Washington DC is Soaked in the Blood of the Innocent, and Those Who Serve Washington DC, are evil murdering Whores who Drink and Bath in the Blood of the Innocent

Washington DC has been evil from the time the Empire planted their banner there. No one has ever added together, the total number of murders of the innocent which soaks the ground of Washington DC. It would be many, many millions of innocent souls murdered by Washington DC for wealth and power.

There is a virus, which consumes the heart, soul, part of the brain which controls honor, justice, compassion, empathy. It has known other names in times past, but today i refer to it as the Zionist virus. Want to know what it does to an infected human? Study the Rabies virus, what it does to animals. It completely replaces in time, anything and everything that animal was, and it becomes a thing of hate, trying to spread the death to others, before it dies. It’s one last thing, desire, is to spread death to all other living creatures.

Case in point, the despicable John McCain. His zionist virus eaten brain is killing him, he knows he has months to live at best, but unrepentant of his evil, he is desperately trying to start WW 3 in which many more untold millions, perhaps billions this time, of innocent humans, would die for the power and profit of the zionist elite.

Washington DC from it’s inception, has been controlled by this virus.

If Americans want to be free, the virus must be eradicated from the land of America.

If the humans of the world want to be free, the virus must be eradicated from the world.

There is no other choice, except to doom your prodigy, to a world of evil and shit.

John C Carleton

McMaster solidifies power at NSC–and supports Iran deal and sees Israel as occupier

“If you want to know who controls you, ask who you can not criticize.”

In America, you can cuss Washington DC, Iran, Russia, the EU, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Canada, All of South America, Mexico, Cuba, Italy, and many others.

In America, you are not allowed to tell the truth of the invasion, occupation, Holocusting of the Palestinian people in their own land by a fanatical religious cult.

If you do not pretend that the Zionist crime cabal occupying Palestine is legit, if you question the ridiculous fairy tail of a demon god who picked this religious cult to be able to do any evil they want, anytime they want, anyplace they want, you will be attacked.

If you talk of the reality of true history, instead of a cobbled together evil childish fairy tail which allows a religious cult to oppress humanity, you will be attacked.

If you point out that Judaism is a religion, not a separate sub race of the human race, you will be attacked. If you are a professional in media, education, business, you will be ruined, lied about, called names, perhaps murdered.

Washington is a cess pool, a depository for human dung.

John C Carleton


Trump politicizing intelligence to quit Iran deal-Press TV

I wish Trump was the second coming, that he would lead America back to freedom, honor, justice.

I wish the USA was not a international war criminal crime cabal.

I wish each day i did not have to look at the actions of USA and Americans, and have to be ashamed, disgusted by their actions.

I wish the world the USA is trying to force on humanity was not a world of evil and shit.

I will never except, the evil of Washington DC and it’s masters, i will speak out against the evil.

I will never except that humanity can not clean up this world, dispensing as much justice as can be done, in this world.

I wish i could just go fishing and not each day have to deal with the lies, murders, pedophilia, theft, oppression of Washington DC and it’s masters.

If Americans do not stand up, find some balls and honor, they deserve to live in a world of shit.

John C Carleton


Iran’s New President Warns US to Stop Defying Nuclear Deal-Farsnews

Had one of my own brothers get mad and hang up on me for telling him the truth of the Evil done Iran by the US, and Irans history of not attacking unless first attacked.

Not what Trump told him.

Everything that comes out of Washington DC, the Western MSM press, congress, FBI, CIA, HLS, DOJ, AG office, White house, and a lot of the “alternative” press, about Iran, is first class, grade A, USDA approved, unadulterated zionist lies and bull shit.

Very informative read. France had a representative there.

John C Carleton


Geopolitical tensions are Designed To Distract the public from Economic Decline-Covert Geopolitics

Good read.

Economic collapse is coming, the elites planned the whole Usury fiat currency scam. It is a multigenerational effort by a handful of homicidal psychopath families and their organizations.

They have plans to keep control, eating well, living high on the hog with their stolen wealth, while a huge amount of humans die of the results of their shenanigans.

Humanity needs to remember who did this to them, and show their appreciation by eliminating these families in self defense.

Reincarnation is real

One argument against multigenerational plans for theft from, and control of the masses, is what would it benefit them, when they are dead, to make sure their sire, who they truly do not give a shit about, has massive amounts of wealth.

With reincarnation, a soul often reincarnates in the same family lines.

This means if the zionist bastards leave massive amounts of wealth with their sires, it is like a savings account for stolen wealth, until they can reincarnate as their own great-grandson or such.

This is why it is necessary, to remove the stolen wealth from these families.

That is why it is necessary to remove at least three generations out in all directions these families. This way, the bastards will have to reincarnate to poor families, without political power.

Yes, they are ass wipes, and will start over trying to steal everything and rule the whole world, but thats better than them starting off in an organized oppression of the world in place, and them with all the wealth.

John C Carleton

Geopolitical Tensions are Designed To Distract the Public from Economic Decline

FM: Trump Trying to Annul Nuclear Deal at Iran’s Expense-Farsnews

Iran, (Persia), has not attacked a country which did not first attack it, in nearly three hundred years.

They have stated, that they do not want a nuclear weapon as using one would be a sin against their religion, the earth and humanity.

If they wanted three hundred of them, so what?

The illegal crime cabal occupying Palestine/Holocusting the Palestinian people, attacking everyone around them to include America on9-11, has three hundred of them. The plans and plutonium came from the USA.

USA, a for profit international corporation, has been at war almost it’s whole existence, illegally attacking and invading country after country, has thousands of nuclear weapons.

All of the USA’s intelligence agencies for years have said, Iran does not have a nuclear weapon, and is not developing one.

Then the Zionist whores of Israhell will scream that Iran is only a year/six months from having a nuclear weapon. They have been telling the same lie, with the same time frame, for at least twenty years.

Seems to me if the world wants peace, the evil of Tel Aviv/ Washington DC has to be taken out and given a proper burial.

John C Carleton