shekels, forcing adulterated GMO Frankinfoods on Americans.
All saturated in cancer causing herbicides.

USA/Washington DC is trying to murder and give cancer to Americans for shekels, using 5G radiation.

Be nice if USA/Washington DC,. was for America and Americans, instead of their enemy.

John C Carleton

China Takes on U.S. Over Venezuela After Russia Sends Troops: It’s Not Your ‘Backyard’-Information Clearing House

USA is like the old bully, who by force and threats of force, has had things his way so long, He don’t recognize his own failing strength, and the growing strength of those he has bullied.

Usually the Old bully has to get his ass kicked real good by someone, before he realizes, his day is over, he is a has been who will behave, or else.

John C Carleton

Mass-Participation of People in Anti-Trump Demonstrations Continues across Syria-Fars News

TEHRAN (FNA)- Thousands of Syrian people across the country continued protest rallies against US President Donald Trump’s decision on annexation of the occupied Golan Heights to Israel.
The Arabic-language service of SANA news agency reported on Wednesday that a large number of people in the occupied Golan Heights gathered at Shohada (Martyrs) Square in the town of Majdal al-Shams to condemn Trump’s remarks about Golan Heights.

They carried Syrian flags, stressing the Arab identity of the Golan Heights and resistance against the US-Israeli measures in the region and describing Trump’s decision strait violation of the international resolutions.

Concurrently, thousands of civilians and activists demonstrated against Trump’s decision in Damascus, Sweida, Quneitra, Homs, Lattakia, Hama, Deir Ezzur and Dara’a, emphasizing that they will not compromise Syria’s territories.

The demonstrators said that Trump’s comments reveal plots against Syria, adding that all Syrian territories, including occupied Golan Heights, should be liberated.

Protests against Trump’s decision have been underway for more than a week now.

Trump last week formally recognized Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, reversing decades of United State’s policy. The announcement came as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the White House in a trip.

World nations and prominent international rights groups condemned the recent decision by Trump to recognize Israel’s “sovereignty” over the Golan Heights, which has been under the Tel Aviv regime’s occupation for more than 50 years but belongs to Syria.


Aircraft Carriers Could Be Replaced by Cheap Missile Carriers Converted From Container Ships-Check Point Asia

Air craft carriers are as obsolete today, as the battle ships FDR allowed the Japanese to sink so he could drag America into a European Usury bankers war against Germany.

At the time, the aircraft carrier was cutting age naval weapons.
That was 78 years ago however, and as much as some sheep try to make the world stand still, it never does.

The only thing carriers are good for today, is status symbols, or parking off the coast of shit hole third world countries with no real Air Force or defenses, and bombing the hell out of them.

USA carriers would not last a week in a shooting war with either Russia or China.

Facts not commonly know, and the USA crime cabal makes sure the American people do not know, is for many years now, in war games, USA carriers have been sunk by submarines, without the submarines being detected until the shot is fired.
Once this was done by an antique diesel powered French submarine.

With the anti-ship missiles and technology the Russians and Chinese have now, they would not even have to sacrifice a sub and crew to take out the carriers.

Anyone, who does not understand, for the Iranians, sinking carriers and carrier escorts in the Straits of Hormuz, would be like shooting fish in a bucket, does not understand either modern weapons, or the Straits of Hormuz.

When one is a bully boy crime cabal, one does not attract the best in Statesmen or flag officers.

USA WASHINGTON DC, is like the bully boy who has had their way through force so long, they fail to see age is sapping their strength, while the younger crowd they have been bullying through force and intimidation, have grown up, grown stronger.

Americans need desperately to pull their heads out of their asses, while America can still be saved from some of the devastation USA/Washington DC is determined to visit upon America and Americans.

John C Carleton

Aircraft Carriers Could Be Replaced by Cheap Missile Carriers Converted From Container Ships