4 Signs We Do Not Live in a Free Country

“A man without a government is like a fish without a bicycle.”

~Alvaro Koplovich

Just as a fish does not need a bike, a man does not need a government. Especially not an oppressive one. As it stands, government is cruel and arbitrary; certainly not free. Ironically, in a form of double speak amidst a flare of smoke and mirrors, statist propaganda has us believing that we live in a free country. When it’s more accurate to say that the government uses the term “freedom” as a distraction to keep people docile and under control. Let the sheep believe they are free and they won’t fight to become free. Meanwhile, covertly fence them in with outdated laws and an oppressive militarized police state, while convincing them it’s all in place for their own “protection.” Easy: Then it just takes care of itself. The conditioning and brain-washing kicks in with just a little boost from cognitive dissonance and soft slavery enslaves itself – statists gonna state. Let’s break it down.


Pedophiles Rule The World-Youtube

Pedophile in Washington DC is not a new thing. It is prevalent among the biggest names in Washington, and it has to be stamped out in Washington DC. Rest of the world also, but each person has to clean their own country of the parasitic baby raping murderers in their occupation “governments”.

John C Carleton

Yemen: War Crimes, Mass Starvation And Genocide. What You Aren’t Being Told About US Involvement in Yemen-Global Research

Good read. How can Americans eradicate the evil that the USA Federal Washington DC World Wide does and blames on America if they refuse to admit, that evil exist?

Americans have to look at the evil those lying, smiling, baby raping bastards are doing to the innocent of the humanities world.

John C Carleton

Yemen: War Crimes, Mass Starvation and Genocide. What You Aren’t Being Told About US Involvement in Yemen

Youngster Learns It’s Not Nice To Kill Baby Chicks

This happened in 1880s Texas

My grandfather was a young man. He was living at the time with a married sister and her husband on their farm. My grandfather’s father and grandfather were both medical doctors. My Grandfather could not stand to be indoors for long. He had a wander lust, a love for the great outdoors and nature. Fish, hunt, ride back country.

One day he had been out hunting and had killed a bobcat. He came carrying it back to the farm. While he was still in the trees, unseen, he saw that a friend of his sisters had come visiting. They went in the house, left the five or so year old boy outside. He got a stick and begin to kill baby chickens. My grandfather crept up, throwing the dead bobcat at the boy, he let out a dead on Bobcat scream. Cat hit the boy, knocked him ass over head. He got up screaming in terror, ran into the house. Grandfather, ran out, grabbed the bobcat, ran back into the woods to hide it. Bothe women came out hysterical that the boy had been attacked by a bobcat.

Grandfather come strolling out of the woods with his rifle calm as nothing had happened. His sister told him about the bobcat attacking the boy. He told her that he had not seen a thing and he would have if a bobcat had run off. Said the boy is just making it up.

After that, when his mother came to visit, he did not want to kill chicks. In fact, you could not get him off his mothers skirt.

Some people have to have hard lessons, because they are ass holes.

Time to educate yourselves Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to get real.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

A Colt 45 Peacemaker Educates a Zionist Yankee Professor

In 1882, my grandfather was sixteen years old. His father, my great grandfather, was medical doctor, a Methodist circuit riding minister, and a Confederate veteran, living in occupied Texas.

A lot damn carpet bagger zionist, (Puritan back then), came to the Southern occupied States to see what they could steal, opportunities to run it over the conquered Southerners.

One such was a very large man, not fat, tall and muscular, who came to Texas, and set up a school. Things were tough in Texas during reconstruction, and schools were few and far between. Continue reading

A 12 Gauge Double Barrled Shotgun Trumps a Zionist Virus Infected Yankee

My grandfather Carleton, was born under a military dictatorship. Born in Texas under occupation military “government”.

When he was nine years old, still under Zionist Yankee “reconstruction” occupation, a lot of carpet baggers were coming South to see what they could steal from the Southern people.

My great-grandfather was Methodist Circuit riding Minister, and a medical doctor. He was gone a lot. Seems the reason Carletons had so many boys, was so the boys could work the farm, while the father, could travel around the country. Continue reading

Donald Trump: Americas First Jewish President?-Darkmoon

I will restate for those who are not familiar with my stand on the “Jew” question. Zionism is what i object to, and my mother was indoctrinated with it as a child, and tried to pass it on. Out of a large family, i alone resisted and shook the chains of zionism off. Studied theology at the university level. Grew up a pastors son. He was a Souther Christian, and not a Zionist Christian. He did not know what he was getting with my mother, loved her and made the best of it. I was raised to be a zionist.

It is my position, that all three Abrahamic organized religions are used to indoctrinate children so they carry on war against each other, for the benefit of the baby raping “elites”

“Jew” is a relatively modern word. The original “Israelites”, were Hebrew, these are from every race but the largest chunk, are of Eastern European Khazar heritage.

“Jew”, is a religion. If you want to say it is a race, i challenge you to show me the Baptist Race, the Catholic Race, The Church of England Race, the Pagan Race.

Zionism is the disease, it occurs in all religions, cultures, and sub races.

Knowledge is the cure.

John C Carleton

Donald Trump: America’s First Jewish President?

The Lincoln Memorial Must To Be Demolished: Or, Time For Americans To Pull Their Heads Out Of Their Zionist Indoctrinated Asses

Abraham Lincoln was a despicable man. He was a War Criminal of the first degree. Even his own brother in laws, refused to serve in his war criminal army, and fought against the Rape of America.

He personally shit on America, and the American people and never looked back. He shut down newspapers which questioned his war crimes, and motives, threw the editors in prison for the duration of his criminal war.

Lincoln, had arrested, whole governments of Sovereign American States, which refused to send troops to rape and murder Southern children, women and old folks, replacing them with WASHINGTON DC criminals.
The people of these occupied by force States, suffered terribly at the hands of the WASHINGTON DC/USA War Criminals

He damn well knew that his criminal solders were out there raping, murdering defenseless children and women. It is what he wanted. When he sent Sherman to rape, rob, murder the Southern civilians, he knew Sherman was nuts and evil. Sherman had had a nervous break down and had to recuperate before he could carry out the mass Holocaust of the Southern people, and the destruction of all the crops and food he could, so that the civilians and children would starve to death.


That is what Abraham Lincoln wanted to happen, he was an evil ass, who had homosexual flings, a railroad shyster lawyer, an atheist, who used religious rhetoric to get the zionist Christians, called Puritans back then, to rape, rob, murder, steal, burn with glee and self-righteousness.


That there is a memorial to him, in Washington DC proves beyond a doubt, that Washington DC worships evil, it is a place of evil, where the mass rape and murder of children are celebrated.
Those who rape and murder children an innocent women, have memorials, statues erected of them to honor their mass murders and rapes.

The proof is there in books, writings of those who lived during that horrible death of American freedom. That evil war waged by Washington DC on America and Americans, was the last nail in the coffin of American freedom. Yet, Americans are taught in government indoctrination centers, (public schools), that the war made men free, and was blessed by “God”.

That war in fact, finished making Americans slaves to the baby raping “elites” of Washington DC. That war, saw every state occupied and subjected by the crime cabal in Washington DC known as The United States of America. The ones who gravitate to the evil of USA/WASHINGTON DC, are united, in perpetrating occupation and bondage on America and Americans.

Americans can never be free as long as they are so ignorant that they go look at a grand monument to evil, the Lincoln memorial, and not understand the evil history, the current slavery it represents.

Time to tear the damn thing down.

Time to educate yourself Mr.and Mrs. America.

Time to recover your stolen American Freedoms from the pedophile elites of Washington DC.


Time to get er done

The Ole Dog!

America’s War against the People of Korea: The Historical Record of US War Crimes

The crimes committed by the US against the people of Korea in the course of the Korean War but also in its aftermath are unprecedented in modern history.

Moreover, it is important to understand that these US sponsored crimes against humanity committed in the 1950s have, over the years, contributed to setting “a pattern of killings” and US human rights violations in different parts of the World.

The Korean War was also characterized by a practice of targeted assassinations of political dissidents, which was subsequently implemented by the CIA in numerous countries including Indonesia, Vietnam, Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador, Afghanistan, Iraq.

Invariably these targeted killings were committed on the instructions of the CIA and carried out by a US sponsored proxy government or military dictatorship. More recently, targeted assassinations of civilians, “legalized” by the US Congress have become, so to speak, the “New Normal”

For the last 60 years, Washington has contributed to the political isolation of North Korea. It has sought to destabilize its national economy, including its industrial base and agriculture. It has relentlessly undermined the process of reunification of the Korean nation.

In South Korea, the US has maintained its stranglehold over the entire political system. It has ensured from the initial appointment of Sygman Rhee the instatement of non-democratic and repressive forms of government which have in large part served the interests of the U.S.

US military presence in South Korea has also exerted a controlling influence on economic and monetary policy.

An important question for the American people. How can a country which has lost a quarter of its population resulting from US aggression, constitute a threat to the American Homeland?

How can a country which has 37,000 US troops on its immediate border constitute a threat to America?